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EcoFlow Wave 2: A 5100 BTU Upgrade to Wave Original at CES 2023 – EcoFlow Wave 2 Vs Wave Original

EcoFlow unveiled the second generation of its Wave portable air conditioner at CES 2023.

The new model branded as Wave 2 comes up with a 5100 BTU cooling capacity compared to its predecessor’s 4000 BTU. Further, Wave 2 incorporates a heat pump (6100 BTU) to supply heat to your outdoor living spaces like RVs, campervans, and off-grid builds.

The new Wave features a compact size that is comparable to the smallest variant of a traditional window air conditioner. As per EcoFlow, Wave 2 is to deliver a runtime of up to eight hours on its minimal output, thanks to the integrated battery similar to its former variant.

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Update April 26, 2023: EcoFlow officially launched the second edition of its much-touted portable air conditioner, the Wave 2. The product will be on sale from May 15, 2023.

EcoFlow Wave Launch Update: EcoFlow has announced a launch event for its upcoming smart devices, including the Wave 2 air conditioner.

The event will take place on April 26, 2023, when it will officially unveil the new collection of smart devices that also includes the Glacier portable fridge and the Blade lawn mower.

Key Features

  • An Enhanced Upgrade to Wave Original.
  • 5100 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  • 6100 BTU Heat Pump for Heating Your Spaces.
  • A Runtime of Up to Eight Hours.
  • Compact and Portable with a 14kg Weight. 
  • Solar Charging Input of Up to 400 Watts.

Wave 2 April 26 Launch

Though keeping the same design as its predecessor, the new Wave 2 is more compact and easy for handling and it weighs only 14 kg. You can connect a solar input of up to 400 watts to the air conditioner for direct charging, unlike the former’s 200-watt input.

The swappable battery of Wave 2 (1kWh) can be used to charge other devices like phones and gadgets.

More details including the price and release date of EcoFlow Wave 2 are yet to come out. Stay tuned for our takes on the latest productions and innovations from EcoFlow here.

EcoFlow Wave 2 CES 2023

EcoFlow CES 2023 Updates: Along with Wave 2, EcoFlow has put on display EcoFlow Blade and EcoFlow Glacier at CES 2023. The Blade is a revolutionary robotic lawn mower and the Glacier is a 250Wh solar-chargeable portable refrigerator with a built-in ice maker. 

EcoFlow CES 2023 Releases - Three Products

Read our take on the first-generation EcoFlow Wave here

EcoFlow Wave 2 Release Date and Price

EcoFlow is to start selling the new Wave 2 on May 15, 2023.

The product is officially launched on its website along with its new line of smart devices, including the Glacier fridge and the Blade robotic lawnmower.

The price of the Wave 2 is not yet uncovered by the brand, but the release date is fixed for May 15, 2023. We will update the buying link of the product here as soon as it is available on the brand’s website. Stay tuned.

EcoFlow unveiled the first-generation Wave in the middle of 2022.

It was on sale by the first week of June last year and it made momentum as it was the beginning of the summer. The new Wave having both heating and cooling functions can even be expected before this year’s winter, though. Let us wait and see what comes first from EcoFlow.

EcoFlow Wave Vs. Wave 2 – The Differences Uncovered

The Wave 2 is indeed an improved upgrade to its original. The notable features, as mentioned above, are the inclusion of a heating option, better cooling capacity, and higher solar charging input, apart from a compact and lightweight design.

Faster and Better Cooling

First of all, the new Wave 2 can offer better cooling to make your small outdoor living spaces cool rather quickly. As a 5100 BTU air conditioner, it can certainly do better than its predecessor, which, as you know, is a 4000 BTU AC.

It looks like EcoFlow has deliberately increased the cooling capacity of its much-touted portable AC to meet customer requirements.

Not only a Cooler, but a Heater also

As you already know, the new Wave 2 is not only a cooler but also a heater. It comes with a 6100 BTU heat pump to make your outdoor living spaces warmer, which is definitely one of the reasons that make the new Wave 2 unique from its predecessor.

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