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EcoFlow Smart Generator Vs Dual Fuel Smart Generator

The gasoline-based EcoFlow Smart Generator is the brand’s last-stand solution to run your essentials and charge Delta Pro, Delta Max, and Power Kits in emergencies. EcoFlow launched the Smart Generator along with Delta Pro.

Though not a greener member of the EcoFlow family, the brand designed it with high energy efficiency and limited carbon emissions than the traditional fossil fuel generators so it can ensure that people won’t get stranded in critical conditions like extended blackouts and extreme storms.

The brand has now launched a dual-fuel variant of the Smart Generator, which will also run on propane, making it rather energy-efficient and greener than its gasoline variant. The propane enables the generator to produce more hours of power with less impact on the environment, says EcoFlow in a blog post.

Price and Availability Update: EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel is currently on pre-order and the shipping is expected to start in October 2022. You can pre-book a unit of it here with a discount of $200 off its original price of $1599. 

EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel at a Glance 

EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel Product Photo


  • Dual Fuel Smart Generator – Propane or Gas.
  • Part of Delta Pro, Max, and Power Kits Ecosystem.
  • Smart Contol and Monitoring on the EcoFlow app.
  • Rated Power of 1600W/1700W (Peak) on LPG.
  • Rated Power of 1800W/1900W (Peak) on Gas. 
  • 56-67 dB (full load) Noise Level. 

When you run the generator with gasoline, it can output 1800 watts with a peak capacity of 1900 watts, while LGP offers only 1600 watts of power with a surge of 1700 watts. However, depending on the size of your propane tank, you can get extended hours of emergency backup power with less noise and carbon emissions.

The new dual-fuel variant will surely be a rather great choice with the brand’s new series of Power Kits modular off-grid power systems for RVs and off-grid builds.

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