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AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators: Monster Pro and Pro+ with 3500Wh and 5000Wh LFP Battery Packs

AllPowers has unveiled its big portable solar home backup stations on Indiegogo. Branded as AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators, they appear in two variants; Monster Pro and Monster Pro Plus. These two heavy-duty, expandable power stations are respectively 3500Wh and 5000Wh devices with long-life LifePO4 batteries.

Both devices integrate the same 3500W/7000W power inverters and five AC outlets. Also, they feature 2000W Max MPPT solar input and 2000W AC input. They have the same size and style, but you have battery packs of different capacities under the hood. Both are expandable with the brand’s Smart Extra batteries to bigger capacities.

Of course, with Monster Pro power stations, AllPowers will be able to raise a huge challenge to the bigger machines from the vendors like EcoFlow and Bluetti. As you see, Delta Pro and EP500 are the brands’ two big-capacity home backup power systems, and the AllPowers Monsters have a clear edge over them in many regards.




  • 3500Wh and 5000Wh Solar Home Battery Ecosystems.
  • Powerful 3500W-7000W Inverters with Five AC Outlets. 
  • Expandable up to 80kWh and 56kWh Capacities.  
  • 2000W Solar and 2000W AC Inputs for Fast Charging. 
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wired Battery Backup Systems.
  • 11 Charging Outlets with Multiple AC Sockets.
  • Smart Home Panel, Solar Pad, And Extra Batteries.

AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators

AllPowers Monster Pro is a series of heavy-duty home battery backup systems with a 3500W inverter that peaks at 7000 watts. Both the variants have the same design and charging outlets, including five AC sockets. But they carry LFP batteries of different capacities – 3500Wh and 5000Wh for Monster Pro and Pro Plus respectively.

Interestingly, both the variants have got separate extra battery modules with the same capacities as their mother products. Of course, you can attach multiple units of the smart extra batteries to take their storage capacities to bigger levels. Monster Pro can thus be expanded up to 56kWh and Pro Plus to 80kWh.



The elegant and strongly build power stations tout as many as 11 charging outlets with five AC sockets. With their higher AC output, you can indeed use them to power your heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners, washers, microwaves, and others in various outdoor conditions.

The AllPowers Monsters have higher charging speeds as well. With 2000W MPPT input and 2000W AC input, you can charge the machines in a few hours under the sun or from a wall socket. Besides solar panels and AC outlets, they can also be charged from other sources like EV stations, wind turbines, carports, and more.

Monster Pro Charging Outlets

When it comes to charging outlets, the Monster Pros feature as many as 11 options overall. They include the five 3500W AC outlets, which contain four 20A units and a 30A unit.

The other charging options of the power stations include a pair of Type-C ports, four USB-A ports, and a 12V carport. The devices also sport a rotary switch and a TFT display.

Smart Home Panel

Thanks to the Smart Home Panel, you can pair together two units of the Monster Pros to double the inverter power and storage capacities. Thus, you can simply convert two Monster Pros to a colossal 7000W/240W home battery backup station and safely run through with eight home circuits.


Monster Pro Charging Methods

Well, you can juice up the heavy-duty Monster Pros from multiple sources like solar, wind turbines, wall sockets, car chargers, and more.

With a combination of its 2000W solar and 2000W AC charging inputs, you can get it fully charged from zero to 100% in just 1.5 hours.

If you are on move, you can rely on the EV charging networks to recharge the power stations at a speed of 3000W.

Compatible Solar Charger

You can use any solar installation to recharge the Monster Pros. If you have a 2000W solar output, you can get the devices charged fully in just 2.5 hours under a bright sun.

AllPowers offers its own 200-watt folding solar charger for heavy-duty solar power stations. It is a highly durable, waterproof solar charger with a higher conversion efficiency.


Made of oxford cloth, you can use the four-fold panel in rough outdoor conditions. It has got a foldable design and strong kickstands to make you place it anywhere to grab the sunlight at the best.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators. Both variants of Monster Pro are incredible products of the kind. The early bird pricing for the Monster Pro starts at $2999. You can use the link here to pre-order the heavy machines, which the brand expects to start shipping to the backers by August 2022.

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  1. My name is Robert Morgan I watched the video on YouTube with hobotec I like the generator solar the all-powers monster pro I like it just looking at it and watching the price and see if I can afford it I’m retired from United States army it’s your 45 years and retired and want to go camping so I’m just watch the price on it


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