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Amazon Prime Day 2 Deals: The Best Solar Generators You Can Look for Deals During Prime Early Access Sale 2022

Amazon has announced the second sale event for Prime members for the year 2022. Called the Prime Early Access Sale, the event is to take place on October 11 and 12, 2022, and products in almost all categories will get great deals for buyers to kickstart the holiday shopping season.

It can certainly be another best sale event this year to look for solar power stations at the best prices on Amazon and merchant websites. If you are looking at buying a solar power station, we have full updates on the best products you can check out during the upcoming shopping event.

With days ahead of Prime Early Access 2022, leading brands may soon start to offer great deals. Stay tuned for our updates on the best Amazon Prime Early Access Sale solar generator deals below.

Bluetti Prime Early Access Sale 2022

Bluetti is a prominent vendor of solar power stations with a wide range of models that sport ultra-safe LFP batteries. The brand may most likely come up with some Prime Early Access deals.

Of course, Bluetti Prime Early Access deals will cover almost all of its trendy power stations, like EP500, AC200 Max, AC200P, EB55, EB70S, and more.

Unlike EcoFlow, Bluetti is known for its wide portfolio of LFP-based solar power stations.

Bluetti Prime Day 2 Deals: Bluetti has announced a discount of up to $300 for its top compact power stations as part of the Prime Day 2 sale. The models are – Bluetti EB3A, Bluetti EB55, and Bluetti EB70S (paid links) and the deals are also available for PV120, PV200, and PV350 solar panels.

Bluetti Prime Day 2 Sales 2022

From its heavy-duty EP500 to 100% modular AC300 to the smallest ever LFP power station EBA3, the brand has nearly a dozen of brilliant products on sale for this Prime Early Access Sale event.

Bluetti recently launched its much-awaited EB3A, the smallest LFP power station ever on the market. It is a 268Wh ultra-compact LifePO4 entry-level power station with a 600W inverter and 1200W surge power. The device features 200W solar and 430W turbo-charging options.

Bluetti AC300, AC200 Max, and B300 Battery Module

These are two of the brand’s popular expandable power stations though they are different in nature when it comes to modular capability.

As you know, AC300 is a 100% modular power station and it doesn’t come with a built-in battery. You need to use the brand’s B300 extra modules to add storage capacity, which can be expanded up to 12,288Wh.

The AC300 alone is an inverter station only with a powerful 3000W pure sine wave inverter that can surge at 6000 watts. It comes with the features of 240V split phase bonding and home UPS. You can charge it from a solar output of up to 2400 watts and an AC source of up to 3000 watts.

Next, we have AC 200 Max, which is actually an expandable version of the brand’s much-touted AC200P. This device features a 2200W inverter with a surge of 4800 watts and the built-in battery is a 2,048Wh LFP unit, and you can expand it up to 8,192Wh with two B300 battery packs.

The AC200 Max has a solar input of up to 900 watts and an AC input of 300 watts. You can combine these two options to charge it at a speed of 1300 watts. It integrates four AC sockets, one NEMA TT-30 port, dual 15W wireless chargers, and more.

Bluetti EP500 and Bluetti EP500 Pro

The EP500 is a series of heavy-duty solar home backup systems from the brand. The product is available in two variants – EP500 and EP500 Pro, with each having different inverters of 2000 watts and 3000 watts respectively. The surge power is 4800 watts and 6000 watts.

They have the same heavy-duty 5100Wh LifePO4 battery pack, however.

But the devices have different input power options. The entry-level EP500 comes with a 600W AC input and 1200W MPPT solar input, while its top-end model features a 3000W AC charging and 2400W Max PV input.

When it comes to the charging outlets, they both have five units of AC sockets, and other charging outlets like 100W USB-C PD ports, USB-A ports, carports, and more.

Bluetti EB3A, Bluetti EB55, and Bluetti EB70S

These are Bluetti’s entry-level and compact solar power stations with LFP battery packs. The EB3A is the entry variant and is the world’s smallest LFP battery pack with a 268Wh battery and 600W inverter.

The EB55 is a 537Wh LiFePO4 power station with a 700W inverter that can surge at 1400W and it features four AC sockets. You can charge it with a solar input of up to 200 watts and AC power of up to 200 watts.

The EB70S is the next model in the series with a 716Wh LFP battery and a 700W inverter. It sports four AC sockets and the AC charging input is 200 watts maximum and the solar input is 200 watts.

All these devices are indeed handy and ultra-portable options for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are looking at buying a handy backup system with an ultra-safe LFP battery, you can surely find one from Bluetti. We will update the Prime Early Access deals on EB55 and EB70S in the table above.

EcoFlow Prime Early Access Sale 2022 Deals

EcoFlow is another prominent vendor of solar-based power stations.

The brand will also have some great deals on its famous solar generators; the River and Delta. The River is a collection of entry-level to compact models, while the Delta is the brand’s portfolio of mid-range to heavy-duty models.

Nearly all the models of the brand will be up at discounted prices during the upcoming Amazon Prime Early Access 2022 deals.

Besides the solar generators, EcoFlow has also made its foray into the market of portable cooling solutions with the launch of its Wave portable air conditioner and solar power systems for RVs and off-grid builds with its upcoming Power Kits.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Generator

This is one of the most powerful solar power stations on the market with an advanced LiFePO4 battery and seamless modular capabilities. The top-end variant of EcoFlow’s Delta series is basically a 3.6kWh power station that you can expand up to a massive 25kWh using a variety of the brand’s smart expansion modules, including smart batteries, and even a smart gas generator.

An unrivaled 3600W inverter is another attraction of the machine and it can deliver 4500 watts of power with the X-Boost mode on. You can pair two units of the Delta Pros to double the inverter capacity at 240V, which means it can smoothly operate bigger appliances.

The Delta Pro features a solar input of 1600 watts and an AC charging input of 1800 watts at 120AC and 3000 watts at 240AC. When it comes to the charging options, the heavy machine features overall 15 outlets, which include five AC sockets, two USB-C 100W PD ports, and more. It can indeed be a great pick for your home power backup or other large-scale off-grid applications.

EcoFlow Delta Max, Delta Original, and Delta Mini

Besides Delta Pro, the Delta series features a range of mid-size solar power stations, which include the original Delta, Delta Max 1600, Delta Max 2000, and Delta Mini.

All these are indeed some of the popular models of solar power stations and will most probably be available during Prime Early Access 2022 with some attractive deals.   

The Delta Max appears in two variants; Max 2000 and Max 1600, respectively 2016Wh and 1612Wh power stations with lithium battery packs. They have 2400W and 2000W power inverters respectively with six AC outlets and a number of other charging options.

Both the models have 800W solar inputs, and 1800W and 1600W AC charging options. 

The original Delta also comes in two variants; Delta 1300 with a 1260Wh lithium battery and Delta 1000 with a 1008Wh battery. The AC inverters are 1800W and 1600W units with six AC outlets. The entry-level variant of the line-up, Delta Mini is an 882Wh power station with a 1400W inverter.   

Final Thoughts

That has been our update on the Amazon Prime Early Access 2022 Deals for portable solar power stations and solar generators. We have covered some of the best models you can expect to get cool Amazon Prime deals during the next Amazon sale event. Stay tuned. We will update the article with fresh deals and offers so you can get your favorite models at the best prices.

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