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10 Best Marine Solar Panel Kits for Fishermen, Boats, and Yachts

Solar is indeed a cool way to generate power for your electronics while cruising. Of course, there is no option as much reliable as a solar backup system in a boat or yacht. Instead, if you go with a traditional power bank or a gasoline generator, you yourself constrain from having a reliable source for seamless power on sailing.

A solar power bank may run out of juice on the go. Meanwhile, a diesel generator is noisy, smoky, and is also harmful to nature. And if you run out of fuel, you will be in trouble.

It is here solar power with a connected backup system is the best choice for marine use. When it comes to marine solar panels, corrosion-resistant and highly durable models are highly recommended. They may include both flexible and regular panels.

Typically, most of the best marine solar panel kits pack up semi-flexible panels. It is a fact that flexible panels can sit neatly on curved surfaces. That is, you can easily mount them on uneven boat decks, and still, they are almost as efficient as classic solar panels.

The Best Marine Solar Panel Kits

Though flexible solar panels are mostly recommended for marine use, there is no issue in deploying regular panels for the purpose. If you want to mount the solar panels on some sort of curved surface, make sure you get a solar kit with flexible panels.

Of course, most brands offer their marine solar kits with flexible panels. Marine solar kits with non-flexible models are also available on the market. Moreover, flexible solar panels are available in individual units, as well.

Even if you buy a solar kit, you will require a battery to set up an off-grid power system in your boat or yacht. If you already have battery packs, power inverters, charge controllers, and other components, you can simply go for individual flexible panels on our list below.

1. HQST 200W Flexible Solar Panel Kit

We would like to start the list with a flexible solar kit from HQST. As you see in the title, it is a 200W solar kit with two pieces of 100-watt semi-flexible panels and other accessories. You can neatly mount the solar panels on your boat deck or other curved surfaces.

Well, as you know, you can flex the solar panel up to 30 degrees. It is fine for mounting on a surface with adhesive, zip ties, or Velcro. Though flexible units, PV panels can offer you a higher conversion efficiency.

The charge controller included in the bundle is a 20A PWM unit. This is a 4-stage charge controller that goes with all types of batteries like AGM, flooded, gel, and lithium. The charge controller is waterproof and durable for use in rough conditions.

By the way, HQST also offers a 100W variant of the solar panel kit with the same charge controller. Both the kits feature a 20-feet 12AWG cable and an 8-feet 10AWG solar cable for you to connect the panels to the backup power system in your boat.

Why Should You Buy

  • 200-Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit.
  • Two Pieces of 100W Semi-Flexible Panels.
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Mounting.
  • 20A PWM Solar Charge Controller.

2. Renogy 350W Solar Flexible Kit

Renogy is a famous vendor of solar panels and solar kits. This is Renogy’s 350W flexible, marine-friendly solar kit. The solar panels included are the brand’s new 175W flexible units that are very lightweight and ultra-thin and so will take a minimal room for storage.

You can flex the same up to 248 degrees so their mounting on curved surfaces is a breeze. They are fine for fixing on such surfaces with adhesive, Velcro, or zip ties. Though extremely flexible panels, they are able to ensure a decent conversion rate for your needs.

The charge controller in the Renogy kit is the brand’s famous Rover Elite model. That is a highly efficient 40A MPPT controller that is compatible with 12V and 24V off-grid power systems and with a range of lithium battery packs, including lithium ones.

The other items in the package include a pair of each 20-feet 10AWG adapter wire, a 1.5-feet 12AWG extension cable, an 8-feet 10AWG solar tray cable, and so on. Overall, you get a complete off-grid power system to set up in a variety of marine applications.

Why Should You Buy

  • 350W Highly Efficient Marine Solar Kit.
  • Two Units of 175W Flexible Mono Solar Panels.
  • 40A Renogy Rover Elite MPPT Controller.
  • Reliable Solar Kit for Marine Applications.

3. Eco-Worthy 400W Flexible Solar Panel Kit

If you are looking for a powerful marine-friendly solar kit, here is one from Eco-Worthy. As a leading player in solar panels for a long time, the brand can meet your needs ideally. It is a 400W flexible solar panel kit with a powerful inverter and other components.

The contents in the kit are mainly four pieces of the brand’s 100-watt semi-flexible ETFE solar panels. They are highly efficient solar panels that can power up your off-grid power systems pretty faster. You can flex them up to 30 degrees to smoothly mount them on varied curved surfaces. Check it out on Amazon with the below link.

The charge controller in the kit is a reliable 60A PWM unit. The controller is compatible with all main battery types, including Gel, sealed, lithium, and more. It is indeed capable of securing your power system and electronics from overcharging and short circuits.

Eco-Worthy offers the same solar kit in other power options like 100W and 200W.

Why Should You Buy

  • A 400W Highly Efficient and Powerful Solar Kit.
  • Four Pieces of ETFE Flexible Mono Solar Panels.
  • 60A LCD PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Powerful Solar Kit for Marine Applications.

4. Giosolar 1200W Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Giosolar is another well-known brand of solar panels. It has got a 1200W marine-friendly solar panel kit with ten units of 120W flexible solar panels. You can use the bundle to set up a much more reliable off-grid power system in your boat, houseboat, yacht, and more.

The 1200W solar kit is actually the top-end model of a series of its flexible solar kits, as of writing this. Coming up with a 60Amp 12V/24V MPPT solar charge controller and other necessary accessories, you really get a very powerful kit for a lot of marine applications. Check it out on Amazon with the link below.

Well, like all flexible solar panels, you can curve the GioSolar panels up to a maximum of 30 degrees, making their mounting on curved surfaces an easy job. So, they are good for installing on the tops of your boat, RV, trailer, motorhomes, and more.

They are also lightweight and ultra-slim. A unit of the 120W panel has a thickness of just 0.1 inches and a weight of 4.4 lbs. The charge solar controller is a 12V/24V unit with auto-sensing and other advanced features to safeguard your system from damage.

GioSolar offers this kit in a large number of power options. Starting with a 120W one, you get it in 240W, 360W, 480W, 600W, 720W, and 960W kits, as of writing this.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1200W Highly Powerful Marine Solar Panel Kit.
  • Ten Units of 120W Flexible Ultra-Slim Solar Panels.
  • 60Amp 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Large Boats, Houseboats, and Yachts.

5. TopSolar 30-Watt Solar Panel Kit

This is not a flexible solar kit, but a lite and small 30W solar kit with an adjustable mount tilt rack bracket for ideal mounting in marine applications. It is indeed nice for charging 12V batteries and a variety of DC devices in your boat, RV, truck, and more.

Thanks to the V-shaped mount bracket, you can adjust the solar panel position in a way it can attract sunlight better. A 10A IP67-rated waterproof smart charge controller and dual 6.5-feet battery cables with clips and an O-ring terminal are other items in the kit.

Of course, the solar panel included is a lightweight and small one.

With a size of 23.6 x 13.4 x 1 inch, you can easily install it on the top of your small boats, houseboat, or vessel. Thanks to its higher-efficiency mono solar cells, you can ensure a decent output for charging your devices in an emergency.

It features a strong and durable anodized aluminum frame. It is also corrosion-proof and the tempered glass covering makes it further apt for use in rough marine conditions.

Why Should You Buy

  • 30-Watt Small and Lite Marine Solar Kit.
  • Adjustable Mount Tilt Rack Bracket.
  • 10A IP67 Waterproof Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over Boats and RVs.
  • Battery Cable with Alligator Clips Included.

6. Go Power 200W Flexible Solar Kit

The next is a flexible solar panel kit from Go Power.

It is a 200W marine-friendly solar kit that comes with a solar charge controller and solar cable to let you set up a DIY solar power system in your boat, houseboat, RV, and more.

You get a pair of 100W highly efficient semi-flexible mono solar panels in the kit.

They are highly durable and waterproof solutions that can survive rough sea weather. Its flexible design makes you easily mount the panels over your boat deck. Check out the link below to order the solar kit on Amazon.

The solar panel is 82% lighter than a regular glass-and-metal panel. Thanks to the ultra-durable design of the thin solar panels, you can even walk on it with no worry of breaking.

The charge controller included in the kit is a 30Amp PWM unit with an LCD display. It can efficiently power up your battery packs from the sunlight, and make you enjoy your off-grid life with unlimited solar power.

Why Should You Buy

  • 200W Semi-Flexible Marine-Friendly Solar Kit. 
  • Two 100W Ultra-Durable and Thin Solar Panels. 
  • 82% Lighter Than a Regular Metal-and-Glass Panel. 
  • 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display.

7. Giosolar 240W Solar Marine Kit

This is another interesting bundle of marine-friendly solar panel kits. It is a 240W kit with a pair of 120-watt flexible solar panels. The highly efficient mono solar panels can offer a higher conversion rate to power the backup system in your boat, houseboat, and yacht.

The Giosolar panels come with 90mm solar cables and waterproof connectors. The kit has got a 20A PWM 12V/24V LCD solar charge controller, which is indeed a decently powerful choice for use in a range of marine applications. Check out the solar kit on the link below.

Of course, the GioSolar solar panels are ultra-lightweight and bendable solutions. You can bend them up to 30 degrees so that mounting them on the top of your boat, RV, and other uneven surfaces is easier.

Why Should You Buy

  • 240W Marine Flexible Solar Panel Kit.
  • Two Units of 120-Watt Mono Solar Panels.
  • 20A PWM 12V/24V LCD Solar Charge Controller.
  • Solar Cables and Waterproof Connectors.

8. Xinpuguang 100W Flexible Solar Panel Kit

This is a 100W flexible solar kit from Xinpuguang for marine applications. The kit has got a single 100-watt solar panel, which is bendable up to a maximum of 30 degrees. Well, its flexibility makes it nice for conveniently mounting on uneven surfaces like a boat deck.

Like all flexible panels, it is ultra-thin and lightweight. You can attach it to a surface with adhesive, ropes, or zip tags. As it is resistant to water and rough weather, it can be a nice pick for a variety of marine applications. Check it out on Amazon with the link below.

The panel integrates a bypass diode, which helps protect your power system and devices from over-current and prevents the reverse flow of power through the panels.

Further, the kit features a 10A solar charge controller and basic cables and wires. That is how you get an ideal marine solar kit for use in your boats, yachts, RVs, and more.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W Semi-Flexible Marine-Friendly Solar Kit. 
  • Single 100W High-Efficiency Flexible Panel.
  • 10A Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display. 
  • Ideal Choice for Lite Marine Applications. 

9. Xinpuguang 800W Solar Panel Kit

It is an 800W regular solar kit, not one with flexible solar panels. This comes with eight pieces of 100W mono solar panels. It is a kit of all basic components for a variety of off-grid marine applications. It is also good for marine applications.

The charge controller in the bundle is a 40A powerful unit. It can support both 12V/24V systems and work with any battery type, including lithium. The other items on the kit include solar cables, extension cables, Z-type mounting brackets, and more.

The solar panels feature advanced encapsulation with multilayered sheet lamination for enhanced performance with higher efficiency. They are made with corrosion-resistant and durable aluminum frames for use in rough outdoor conditions.

Of course, the PV panels equip by-pass diodes in their IP65-rated junction boxes.

So, you can use solar panels in any weather conditions for setting up your DIY off-grid solar power system. The solar kit is available in multiple power options for the budget and requirements of users.

Why Should You Buy

  • 800W Marine-Friendly Solar Panel Kit.
  • Eight Units of 100W Mono Solar Panels.
  • 40A Highly Efficient Solar Charge Controller.
  • Available in Multiple Power Variants.

10. Lensun 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Next, we have an impressive marine solar kit from Lensun. It is a 100W solar kit with an ETFE flexible solar panel that is highly resistant to seawater and rough outdoors. Of course, the ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) solar panel is what makes it unique on our list of the best marine solar panel kits.

ETFE is an innovative solar panel technology and is a more efficient alternative to traditional PET panels. As per Lensun, ETFE solar panels can largely reduce reflection and increase the overall solar output at a higher conversion rate. Check out the link below to order the marine solar kit from Lensun.

The included solar panel features an aluminum back sheet, which makes it stronger and more durable for outdoor applications. It is also a lightweight and ultra-thin solar panel.

Besides the solar panel, you get a 10A PWM solar charge controller and a pair of 5-meter cables with MC4 connectors in the kit. Lensun also offers the same kit in 20W, 30W, and 80W variants in both bundles and single units.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W Flexible Marine Solar Panel Kit. 
  • ETFE Thin-Film and Durable Solar Panel. 
  • PWM Solar Charge Controller. 
  • Available in Multiple Power Options. 


1. What Are the Best Marine Solar Panels?

Solar panels that are corrosion-resistant and durable against seawater corrosion are the best marine solar panels. There are a lot of solar panels out there with the qualities. They appear in both flexible and regular solar panels. Our list above features some of the market’s ready-to-use best marine solar panel kits.

A lot of brands offer the best quality marine-friendly solar panels and solar kits. Renogy, HQST, Eco-Worthy, Go Power, Gio Solar, and TopSolar are a few to name. We have our list of some of the best models from all these brands. So, it will be easy for you to find the best panel for marine applications.

2. What Is a Marine Solar Panel?

A marine solar panel is like any regular solar panel. It is fine for marine use, so you can mount it on the top of a boat and connect it to the boat’s battery pack for ensuring off-grid power on the sailing.

A marine PV panel should be able to endure rough seawater corrosion and tough climatic conditions. That is all. A lot of brands offer quality marine solar panels at the best prices. They are available in single units and cool bundles with the required accessories.

3. Are Flexible Solar Panels Any Good?

Yes, they are fine at least for a variety of marine applications. They may not be as much efficient as regular metal and glass panels. But they are quite good for easily mounting over uneven surfaces like a boat deck, houseboat roof, RV roof, and more.

Since they reportedly have low efficiency flexible solar panels are not much recommended for rooftop solar projects. It is because they may accommodate more roof space to provide you with enough volume of solar power for use in your households.

4. How Long do Flexible Solar Panels Last?

The expected lifetime of a flexible panel is 15 to 25 years.

Compared to a regular rigid solar panel, it is not a long time period. A glass-and-metal panel has a life of 25 to 40 years. Most brands offer a warranty for at least 25 years. It is when the thin-film, ultra-thin flexible panels have limited longevity.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best marine solar panel kits. We have tried to include all the best-seller solar kits for marine use. So, it might be easy for you to find a favorite model to build your own solar power system in a boat, yacht, or houseboat.


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