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Best Solar Generators for Camping and Off-Grid Life You Can Buy in the UK and EU Region

The USA market is robust with a great number of solar power stations for camping, off-grid, or emergency applications. All the leading brands in the segment have a wide range of models on sale in the USA. As of today, we have some incredible brands and products in the UK and European markets also.

With an increased scope for portable solar power stations in the continent, several top-rated vendors have made their forays in the EU markets like the UK, Germany, France, and more.

Well, in this article on the best solar generators for camping in the UK, we would like to check out a range of compact solar power stations available for buyers in the region. Of course, all the main players like Bluetti, EcoFlow, Jackery, and AllPowers have made their presence in the markets with their coolest products.

Stay tuned for our take on the top brands and their most-selling models in the European market below.

Bluetti UK

We would like to start with Bluetti, one of the major vendors of solar power stations in the USA. The brand has got the UK and EU versions of most of its best-seller and popular models, including the AC200 Max, EP500, EP500 Pro, and AC300. Let us have a short look at the best-sellers of the brand below.

Bluetti UK Bluetti EU Bluetti France Bluetti Germany

Bluetti AC200P and AC200 Max

These are two of the brand’s popular mid-range solar power stations. The AC200P is the original model with a 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery pack and a 2000W inverter with dual 220-240V AC sockets and other 11 other charging options, including ultra-fast USB ports and more.

It features a 700W solar input and 500W AC charging input, making you charge it steadily faster with the combination of solar panels and an AC wall socket.

A smart touchable LCD display is a notable attraction of the device.

Bluetti AC200 Max UK


The AC200 Max, as you can see, is the modular version of AC200P, but it has got a better internal battery as well as a more powerful inverter, though. See, the AC200 Max comes up with a 2048Wh LFP battery and a 2200W inverter AC inverter with four AC sockets.

The most attractive thing is that you can use the company’s B230 or B300 extra LiFePO4 battery packs to expand its storage capacity up to 8192Wh. By the way, when it comes to the charging options, it features a 900W solar input and a 400W AC input to have a total input power of up to 1300 watts.

Learn more about Bluetti AC200P and Bluetti AC200 Max here.

Bluetti EB55 and EB70

The EB70 and EB55 are two of Bluetti’s best-seller compact solar power stations with LFP batteries. Both the power stations are available for buyers in the UK and EU with compatible specs and features.

Coming to the specs, the EB55 is the basic model with a 537Wh battery and a 700W inverter with a surge power of 1400 watts. Including dual AC sockets, it features 11 different charging options.

BLUETTI EB55 Power Station UK


For charging it, the device integrates a 200W solar input and a 400W AC input and you get a steady faster option for charging it via the two options at the same time.

Meanwhile, the EB70 is a powerful variant with a 716Wh LFP battery and an 800W inverter and 1400W peak power. You can charge it from a solar source of up to 200 watts and an AC socket of up to 200 watts.

Learn more about EB55 and EB70 power stations

Bluetti AC300+B300

Next, we have Bluetti AC300. This is a 100% modular power station with no battery pack inside the main body. It is actually a 3000W (6000W peak) inverter box with the required charging outlets and inputs.

To add storage to an AC300, you have the brand’s B300 LFP battery pack, which is a 3072Wh unit and you can add up to four units of the same to an AC300 to get a total capacity of 12,288Wh.

Bluetti AC300+B300 UK and EU versions


The exciting thing is that the power station comes with six 220V-240V AC outlets and many other charging options, including a 100W USB C 3.0 PD port and dual 15W wireless chargers.

The AC300 has amazing charging options, as well.

With a 3000W AC input and a 2,400W MPPT solar input, you can charge it quite faster from both sources and at a speed of 5400 watts with AC and solar options combined.

Learn more about Bluetti AC300 here. 

Bluetti EP500 Pro and EP500

Bluetti EP500 is one of the biggest power stations with a massive 5100Wh inbuilt battery pack. It appears in two variants – EP500 and EP500 Pro – respectively with 2000W and 3000W inverters and the same ultra-safe LFP battery pack that has a lifespan of up to 6000 charging cycles.

It is actually a massive movable solar power station with in-grid UPS mode and flexible UPS mode.


The EP500 Pro is a top-seller model in the UK and EU markets. It comes with a solar input of up to 3000 watts and an AC input of 2400 watts.

Inclusive of three 220-240V AC outlets and two 100W USB C PD ports, the massive power station features multiple charging outlets.

Learn more about the Bluetti EP500 series here. 

EcoFlow UK

EcoFlow is another popular vendor of solar power stations.

The company has on sale two famous series of solar generators; the River and Delta and the brand has its exclusive online stores in all the key markets such as the UK, France, Germany, and Australia apart from the USA and Canada. All the models of the brand are available in all these markets.

Check out all the EcoFlow power stations for the EU and UK markets below.

EcoFlow UK EcoFlow EU EcoFlow Germany EcoFlow France

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