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The Best Solar Headphones: Urbanista Los Angeles Vs Blue Tiger Solare Headphones with Powerfoyle Solar Cells

Solar technology is constantly on the rise. Innovators are working on more efficient solar gadgets and solutions. The concept of solar-powered headphones has been there for a long time. In our take on the best solar headphones, we would like to bring some of the best products under a single roof.

A pair of solar headphones can indeed realize a sustainable way to listen to your favorite music. Ground-breaking solar panel innovations like the Exeger Powerfoyle have broadened the horizon of solar-based product designing so that creators turn up with more stylish and efficient solar gadgets.

The basic concept of solar headphones is that the in-built batteries get charged from the highly efficient solar cells mounted over the headband. With that in mind, we would like to check out if the renowned solar headphones on the market are worth the money and buying them.

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones at a Glance

Urbanista Los Angeles Review BUY IT HERE
  • Self-Charging Wireless Headphones.
  • Powerfoyle Solar Cells on the Headband.
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Tech.
  • Always Charging and Infinite Playtime.
  • USB Type-C Charging Port.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for Connectivity.
  • Siri and Google Voice Assitant. 
  • Available in Black and Sand Gold Shades.

Blue Tiger Solare Headset at a Glance

Blue Tiger Solare Solar Headphones N/A
  • Award-Winning Solar Headset with Microphone.
  • Infinite Talktime and Playtime.
  • Constant Charging by Powerfoyle Solar Cells.
  • 97% Noise Cancellation.
  • 45 Hrs of Talktime and 350 Hrs of Standby.
  • Very Elegant and Sleek Design
  • Flexible and Durable Headband.
  • Military-Grade Materials.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Techolgoy.
  • Blue Tiger USA Mobile App.

Urbanista Los Angeles Solar-Powered Headphones

Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Headphones

Urbanista Los Angeles is one of the world’s first pair of solar-powered headphones. The product was the result of a much-frenzied partnership between the Swedish solar cell innovator Exeger and the Swedish lifestyle audio brand Urbanista.

The Urbanista headphones are made with Exeger’s much-touted Power Powerfoyle solar cells that can make electricity even from the ambient light both indoors and outdoors. That said you don’t necessarily be in the scorching sunlight to recharge the headphones from the green-power source.

The Exeger team was excited to announce the partnership with Urbanista and their new product in the alliance. The founder and CEO of the company  Giovanni Fili said it would be the beginning of a new era where people could get self-powered gadgets with great performances to change their style of life.

What is Powerfoyle? Powerfoyle is a leading innovation of the Swedish solar innovator Exeger. It is a patented, highly efficient solar cell technology that can harvest power even from indoor or outdoor ambient lights to make sure you get limitless power to run your smart gadgets built with the cells. 

Urbanista Los Angeles Review

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones Review

Urbanista Los Angeles is a much-excited set of solar headphones. Though some leading brands like JBL introduced solar headphones earlier, Urbanista is the brand that has been successful in bringing the cool gadget into mass production and availing them to tech-savvy end-users across the globe.

The Los Angeles is actually a pair of basic, noise-canceling headphones with built-in solar cells being the lovely feature.

Coming to the design and audio features, the headphones are exactly like the brand’s Miami headphones as they can deliver a tight and punchy sound with constant operation as you don’t need to recharge them quite often, thanks to the highly efficient solar cells they carry on the headband.

The solar cells are capable of charging the headphones’ battery finely even on cloudy fall days. Well, the headphones’ solar charging capability is something beyond what you might typically think about it.

The highly efficient Powerfoyle solar cells are able to perfect charge the headphones’ battery even if you don’t wear the headphones and listen to music.

The solar cells are quite efficient in harvesting power from ambient light, which means you can keep on listening to music continuously without the need for frequently hooking the headphones up to a USB power source.

Once you leave them on a sunny windowsill or car dashboard, the pace of charging will get faster until 90% is filled in order to protect the battery pack under the hood.

As you see, Urbanista Los Angeles appears in two shades; Midnight Black and Sand Gold. Both pairs of headphones sport black-shaded solar cells. It looks that the black edition is more elegant are they are having the black solar cells seamlessly integrated into them.


Why Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones?

  • Solar-Based Headphones Powered by Exeger Powerfoyle.
  • One of the World’s First Pair of Self-Charging Headphones.
  • Constant Charging Both Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Active Noise Cancelling Technology.
  • Infinite Energy, Convenience, and Freedom.
  • Mobile App for Realtime Monitoring. 

Urbanista Los Angeles User Reviews

A lot of users have shared their user experiences with the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones.

The Urbanista website carries around 15 reviews and Amazon has around 70 reviews, as of writing this. Most of the reviews are positive notes on the pair of Urbanista headphones and a major share of users recommend them to other users.

“These are perfect. My other wireless headphones died often. These never do since they are constantly charging in any light,” says a user on Amazon.com. 

Blue Tiger Solare Solar Headset with Microphone

Blue Tiger Solare Solar Headset

The Blue Tiger Solare is another notable pair of solar headphones that incorporate Exegar’s Powerfoyle solar cells. These are from Blue Tiger, a USA innovator of over-the-head BT speakers for professionals.

Thanks to its 97% noise cancellation, you get a set of unique headphones. You can keep listening to your favorite music with a clean note even if there is much noise behind you on the road or in your office.

Similar to the Urbanista headphones, these are continuously charged by the solar cells on the headband. Even if you are not having them over your head, their battery packs are boosted by the built-in Powerfoyle solar cells, which are famous for their nature of harvesting power in any light indoors and outdoors.

Blue Tiger Solare Headset Review

Blue Tiger Solare Solar Headset for Communicaions

Different from the Urbanista headphones, the Blue Tiger Solare is a dedicated communications headset with a microphone. It has got a very stylish and elegant design with 97% noise cancellation. Hence, you can talk to your clients or customers with a clean note even while the office is crowdy and noisy.

The built-in Powerfoyle solar cells on the flexible and durable headband will keep charging the battery of the headset virtually all the time around as they can harvest power from any light indoors and outdoors. As per Blue Tiger, the Solare is one of the world’s first communications headsets with solar charging.

The headset has a long-lasting reserve battery storage. Even without solar power, it can deliver you a talk time of up to 45 hours and a standby time of around 350 hours. Of course, these features make the cool Solare headset much more reliable for communication use.


Why Blue Tiger Solare Headset?

  • Solar-Powered Communications Headset with a Microphone.
  • One of the World’s First Self-Charging Communication Headsets.
  • Award-Winning Design with Sleek and Stylish Profiles.
  • Limitless Talktime and Playtime with Solar Charging.
  • Virtually Infinite Use without Traditional Charging.
  • Long-lasting Reserve Battery without Solar Power.
  • Highly Flexible and Durable Headband Material.
  • IPX4-Certifed Water-Resistant Design.
  • Hook Headset Hanger for Smooth Storage.
  • BlueTiger USA App for Realtime Monitoring. 

Blue Tiger Solare Headphones User Reviews

There is a decent number of user reviews on Blue Tiger Solare headsets on its website and on Amazon. We have had a look at some of the user reviews and came to see that most of them are good notes on the product with a decent star rating.

On the Blue Tiger website, there are around 20 user reviews while Amazon has around 10 reviews. Most of the reviewers are satisfied with the overall performance of the solar-based communication headset.

“Well-made headset. Works well. I do not charge it with an outlet but with the sun. Awesome!,” says a user on the Blue Tiger Website.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the best solar headphones. Both the models we have discussed have made use of Exeger’s much-touted Powerfoyle solar cells for solar charging.

As stated above, the audio equipment giant JBL also had put on display a pair of headphones with the Powerfoyle solar cells in a crowdfunding campaign. The brand later discontinued the project by citing some Covid-19 pandemic-related logistical issues and refunded the backers.

We are not sure if the brand would be back with its project for solar headphones. Anyway, Urbanista and Blue Tiger are two of the best-rated solar headphones on the market today. Share your thoughts about them in the comments below.

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