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BougeRV Black Friday Deals: 14% Sitewide Off on All the BougeRV Products Until Dec. 6

BougeRV has announced the 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

The brand offers a sitewide discount of 14% on all its products, including solar panels, solar coolers or freezers, and RV roof racks. The Black Friday deals will stay until December 6, 2021, and you can grab it with a code of BFS14.

BougeRV is famous for its wide collection of RV-friendly products that comprise a variety of solar panels, folding solar chargers, solar coolers, and roof racks, etc.

The brand’s 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will surely help you find the best products. We have a sneak peek at the best deals below.

Deal Alert: Some Bluettis with the Lowest Rates Ever for Today Only

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BougeRV 9BB Solar Panel @ $224 – 14% Off

bougerv 200 watt solar panel 9bb


  • 200W Mono Solar Panel with 22.50% Conversion Rate.
  • Highly Durable and User-Friendly Solar Panel.
  • 58.27 x 26.38 x 1.38 Inches in Size.

BougeRV 40A Charge Controller @ $107.50 – 14% Off

BougeRV MPPT 40A Solar Charge Controller


  • 40A MPPT Charge Controller with LCD Screen.
  • 98% Circuit Energy Conversion Efficiency.
  • Highly Efficient and Weather-Resistant Controller. 

BougeRV 53-Qt Fridge @ $344 – 14% Off


  • Three-Stage Voltage Battery Protection
  • Perfect Insulation for Ice-Cold Storage.
  • Best Cooling fan for Heat Dissipation.
  • Anti-Shaking for Extreme Off-Road Use.

BougeRV is a top renewable energy brand.

The brand works with a long-term goal to deliver you quality and sustainable energy solutions for a quality off-grid life and outdoor life. In fact, it has on sale an awesome collection of products that can meet the diverse needs of all types of outdoor enthusiasts and RVers.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, BougeRV is a brand you should have a look at. You can certainly find some cool products to make your outdoor life more powered and enjoyable.

Hot BougeRV Black Friday Deals

BougeRV 180W Solar Panel

Are you looking at buying a reliable solar panel for your RV or trailer?

Here is a fine one from BougeRV. As you see in the title, it is a large 180W panel with an increased conversion efficiency. It is an ideal pick to quickly recharge your 12V battery pack and good for pairing together in a series for charging bigger 24V and 48V backup systems.

Though a single-piece solar panel, it gives you quite enough solar power to back up your systems. For Black Friday 2021, the solar panel is available with a discount of 14%. Check it out on the link below and buy using the code BFS14 to grab the offer.

BougeRV 180W 12V Mono Solar Charger


It is a durable and strong solar panel. You can use it comfortably in rough outdoor situations as it can withstand high winds and snow loads. Built upon a quality corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, it is an incredible way you can charge your off-grid power systems from the sunlight.

Moreover, the included junction box is an IP6-rated waterproof solution. It equips pre-installed diodes to prevent the discharge of the power through the panel at nighttime or during cloudy hours. The panel has got pre-drilled holes to make you easily and quickly set it up on top of your RV, trailer, boat, remote cabin, or more.

In short, you get one of the best single-piece portable solar panels on the market with the BougeRV product. You can make it either a part of your existing power solution, or use it to set up a new one with additional accessories like a charge controller, batteries, and more.

BougeRV 40A MPPT Charge Controller

When it comes to a charge controller for your DIY off-grid power system, you don’t need to go for any other brand. BougeRV itself offers you one of the best MPPT charge controllers in the market. It is a 40A charge controller that works on a highly advanced MPPT algorithm.

You get the controller in two pieces; the controller and the display unit. So it gives you a chance to place the display at a comfortable location to make monitoring rather easier.

The BougeRV charge controller also comes up with an attractive Black Friday offer. You get a cut of $14 when buying it during the year-end shopping spree. Use the link to grab the offer.

BougeRV 40A MPPT Solar Charger Controller


Like all similar controllers, it can recognize the 12V and 24V backup systems automatically. When it comes to the conversion rate, it can guarantee you a better rate as high as 98%.

By the way, the BougeRV controller is crafted with a number of safety measures, including the TVS lightning protection.

Also, it features electronic protection against overcharging, discharging, and reverse polarity. Plus, it has got a large heatsink on the back to keep it cool even while working at 45 degrees.

It works nicely at a temperature of 35℃~+45℃. Overall, you get a really smart MPPT controller for your off-grid power system.

BougeRV 53-Qt Portable Freezer

The next impressive product in BougeRV Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is its 53-quart solar chargeable car freezer.

It is a brilliant product of the kind with a lot of takers in the community of campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The 12V portable refrigerator can keep a temperature of 4 ℉~50 so that you can store your food items fresh always.

Thanks to its advanced compressor, it can reach quick cooling from 77℉ to 32℉ in 15 minutes and 77℉ to 4℉ in one and a half hour.

The BougeRV freezer also gets an amazing Black Friday offer of 14%. Use the code BFS14 to grab the deal on the link below before the Black Friday shopping season ends.


Of course, you can use various power sources to run the refrigerator. At home, it goes with a regular wall socket of 110V-240V. In your vehicle, you can use a 12V or 24V DC port. Meanwhile, a small solar power system with a charge controller and battery is enough to power it up off-the-grid.

That is how you can ensure everlasting cooling for your foods with no worry anytime, anywhere.

The refrigerator highlights a 35mm thick insulation to help you keep food items and drinks fresh for pretty long hours in the compartment.

The contrivance measures 22.7 x 13.0 x 20.9 in and it weighs 45.9 pounds. You can easily move it by carrying on its elastic handle and store in a small room in your vehicle.

BougeRV Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag

A hitch cargo carrier bag is another impressive product in BougeRV’s collection of RV accessories.

It is actually a heavy-duty bag crafted with 1000D high-quality polyester material. It is quite large that you can expand it up to 12 cubic feet to load a variety of your belongings, including camping tents, suitcases, and a cooler.

The bag is waterproof and highly durable for rough outdoor applications.

It has purpose-made zippers to contain things securely. The flap over the zipper helps it stay dry. By the way, to securely attach it with the carrier of your vehicle, it has got six straps.


The cargo bag is up at a price of $80. It has a size of 47 x 20 x 22 in.

There are indeed a lot of satisfied takers for the carrier bag. Most of them have shared positive notes on the bag regarding both its quality and performance. Many have testified that even long hours of the ride wouldn’t cause tears to the bag from the carrier.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the BougeRV Black Friday Deals. As said above, the brand has announced a 14% discount for its entire product range. We have only covered a few hot models in this article. You can keep all its deals here and enjoy the best RV products from a reliable brand.

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