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EcoFlow Wave Updates: Wave Shipping Started in the US; Wave Yet to Hit the UK and Australia

EcoFlow has started shipping its much-touted Wave portable air conditioner in the USA and Canada by late June 2022. EcoFlow has been taking pre-orders for the game-changer portable AC for almost two months and many early buyers have already started to receive the packages.

Both the Wave AC and Add-on Batteries are shipped to the USA buyers, while the Canadian buyers of the Wave and battery bundles need to wait a few more days. Only the Wave is being shipped to the Canadian buyers as the Wave Add-on Batteries are yet to arrive in Canada, said EcoFlow.

Several buyers have shared the happiness of getting the Wave delivered by posting pictures of the FedEx delivery packages at their doorsteps on social media. Most of the buyers have expressed satisfaction with the working of the little air conditioner, but some have also shared bad experiences, though.

“Plugging into the wall outlet in my home, the unit doesn’t want to turn on. Plug into the Max AC outlet, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t want to turn on,” Jeffrey Axe, a Facebook Wave Launch Group Member. 

EcoFlow Wave Shipping Started

EcoFlow Wave – UK and Australia

EcoFlow is yet to officially launch the Wave AC in the markets of the UK and Australia.

Many people are excited to have the product on the shelves of the UK, EU, and Australian markets. EcoFlow already avails most of its power stations in these markets on its official websites, and the Wave will most likely be hitting the markets sooner. We will update the details here when we get anything from EcoFlow.

By the way, have a look at the EcoFlow stores in the leading markets in the table below.

EcoFlow UK EcoFlow EU EcoFlow Germany EcoFlow Australia

EcoFlow Wave Amazon

EcoFlow has not also launched the Wave on Amazon. Since the product is still in the pre-order stage, it is only available on the brand’s official websites. We are not sure when EcoFlow will avail the Wave on Amazon or other third-party retail sites.

EcoFlow Wave AC At a Glance – Specs and Features


  • 4000 BTU Cooling Capacity with 86°F to 75°F in 8 Minutes. 
  • 1008Wh Add-On Battery With 8-Hour Runtime.
  • Pairable with Delta Max and Pro via XT150 for Extra Runtime. 
  • Built-in Evaporation System to Drain the Condensed Water. 
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-Enabled Air Conditioner. 
  • 200W Solar Charging Input and 700W AC Input.

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