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EnjoyCool Portable Air Conditioner: The Smallest Portable DC Air Conditioner to be Launched on Indiegogo

A start-up called EnjoyCool is to launch an ultra-portable DC air conditioner on Indiegogo. It is a 2380 BTU, 700W portable air conditioner that can cool down your small spaces like RVs, trailers, and remote cabins in just five minutes (30-40°F). It has a low noise level of ≤52dB and it weighs just 6.5 kg, making it highly portable for carrying on its built-in handle.

The outdoor RV air conditioner is to come with an optional rechargeable battery, which may most likely be recharged by solar panels directly or at least by solar-based power stations off the grid.  The brand is yet to reveal more details of the upcoming outdoor air conditioner, which is to carry soft-touch buttons and an LED display, though.

Update: The brand is to kickstart its Indiegogo campaign on 11th, August 2022. The product will have an early bird price of $699, which is 42% of its MSRP. 

EnjoyCool  Vs EcoFlow Wave and Zero Breeze ACs

It has been a few months back that EcoFlow, the famous portable solar power station maker, launched its much-hyped Wave portable air conditioner in competition to Zero Breeze’s Mark 2 outdoor AC.

As you see, EcoFlow Wave has got a direct solar charging option of a 200W input, which can recharge its optional 1008Wh battery. We are not sure about the solar charging capacities of both the EnjoyCool and BougeRV ACs

But when it comes to the specs, the EnjoyCool and BougeRV ACs fall short of the Wave’s higher cooling capacity of 4000 BTU. The EnjoyCool AC is a 2380 BTU unit, while the BougeRV is a 2899 BTU model, but both the models are lightweight and ultra-portable in design with the stretchy rectangle form factors to the Wave’s boxy profile.

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