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84% of Americans are Worried About Raising Power Outages: Goal Zero Consumer Power Report 2022

A thumping majority (84%) of Americans are concerned about growing power outages, reveals an online survey conducted by Goal Zero, one of the pioneers in solar-based portable power stations.

Around 60% of Americans are looking for reliable backup power solutions and only 15% presently have some backup systems at home, which mostly (25%) are gas power generators, the study uncovered.

Goal Zero published the study results in its inaugural annual report.

The study was designed to look into the consumer attitude toward power usage and outages. You can access the complete Consumer Power Report by Goal Zero here.

Goal Zero Consumer Power Report – Interesting Findings

  • 69% of Americans are mindful of electricity only when they pay their power bills.
  • 43% of Americans think about electricity when they use high-power appliances.
  • 42% of people think about power when there is a power outage.
  • 30% ponder over electricity during some natural disasters only.  
  • 24% of Americans presume that Wi-Fi routers will continue to work even if the power goes out.
  • 39% of Americans think solar panels are enough for backup power, no battery required.
  • 61% of people recognize the necessity for backup power systems to meet outages.
  • 15% of households already have some backup systems.
  • 25% of which have gas-based power generators.
  • 51% are interested in backup power systems that don’t rely on fossil fuels.
  • 61% are ready to pay extra for a backup system that doesn’t run on fossil fuels.

Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations

Goal Zero was one of the first brands to design solar-based portable power stations.

So far, the brand has unveiled three generations of outdoor-friendly power stations under the branding Yeti. The first generation of the Yeti series has lead-acid battery packs.

The next two generations of the Yeti series have lithium battery packs and they are available in around 10 different models, ranging from an entry-level model to high-capacity ones.

The brand is yet to launch a power station with the new LiFePO4 battery packs to compete with brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow.

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