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iFory Power Bank: 40,000mAh Power Bank with 100W Output and a 23750mAh, 65W iFory Mini Vs Shargeek Storm 2 Slim

iFory is a 40000mAh powerful, pocket-friendly power bank with a solar charging facility. The IP67-rated drop, water, and shock-proof power bank remarkably features a 100W PD port, fast charging, and an LCD display to let you monitor the charging status in real-time.

A highly rugged and waterproof profile is another unique selling point of the cool power bank, which was unveiled on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. The amazingly lightweight and compact power bank looks to be a strong competitor to Shargeek Storm 2 Slim and Anker Powerhouse 100 power banks.

The iFory 40000mAh power bank can charge an iPhone 10 times and a Mac two times and so it looks to be an incredible camper-friendly backup system.

By the way, along with the high-capacity power bank, the brand has also launched a mini variant, which is a 23400mAh unit with an output of 65W and it can charge your iPhone around six times.

Price and Availablity Update: iFory Mini is on sale on Kickstarter at a price of $79 and its elder sibling has a price of $99 after a discount of up to 50% as part of the early bird deals on the crowdfunding site. The brand is to ship the product to the backers by December 2022.

iFory Power Banks at a Glance

iFory Power Bank 40000mAh

iFory 40,000mAh Power Bank iFory Mini Power Bank
  • 40,000mAh/154Wh Power Bank.
  • 100W Max and 100W Max Output.
  • 500-Lumen LED Camping Light.
  • IP67 Water, Shock, and Dust Proof.
  • 5 x 2.83 x 2.44 In in Size.
  • 1.71 Lbs Weight.
  • 23,400mAh, 77Wh Power Bank.
  • 65W Max and 65W Max Output.
  • 500-Lumen LED Camping Light.
  • IP67 Water, Shock, and Dust Proof.
  • 4.33 x 2.71 x 1.96 In
  • 1.43 Lbs Weight.

iFory Power Banks Overview

If you are looking for a highly durable and reliable power bank for outdoors, iFory series is a fine choice. Coming up in two high-capacity power options, you can comfortably carry the backup systems on your trips and travel and enjoy access to unlimited portable power to charge your handsets and devices.

The best part is that both the power banks have the same rugged profiles with IP67-certified water, dust, and shock-proof designs. The built-in 500-lumen LED light can provide you with enough light during your night stay in the wild.

The 100W PD port gives you a way to quickly charge your gadgets as well as recharge the power bank at a faster rate. See, the lower-end model is only having a 65W port for output and charging.

Along with the fantastic power banks, the brand also avails a 40W folding solar charger with an output of 21.88V/2.19A. The 3.3 lbs highly lightweight solar panel is enough to charge the power banks in a decent time under optimal sunlight.

iFory Vs Shargeek Storm 2 Slim Vs Anker Powerhouse 100

Here, you can have a look at how the iFory power banks differ from other top high-power and compact power banks on the market. The iFory is certainly going to be an awesome product with a lot of features, especially a higher storage capacity, faster charging, and higher output.

The durable and highly portable profile is another lovely thing with the new iFory series of power banks. Surely, they can be the best alternatives to Shargeek’s Storm 2 Slim and Anker’s Powerhouse 100.

iFory Power Bank Vs Shargeek Storm 2 Slim Vs Anker PowerHouse 100 Power Banks

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