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New Use Energy SunTarp Solar Panels: 30% Lighter Frame-and-Glass-Free Solar Panels Unveiled

The solar energy start-up New Use Energy has unveiled a series of ultra-lightweight and super portable solar panels with no frame or glass. The highly efficient mono solar cells come attached to heavy-duty polymer in the solar panels, making them incredibly portable and perfect for use with various solar generators and off-grid power systems.

The solar panels are branded as TriFold, QuadFold, and HexFold, respectively 210W, 320W, and 420W solar panels, which, as you see, carry the model names in accordable with their foldability capabilities. The TriFold, priced at around $910, can be folded into three layers to a size of 56 x 18 x 3 inches, while the next two models – QuadFold and FexFold – are made up of four and six foldable modules respectively. They are priced at around $1320 and $1810.

As its branding suggests, the SunTarp series can act exactly like tarps in nature. You can use them to set up simple, ready-to-go canopies on a set of custom poles. That said, the solar panels can not only prevent you from sunlight but also offer enough juice to charge your off-grid power systems and solar generators.

Made for its Solar Power Backup Systems

New Use Energy has designed these super-portable solar panels for its line-up of solar power stations as well as SunKits, though they are also compatible with any other solar power station on the market.

New Use Energy has on sale three models of the all-in-one battery and inverter systems called PowerPac Small, PowerPac Medium, and PowerPac Large. They are respectively 800Wh/1000W, 2560Wh/2000W, and 6200Wh/2000W portable power stations designed for use in off-grid applications.

Meanwhile, the brand’s SunKit systems come in four models; SunKit 12V, SunKit 24V, SunKit 48V, SunKit 48V Premium, which are highly reliable and affordable solar generators with AC inverters in a range of 1500W to 4000W and storage capacity from 2kWh to 7.6kWh.

SunTarp Solar Panels  Specs

Let us have a look at the detailed specs sheet of the SunTarp solar panels below.

SunTarp TriFold SunTarp QuadFold SunTarp HexFold
SunTarp TriFold Solar Panel SunTarp QuadFold Solar Panel SunTarp HexFold Solar Panel
$906.53 $1,318.45 $1,806.13
Watts: 210
Modules: 3
Weight: 15 lbs
Dimensions (Open): 56″x54″x1″
Dimensions (Closed): 56″x18″x3″
Watts: 320
Modules: 4
Weight: 24 lbs
Dimensions (Open): 56″x90″x1″
Dimensions (Closed): 28″x45″x3″
Watts: 420
Modules: 6
Weight: 30 lbs
Dimensions (Open): 56″x100″x1″
Dimensions (Closed): 56″x17″x6″

Check out the SunTarp Solar Panels here

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