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Nikota Meta 2000 Solar Generator: 2016Wh/2300W-Watt Solar Power Station with 4G/5G Connectivity

What about a solar generator with 4G/5G connectivity? Well, we have come across a wide range of solar power stations from top-rated and small-time companies, but the 2016Wh mid-size LiFePO4 power station from Nikota is a fantastic product with 4G/5G connectivity.

Most of the new-gen solar power stations, as you know, feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity, this one from Nikota can act as a network transmitter and hotspot to help you use wireless internet on your phone or other devices, thanks to its integration of 4G/5G connectivity.

The Nikota machine can act as a Wi-Fi router and a LAN and WAN connectivity hub. It also integrates a mosquito-repellant lamp and an LED ambient light.

Coming to specs, it is a 2016Wh power station with a 2300W power inverter with three AC sockets and dual wireless chargers apart from other regular DC and USB Sockets.

You can charge the device from a solar source of up to 300 watts and an AC input at 2300 watts.

Nikota Meta-2000 Release and Price Update: Nikota unveiled the power station on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign on November 15, 2022. The LFP 4G version of the device starts at around $900 with a super early bird discount of almost 36%. Check out the product on the link below. 


Nikota Meta 2000 Solar Generator at a Glance



  • 2016Wh/2300W Mid-Range LiFePO4 Solar Power Station.
  • 4G/5G Network, Wi-Fi Router, LAN, and WAN Connectivity.
  • Mosquito Repellant Lamp and LED Ambient Light.
  • 300W MPPT Solar Charging 2000W Max AC Charging.
  • Three AC Sockets, and Two Wireless Chargers.

Nikota Meta 2000 Solar Generator Specs

Nikota Meta 2000 Solar Generator Specs and Features

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