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Oukitel Abearl P5000 Home Power Station: 5120Wh Massive LiFePO4 Battery Packs with 4000W and 2200W Inverter Options

Big-size solar home backup stations are gaining a lot of momentum in the global market.

Oukitel, a global supplier of mobile telecom products and power stations, has designed a huge 5120Wh power station called Oukitel Abearl, which appears in two versions: P5000 and P5000 Pro, with inverters of 2200 watts and 4000 watts.

The Oukitel Abearl series looks like a direct competitor to Bluetti’s much-touted EP500 series, but the former outclasses the latter series with more powerful inverters and a slight advantage in battery capacity – yes, a difference of about 20 watt-hours.

In this article, I would like to have a detailed look at the specs and features of the Oukitel Abearl power stations, which were launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding.

Check out the Oukitel Abreal Power Stations on Kickstarter here.

The Oukitel Abearl Series at a Glance

Abreal P5000 Specs

  • 5120Wh High-Capacity Power Station.
  • 2200W AC Output with a 4000W Surge. 
  • LFP Battery with 3500 Charging Cycles.  
  • Seamless 1600W UPS (< 10ms).
  • 1800W AC and 1000W Solar Charging.
  • 114.6 Lbs / 52 Kg.

Abreal P5000 Pro Specs

  • 5120Wh High-Capacity Power Station.
  • 4000W AC Output with an 8000W Surge. 
  • LFP Battery with 3500 Charging Cycles.  
  • Seamless 1800W UPS (< 10ms).
  • 1800W AC and 1000W Solar Charging.
  • 116.8 Lbs / 53 Kg

The Oukitel Abearl Home Backup Systems

If you are looking to buy a heavy-duty solar-chargeable home backup system, the Ouktil series is indeed a cool choice. With a heavy-duty LFP battery pack and a highly powerful inverter, the P5000 Pro is certainly a game-changer.

For those who want a lesser inverter output, Oukitel has a 2200W inverter option as well. You get all the other features, including the charging speed, the same with both models.

The P5000 can easily power all your essential home appliances and camping electronics seamlessly with its higher output and storage capacity.

Oukitel Abearl P5000 Vs P5000 Pro

By the way, both variants in the series feature 120V/240V dual voltage output, making them perfectly suited for home UPS use in the event of a long-hour power outage.

The interesting thing is that the Okutel series, as said above, outsmarts Bluetti’s big-size offering, the EP500 Pro, with a more powerful inverter, in particular.

However, the Bluetti EP500 Pro still has the advantage in terms of charging speeds, as it can be charged at a rate of 3000 watts on an AC socket and 2400 watts on a solar or T500 input.

Anyway, you get two incredibly portable power stations from Oukitel with a lot of stunning features to let you power a whole house or a big outdoor or camping event.

Oukitel Abearl – Prices and Release Date

The Oukitel power stations carry very attractive prices on Kickstarter. The P5000 starts at $2300 with a huge discount off its retail price of $4999, while the pro version starts at $3099, after a steep cut of around $3000 for the initial backers on the crowdsourcing site.

Anyway, it is a great opportunity for someone to get these much more powerful backup systems at such low prices.

Compared to the Bluetti EP500 series, you can surely go with the Oukitel if you are ready to wait for a while. The brand expects to start shipping the models in March 2023.

We are not sure about the credibility of the brand in ensuring timely shipping and the offered quality of the machines, however.

Check out the Oukitel Abreal Power Stations on Kickstarter here.

Image Credit: Oukitel


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