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SunnySide Solar-Powered Lunchbox: Self-Heating, Self-Cooling Lunchbox to Preserve Your Meals

There are many self-heating lunchboxes on the market. What about a solar-powered lunchbox that can self-heat and self-cool your dishes on the go? Yes, that is what the SunnySide solar-powered lunchbox is. It is a smart lunchbox that can preserve your food at the best temperature powered by an included power bank.

The special thing, however, is that the built-in solar cells on the lid of the lunchbox can juice up the 10Ah power bank from sunlight. It has also got a built-in USB-C port for you to fully recharge the included power bank from a faster power source.

As you see, the SunnySide lunchbox can both heat and cool your favorite meals.

That said, you can preserve your food items fresh by keeping them cool in the lunchbox for up to 20 hours, thanks to its built-in cooling system, which works on some fans and coolant.

When it is the time to eat and you want to consume it hot, you can simply heat up the dish in a few minutes, thanks to its built-in induction coil technology.

SunnySide Solar Lunchbox at a Glance

SunnySide Solar Lunchbox

  • Smart Solar-Powered 1100ml Lunchbox.
  • Self-Heating and Self-Cooling Systems.
  • Built-in Solar Panel on the Lunchbox Lid.
  • 10,000mAh Power Bank with USB-C Port.
  • Built-in Thermometer and Timer.
  • Highly Portable, Wireless and Compact.
  • Leakproof and Dishwasher Safe Design.
  • 680g Weight and 230 x 117 x 86 mm Size.

SunnySide Solar-Powered Lunchbox – Overview

It is indeed a one-of-its-kind product for lunch carriers. Campers, hikers, fitness freaks, sportspersons, and even office goers will be able to use it as an amazing way to preserve their meals without complaints.

Thanks to its self-heating as well as self-cooling options, you can keep food items of any kind fresh inside the SunnySide lunchbox and consume them the way you want.

A fully charged 10,000mAh internal power bank of the lunchbox is capable of keeping it cool for up to 20 hours and it can heat up your food up to seven times. So, you can use the SunnySide lunchbox to carry food after getting it fully charged from home either via its USB-C port or the solar panel.

The lunchbox comes with a small display and buttons to give you easy control of its settings. Moreover, the brand offers an exclusive Smart SunnySide app to let you manage temperature and other things remotely. The app also makes you monitor calorie and nutrition levels and do more.


Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the SunnySide Solar Lunchbox. The product is currently seeking crowdfunding support on Kickstarter.com, where it has a super early bird pricing starting at $59.

The basic bundle of the smart lunchbox includes the accessories like a fork, spoon, USB-C cable, carry bag, and food dividers. As of writing this, more than 400 people have backed the project with over 30 days to go for the campaign to end. It has collected over 40K USD.

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