Solar-powered gate opener is a cool way to make life simpler. It is a time people largely rely on automatic gate openers for convenience. But they mostly work on grid power. That is, you would have to alight from your car and open the gate manually if there was a power outage or an emergency.

The solution is simple. Get any of the best solar gate openers we have below.

Well, we would like to review the 10 best solar gate opener kits. You certainly have a variety of options to pick from. That is why we would like to invite your attention to a few top-rated solar panel gate openers.


Solar gate openers never come in a single-case design. They are simply a bundle of the components including solar panels, actuators, control box, batteries, remote controller, and more.

Moreover, you get all the best solar gate openers out there in multiple variants based on different things. They include the single door, dual door, and more options.

We would like to check out all the components of an ideal solar gate opener below.

Short on Time? Have a Glance at Top 3 Solar Gate Openers

 1. Ghost Controls Solar Gate Opener

  • Perfect Dual Swing-Gate Solar Opener
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Arm Operators
  • 10-Watt Mono Solar Panel.
  • Separate Lockable Battery Box.

2. USAutomatic Solar Gate Opener

  • Heavy-Duty Single-Gate Solar Gate Opener.
  • Capable of Operating Gates Up to 20-Ft and 250Lbs.
  • Tough and Strong Actuator Ram.
  • Completely DIY Solar Gate Opener Kit.
Topens A5S Solar Automatic Gate Opener

3. Topens Solar Gate Opener

  • Heavy-Duty Single-Gate Solar Gate Opener.
  • Capable of Operating Gates Up to 16-Ft and 550 Lbs.
  • Tough and Strong Steel Actuator Ram in the Kit.
  • 20-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel. 

How Solar Gate Openers Work

There is actually no difference between how a solar automatic gate opener or a regular one works. The only difference is the power source. That is why solar panel and batteries are essential parts of a solar gate opener.

Well, apart from solar panels and batteries, you have everything the same. Clearly, the gate opener kits feature a control box, actuator rams, remote controllers, and more. We talk about each item in detail below.

1. The Control Box

The control box is simply where you have the control unit of an automatic gate opener. Typically, it sports the required battery packs, important wirings, and the motherboard, which controls all the input devices.

The control box should obviously be fully secure. Usually, it is made of solid and toughened plastic. You could install it in some distance to the gate as it would mostly be weather-proof and durable.

However, for extra safety, you could contain it inside a steel box. It is ideal to protect the control unit without letting dust and rainwater inside. Make sure you buy a solar gate opener kit with a quality control box.

2. The Actuator Rams

The actuator rams, as their names suggest, are the metal parts that push and pull the gates using the power from the battery. Evidently, they are heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel metal bars with actuators.

Obviously, a two-door gate opener kit comes with a pair of rams, while a single-door model features one ram. Not to let grit and water inside, these actuator rams feature perfect rubber sealing.

3. Battery Packs

A traditional electricity-based gate opener doesn’t need a battery. But a solar one wants the battery because it needs to store power for the full-time operation of the automatic gate opener. Usually, the battery included is a 12V one and different solar gate opener kits feature battery packs in different capacities.

Some models come with powerful batteries that could store enough power for the function of the gate opener for around seven days without sunlight. That is how you could open your gates automatically in remote areas, farms, worksites, and more. For that, you have our list of the best solar gate openers below.

4. Solar Panels

Finally, we have the most important components, the solar panels. You don’t actually need high-powered solar panels with a solar gate opener. Small and low-power solar panels are quite enough to juice up the batteries.

Surely, all the best solar gate openers below highlight good quality solar panels. You could mount the panels somewhere with good exposure to the sunlight. And keep charging the battery packs all the time around.

10 Best Solar Gate Openers Reviews

Well, as put it above, we have our takes on all the best solar gate openers below. We have different models from different brands. So, it wouldn’t be much easy for you to identify a suitable model, but we would like to let you have a look at all the top-seller models below.

1. Ghost Controls Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener

Ghost Controls is a key North American innovator of the gate automation solutions. Obviously, the brand sells a large variety of automated gate openers, but here we would like to start the list with a brilliant solar variant of the brand. It is Ghost Controls TDS2XP heavy-duty solar dual automatic gate opener kit. You get the product in different variants for single and dual gates and with or without solar panels.

Here we have the dual gate variant of the product. As you see, it is a special design for dual agricultural as well as tubular-style gates. You could quickly set it up to automate your gates powered by solar energy. Evidently, the kit packs up all the essential components to set up a solar gate opener in your home, farm, and more.

Ghost Controls Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener

Specs-wise, the Ghost Controls product is designed for dual swing-type gate up to 300 lbs or 20-inch lengthier. The bundle packs up a 10W mono solar panel for charging the required 12V battery (not included). Meanwhile, being a dual gate opener, it features two durable and heavy-duty operator arms.

Moreover, with the Ghost Controls kit, you get an individual lockable battery box (ABBT) to safely manage the battery. Thus, the possible acid leak from the battery won’t damage the motherboard and other components inside the control box. The kit certainly includes all other essential installation hardware, fasteners, and etc.

Why Should You Buy

  • Perfect Dual Gate Solar Opener. 
  • Strong and Durable Dual Arm Operators.
  • Special Lockable Battery Box.
  • 10-Watt Mono Solar Panel.
  • All the Essential Installation Hardware Included.

2. USAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener

Next, on our list of the best solar gate openers, we have USAutomatic’s single-gate Sentry 300 gate opener. It also comes in a dual-gate version. Well, this model is just about the toughest and commercial-grade automatic gate opener on the market. It could easily operate a gate with a size up to 20-feet and a weight up to 250 lbs.

It is indeed a wonderful solar gate opener. You could pick it as an ideal solution to automate the gates of your home, farm, remote outhouse, and more. Thanks to its heavy-duty and tough design, it would work neatly in rough outdoor conditions. Follow the button below to check out its price and other details.

This is a DIY gate opener kit. USAutomatic has designed it with DIY enthusiasts in mind. You could simply set it up anywhere. Meanwhile, it packs up only the main components of an automatic gate opener. They include the control box, a linear actuator ram, installation hardware, two dual-button transmitters, and more.

That said, unlike the above model, it doesn’t include a solar panel. You could try out USAutomatic solar panel kit that contains a 5W all-weather solar panel. Or, if you don’t want to go off-grid, you could also charge it from a wall socket. Besides, you also need to buy the required 12V battery separately.

Why Should You Buy

  • Heavy-Duty Single-Gate Solar Gate Opener.
  • Capable of Operating Gates Up to 20-Ft and 250Lbs.
  • Tough and Strong Actuator Ram.
  • 5-Watt All-Weather Solar Panel.
  • Completely DIY Solar Gate Opener Kit.

3. Topens A5S Solar Automatic Gate Opener

It is a popular single-door solar automatic gate opener from Topens. This equips a 24V DC motor to automate your gate decently by consuming less power. Topens has designed the gate opener to support a single gate up to 16-ft in size and 550-lb in weight. With the advanced technologies, it would offer you a long operating life.

The Topens solar gate opener provides you two styles of installation. They are push-to-open and pull-to-open options. This setting lets you open the gate outwards and inwards automatically. The included solar panel is a 20W unit, which is quite enough to charge the 24V battery (not included) to support the gate function.

Topens A5S Solar Automatic Gate Opener

Fine, the Topens solar gate opener is suitable for a variety of single-door gates. Whether it is made of metal, wood, or any other materials, you could certainly use this opener. Likewise, you could use it with the gates in your home, worksites, farm, and more. Moreover, you could set it up yourself with some available tools.

By the way, to ensure better protection and safety, Topens has made the solar gate opener with lots of safety measures. They include soft start, soft stop, reliable electromagnetism limit switch, adjustable stall force, auto-close time, and more. So, if the gate gets stuck or goes through any trouble, it can recover automatically.

Why Should You Buy

  • Heavy-Duty Single-Gate Solar Gate Opener.
  • Capable of Operating Gates Up to 16-Ft and 550 Lbs.
  • Tough and Strong Steel Actuator Ram.
  • 20-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel. 
  • Completely DIY Solar Gate Opener Kit.
  • Available in Multiple Bundles. 

4. Mighty Mule Solar Gate Opener Kit

This is a solar-enabled gate opener kit. The Mighty Mule kit is designed to operate light-duty dual swing gates, which weigh at 300 lbs and feature the size of 12-feet. The kit doesn’t pack up the solar panel. You need to buy a separate Might Mule 5W solar panel to make it run by the sun power.

This also an ideal DIY gate opener kit. You could yourself set it up to let you manage your gates automatically. The bundle certainly features all the required documents including an installation DVD. That is why we would like to recommend this kit for a DIY enthusiast, who could get it at a budget price on the link below.

This is indeed a perfect pick for all types of dual swing gates. You could easily set it up to automate the gates of your home, worksites, farms, and garden. Meanwhile, apart from the dual-door option, it is also available for a single-gate system. Use the button above to check out the prices of both the variants.

Coming to the specs, the Mighty Mule gate opener packs up a control box, an AC transformer, a single-button remote controller, and the installation hardware. In addition, you need to buy two components; a 12V marine or automotive-type battery and a solar panel as mentioned above.

Why Should You Buy

  • Solar-Enabled Gate Opener for Light-Duty Dual Gates.
  • Capable of Operating Gates Up to 12-Ft and 300 Lbs.
  • Solid, Strong, and Durable Steel Actuator Ram.
  • Completely DIY Solar-Enabled Gate Opener Kit.

5. Co-Z Sliding Gate Opener

The next one on our list of the best solar gate openers, as you see in the title, is a sliding gate opener. This kit also doesn’t come up with a solar panel, which you need to buy separately to make it an automatic solar gate opener. By the way, with a lot of advanced features, it is a perfect choice to automate your large sliding gates.

Specs-wise, the stainless-steel gate opener is capable of automating a 40-feet gate with a weight of 1400 lbs. Of course, as a sliding gate, the gate opener could handle a huge weight. The included motor is a quiet and powerful 200W unit, which could move the gate smoothly by producing less noise, for sure.

Indeed, the Co-Z sliding solar gate opener boasts of many sophisticated features. It remarkably has an auto-close capability. That is, you could set the gate to be closed automatically sometime after it was opened. The durations you could set so are 12, 24, and 36 seconds. It surely helps enhance the security of your premises.

What’s more, the kit packs a complimentary remote controller. You could use it to control the gate within 100-feet. It touts four buttons to easily manage the function of the gate. By the way, it is a very much durable and safe gate opener. Made with strong aluminum base and copper worm-gear, it could last a longer.

Why Should You Buy

  • Heavy-Duty Solar Sliding Gate Opener. 
  • Capable of Operating Gate Upto 40Ft Longer and 1400 Lbs.
  • Heavily Strong and Durable Gate Opener. 
  • Perfect for Large Sliding Gates.
  • Rich With Several Advanced Features.

6. Eco-Worthy Solar Automatic Gate Opener Kit

The next is a great solar gate opener kit from Eco-Worthy, a leading maker of renewable energy products. It is a relatively complete solar gate opener kit as long as it packs up a pair of batteries as well. Of course, that is what makes it a unique product on this list of the best solar gate openers.

The heavy-duty dual-swing solar gate opener could handle a heavy gate of 661 lbs and a length of 20 feet. And it comes with a pair of heavy-duty arms made with stainless-steel. Thus, you could employ it to automate large folding and swing gates neatly. The kit is also available in single-gate and many other variants.

Coming to more specs, the Eco-Worthy solar gate opener kit bundles up a lot of other essential components. The included solar panel is a 20W unit. You also get another variant of the product with an 11W solar panel. Moreover, this 20W solar gate kit is also available in a single-door variant.

Apart from that, this comes up with two pieces of 7Ah batteries, an intelligent digital control box, a remote controller, and an infrared beam sensor, and more. By the way, it is also a DIY-friendly product like the other models on our list. You could easily set it up anywhere referring to the included installation manual.

Why Should You Buy

  • Heavy-Duty Dual-Swing Gate Solar Gate Opener.
  • Capable of Operating Gates Up to 12-Ft and 661 Lbs.
  • 20W Solar Panel and a Pair of 7Ah Batteries. 
  • Solid, Strong, and Durable Stainless-Steel Actuator Rams.
  • Completely DIY Solar-Enabled Gate Opener Kit.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar gate openers. We indeed have more such kits out there, but we have brought to you some of the top-sellers. A gate opener is absolutely a great way to make your life rather easier and trouble-free. To get it powered with a solar panel makes it cost-free remote location-friendly too. Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best solar gate openers. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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