Are you looking to set up a DIY off-grid solar power system? You might need a quality MPPT charge controller. We have a list of 5 hot-selling MPPT solar charge controllers here. Just have a look at them before you invest your money in a charge controller. Well, we complied the list after a thorough research on web. And so, they are, of course, going to do some great job for your off-grid solar power solutions or DIY solar generators.

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

5 MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

As you know, MPPT solar charge controllers are the advanced and modern solutions. You get maximum solar output from your solar panels with MPPT technology. Clearly, MPPT controllers work as per the panel voltage and turn extra amperage into power, thus offering you the most out of the sun panels. Moreover, they are the best for high voltage off-grid systems and you get more efficiency in preventing reverse-current flow. So, we always recommend you to use MPPT controllers for your off-grid systems though they are a bit expensive.

1. EPever 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

It is a really nice MPPT solar charge controller you can buy without breaking the bank. The 40A device comes with an MT 5 remote meter that shows you much more and lets you control more features. Certainly, it packs everything that would make it an ideal charge controller for off-grid power needs.

Simply, it is a 99.5% efficient MPPT controller that could provide good amount of power to your battery packs. It features automatic system voltage recognition for you 12V/ 24V systems.

Moreover, you have it with a multi-function LCD display that shows system information more intuitively. The included MT 5 remote meter is indeed a nice unit that you could place indoors and read additional data on.

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It is not a waterproof unit, however. Anyway, as of writing this, there are a good number of takers for this EPever charge controller. That is why we have included it as the first pick in our list of the best MPPT solar charge controllers. By the way, you could also get it in 30A, 20A, and 20A negative ground versions as well.

2. SolarEpic MPPT 40A Solar Charge Controller

It is a negative ground 40A MPPT charge controller with maximum output of 150V. And, of course, is one of the top-seller MPPT solar charge controllers on the market. Well, it comes with multiple charging options like gel, sealed, and flooded. And is made to protect your off-grid solar power system from all types of possible threats like over charging, load short, over current, and over temperature, and etc.

Moreover, the controller supports PC monitoring software and remote meter like MT 50, which you should buy separately, however. Indeed, there are good number of takers for this charge controller. As of writing this, it has got good customer score on retail sites like Amazon.

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That said, you could buy it with no worry at all. Just hook it up to your system and you could see it charging your batteries from PV panels even before the sun hits mid sky. It works such nicely in charging your off-grid power solutions. If you are looking to upgrade your system from PWM, just go for this unit of MPPT regulator to enjoy the next level of solar charging.

3. AcoPower 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Here comes another popular MPPT solar charge controller. It is from AcoPower, a key maker of portable solar power solutions. Of course, it is a great pick for your RVs. Are you getting ready for a dry camping? This could be an awesome charge controller to ensure high tracking efficiency and peak solar conversion rates.

AcoPower offers 99.50% tracking efficiency and 98% conversion rate for the 30A controller. Sure, along with the included MT 50 remote meter, monitoring the solar array and charging your back-up batteries go rather easier. There is nothing to worry about the protection of your electronics. It is set to take on all threats like over current flow, overcharge, PV short circuit, PV reverse polarity, and etc.

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Plus, like all the above models, you have it with a multi-function LCD display that gives you system information more accurately. You could connect it with both 12V and 24V systems, which the controller could automatically identify. AcoPower recommends this controller if you use its solar charger like 100W All-Black mono panel.

4. Victron BlueSolar 30A MPPT Charge Controller

It is another brilliant choice for those who look to set up an off-grid solar power system in their RVs, trailers, or boats. It could control up to 440W of PV panels at 12V or 880W of panels at 24V. Like all other advanced MPPT regulators, it could automatically select between 12V or 24V and work an open circuit voltage up to 100V.

Further, it highlights eight multi-stage adaptive charge algorithms that you could select with a rotary button. You could program custom settings with a PC or included VE.Direct cable. Overall, it looks to be yet another cool MPPT solar charge controller you could try out for your off-grid power solutions.

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By the way, Victron BlueSolar’s charge controllers are much popular in the industry. Sure, it has a big number of takers so that you have nothing to worry about their performances. This unit offers you standard output at the best conversation rate, thus making it competitive to all MPPT solar charge controllers out there.

Victron, in the meantime, sells this unit in a variety of options from 10A to 60A. You could find the best option as per your needs. That is what makes it a highly-recommended item in the crowd of solar charge controllers.

5. Renogy Rover 40A  MPPT Solar Charge Controller

You might love to hear about a charge controller from Renogy. As you see, it is undeniably the top seller in the segment, simply because you get it from one of the leading brands in portable solar power industry. Coming to specs, Renogy Rover is a 40A MPPT charge controller with high tracking efficiency and peak conversion rate respectively at 99% and 97%.

Featuring an advanced tracking algorithm, it maximizes energy from your solar panels and charges the battery more reliably. Check out the price and availability of Renogy Rover below. Moreover, Rover highlights a versatile self-diagnostics feature that makes it detect and prevent installation damages.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy Rover 40A Charge Controller

And in addition, it ensures good electronic protection so that you have nothing to worry about the safety of your off-grid power solutions. Renogy also sells this device in a 20A variant, which would act like a budget solution especially when you have a less powerful off-grid solar set-up. In short, Rover could be an awesome pick for your boats, RVs, home, or camping tents.

Final Thoughts

Hope this list would help you find the best solar charge controller for your needs. We have just included the top selling five MPPT solar charge controllers in our list. You could do more research on the web to see if  you have more amazing options out there. Anyway, with one of the above charge controllers, you could certainly make an ideal pick to put together your DIY off-grid power solution. If you have any thoughts about our list share them below in the comments. That would help us improve our lists in future.