You might love the idea of producing alternative energy in your home. Fine, technology has indeed brought us different solutions to easily make power right anywhere. Setting up residential wind turbine kits in your home or worksite is surely one of the coolest ways to contribute a share of green energy to your daily needs. Thus, you become a part of the world’s strive to end huge reliance on the depleting traditional sources of power.

Residential Wind Turbine Kits

10 Rooftop Residential Wind Turbine Kits

For a long time, we have been only familiar with solar as the best alternative energy source. Well, things have changed recently with many companies turning up with an amazing line of rooftop wind turbine kits. Coming in different sizes and capacities, you can easily find a matching wind turbine for your needs. Anyway, here we introduce you to a list of ten wonderful residential wind turbine kits.

Interestingly, different from solar, wind turbines are capable to produce power round-the-clock depending on the availability of wind, though. So an addition of a wind turbine to your rooftop solar system guarantees you unlimited green energy. Typically, a wind generator includes a turbine and a built-in charge controller. You need to mount it on a pole and link to your grid. Check our list of residential wind turbines below.

1. Windmill 400W Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Looking to add a wind turbine to your off-grid solar power system? This Windmill product could be a great pick to expand your rooftop solar system. It is made with high-quality materials that you can use in rough terrains, marine conditions, and etc. Certainly, it is one of the best wind turbine generators out there.

Specs wise, the Windmill turbine is a 400-watt wind generator. It integrates an MPPT charge controller so it ensures the most out of wind power. It also secures up your backup systems from overcharging and other issues. Further, the turbine features a built-in automatic braking system to control fan speeds at higher winds.

The best part is you can use the turbine in conjunction with solar panels, letting you expand your home off-grid power systems. Well, along with a solar panel, it could guarantee power always in your house or worksite. Buy a unit of the Windmill turbine using the link below.

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By the way, built with quality polypropylene and glass fiber, it gets by rough climate conditions out in the wild. Certainly, it is friendly for marine use as it endures saltwater corrosion. Moreover, the Windmill wind turbine features an automatic braking system to make it survive high winds. You can easily charge a 50Ah battery with the turbine that has a rotor diameter of 4-feet and weight of around 17 lbs.

2. Eco-Worthy Solar Wind Generator Kit 720 Watts

It is a blend of wind and solar power. Eco-Worthy sells a variety of this kit with different solar capacities. We have picked a 720W 24V wind solar generator that packs a unit of 400W wind turbine and two pieces of 160W polycrystalline solar panels. Along with the kit comes a unit of Eco-Worthy’s wind and solar hybrid controller. That means, this off-grid power system can offer natural energy in your home virtually all the time around.

The included charge controller is a PWM unit and it features overload and short circuit protection. By the way, the wind turbine doesn’t come with a pole that you should buy separately. You don’t need a technician to set up the off-grid power kit. You can easily put the parts together to bring into life a cool off-grid power system. Eco-Worthy also sells 560W, 880W, 1000W and 1300W variants of the same wind solar kit.

3. Windmill 1500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit

The third pick in our list of residential wind turbine kits comes from Windmill. In fact, it is a 1500W variant of the above Windmill model with almost the same features. With a rated power of 1500 watts, this big wind turbine can charge a battery of 200Ah and above. Of course, it integrates an MPPT charge controller for stable energy and automatic braking system to deal with sudden high winds. Well, coming to size and weight, it is naturally a bit larger and heftier, respectively with a rotor diameter of 5.6-feet and weight of 33 lbs.

Certainly, it one of the top selling residential wind turbine kits on market. You could set it up on top of your home roof and connect with the electric outlet. It highlights all important security features. Thanks its built-in automatic braking system, high wind speed won’t tear up the blades. Plus, it features UV protection coating and other advanced features for surge control. Buy a unit of the wind turbine using the above banner.

4. GreenergyStar Apollo 550W Wind Turbine

It is a deliberately designed residential wind turbine. For long years, turbines have been in use for harvesting alternative energy. But it has been very late for makers to produce highly home-friendly turbines. GreenEnergy has built this wonderful turbine by rectifying all types of flaws that residential wind turbine kits typically had. It touts a strong alternator for increased output from winds. Further, its built-in anti-vibration facility adds to the efficiency. And what’s more, you could customize the turbine to enhance output in future.

5. Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom 2 Wind Turbine

Missouri Wind and Solar’s Freedom II is a 2000W 11-blade wind turbine generator. As you see in the image, its raptor carbon fiber blades, according to its maker, can withstand 125 mph. That said, they won’t break under normal usage. Well, this Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) features a cut-in wind speed of 6 mph.  Are you excited about this wind solar kit? Get a unit of the system from the banner below on Amazon for a cool price.  

However, it is not a ready to use wind generator. To set up an off-grid power system with this kit, you should additionally buy a pole, charge controller, cables, and dump load and etc., by the way. Meanwhile, you get the turbine with enough safety features against rust and other climate changes. Its metal parts are completely dipped galvanized and you have its hub with zinc plating. Wow! Those feature make the turbine live up to 50 years under normal condition.

6. Hukoer 400W Wind Turbine Generator

This 400W Hukoer turbine in our list of residential wind turbine kits stands out with five blades from the above two 400W variants. Further, it highlights a high efficiency motor to let you grab the most out of winds in your locality. Of course, this turbine integrates a quality charge controller and its rotor diameter is 4-feet. And made of carbon fiber with nylon, it can endure rough outdoor conditions very well.

For long life, the wind turbine features a special coating that could protect it from dust and other bad climate impacts. Therefore, you could mount the Hukoer wind turbine anywhere you get winds. It starts to provide you power in winds as mild as 2.5m/s. Of course, it is one of the most recommended home-friendly wind turbine kits.

7. Tumo-int Wind Turbine Vertical Maglev 2000 Watts

It is a uniquely designed wind turbine compared to the above models. Clearly speaking, this 2000W 96V Tumo-Int generator is a vertical maglev unit that features a new aerofoil vertical axis turbine. That said, the generator is suspended with magnetic force, which offers an upward force to counteract the effects of gravity. Materials used to build the tough blades are glass fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum alloy that ensure long life.

tumo-int wind turbine vertical maglev 2000 watts

Like above wind turbines, it also integrates a charge controller, which is an MPPT unit here. Tumo-Int also sells different variants of the machine, like 24V and 48V 1000W units and a 2000W 48V unit. Of course, price of the models varies as per the capacity.

8. Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Vertical 400 Watts

As you can guess, it is a 400W variant of Tumo-Int’s triple phase permanent magnetic wind generator. Different from the above model, it is a bit different in terms of design and it has got an exciting blue tone. It touts plastic coated aluminum alloy blades that are corrosion resistant so that you can use it for marine use also. Mounting over your roof, it will be looking very stylish. By the way, it is available in both 12V and 24V variants.

9. Aleko Wind Turbine Vertical 300 Watts

It is yet another unique aerofoil design in our list of residential wind turbine kits. Well, it is an easy-to-install 24V wind turbine that you can use in home, RV, cabin and marine applications. It features a low-start up speed and this design makes sure high wind energy utilization so that you can easily charge your home DC system.  

10. Pacific Sky Power Small Wind Turbine

It is the smallest unit in this list of residential wind turbine kits. In fact, it is a one-piece small unit that starts to produce energy in 8 mph winds. Its very efficient 15-in long propeller can ensure you natural power in home, RV, camping tents etc. You can quickly install it anywhere or use it along with solar to produce energy.

Final Words

Hope you have loved our list of residential wind turbine kits. Though these items are technically wonderful for mounting over your roof, I feel that most of them are not going to work very effectively. Most of the time, you might be thinking of a wind turbine for home out of the curiosity to that source of alternative energy. Yet, there are people who seriously find wind turbines along with solar panels to set up an off-grid power system in their home, work sites, remote cabins, and etc.