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Bluetti Offers Extended Warranty for AC200P and AC200 Max Power Stations and B230 Battery Module

Bluetti has announced an extended warranty of two years for its top-seller models AC200P and AC200 Max power stations and B230 extra battery module. With the extended warranty, you can now get these models with a hassle-free warranty of four years.

Bluetti’s extensive warranty for enhanced protection covers cracking, screen, and accidental damages.

The extended warranty is directly applicable to the products bought from the Bluetti website. Those who have purchased them from other platforms are asked to fill out a form on the Bluetti website to enjoy the extended warranty.

Bluetti AC200P, AC200 Max and B230

Well, Bluetti originally sells AC200P, AC200 Max, and B230 with a two-year limited warranty. Thanks to the extended warranty, you get the warranty period doubled for enhanced protection.

The AC200P is one of Bluetti’s first mid-range portable solar power stations with a LiFePO4 battery and is a 2000W/2000Wh power station.

The AC200 Max is an expandable variant of it with a 2048Wh/2200W capacity. You can use up to two B230 extra modules to expand the capacity of AC200 Max to 6,144Wh.

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