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EcoFlow Delta 2: Next-Gen Upgrade to Delta Series with LFP and Modular Battery – EcoFlow Delta 2 Vs Delta Original

EcoFlow Delta 2 is the next-gen upgrade to the company’s much-touted Delta series of mid-range solar power stations. The new 1024Wh device has got a LiFePO4 battery pack and a modular profile to compete with the Bluetti models in the mid-range segment.

EcoFlow Delta – Availability  EcoFlow Website
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EcoFlow unveiled Delta 2 at IFA 2022 in Germany in early September 2022 and is on sale on the EcoFlow website. Delta 2 is a 1800W power station with a surge capacity of 2700 watts. The battery inside is a 1024Wh LFP unit with a life of over 3000 charging cycles. The best part is that you can expand it up to 3kWh using external battery packs.

The new Delta keeps the same design as its original, which is available in two variants Delta 1300 and Delta 1000 with lithium battery packs and no modular capabilities. The device will turn up with a built-in adapter and so it doesn’t require an external adapter for charging.

Moreover, fast-charging speed is another attraction of Delta 2. You will be able to charge it up to 80% in less than an hour and to 100% in 80 minutes. Have a look at the brand-new EcoFlow product below.

EcoFlow Delta 2 at a Glance

EcoFlow Delta 2 BUY IT HERE
  • 1024Wh LiFePO4 Power Station.
  • 3000 Charging Cycles up to 80% Capacity.
  • Scalable up to 3040Wh with Extra Battery Packs.
  • 1800W Inverter with 2700W Surge Power.
  • 2200W Power with the X-Boost Mode. 
  • Six AC Outlets, dual USB-C 100W Ports.
  • 1200W AC and 500W Solar Charging Inputs. 

EcoFlow Delta 1300 At a Glance

  • 1260Wh Mid-Size Solar Power Station. 
  • 1800W Inverter with Six AC Sockets.
  • X-Stream Technology for Quick Recharging.
  • Built-in MPPT for Fast Solar Charging.
  • 13 Outlets for Multiple Electrical Devices.
  • 1200W AC and 400W Solar Charging Inputs. 

EcoFlow Delta 2 Vs Delta 1300 Original

EcoFlow Delta 2 Overview

Delta 2 is an incredible mid-size solar power station. With a 1-3kWh expandable storage option, you get a cool camping and home backup-friendly battery pack with a 1800W AC inverter.

The primary capacity of EcoFlow Delta 2 is 1024 watt-hours and it can be maxed up three times, using extra batteries of Delta 2 or Delta Max.

Pairing with a unit of the Delta 2 extra battery, the storage capacity can be lifted to 2048Wh, and further added with the Delta Max extra battery, you can get 3040Wh. That is if you already have a Delta Max extra battery, you can use it with Delta 2 for added capacity.

Similar to all the Delta power stations, it features an X-Boost mode, which can help you draw a maximum power of 2200 watts to run power-hungry appliances smoothly. You have it equipped with six units of AC outlets to connect multiple appliances at a time.

Besides the AC sockets, the new Delta features a pair of USB-A 12W max ports, as many USB-A 18W Max ports, and dual USB 3.0 Type-C 100W PD Ports. The DC sockets included are a 12.6V/126W carport and dual 38W Max barrel DC sockets.

You can charge Delta 2 from a solar source of up to 500 watts and an AC output of 1200 watts. It means the new Delta has slightly better charging speeds than its lithium predecessor.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Vs EcoFlow Delta 1300 and 1000

As stated above, EcoFlow Delta original appears in two variants; Delta 1300 and Delta 1000.

The main difference the new Delta 2 makes from its predecessors is the long-life and ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery and a scalable design. EcoFlow fans have been long pushing the brand to unravel some mid-size and compact LFP battery packs.

Since the launch of Delta Pro with LiFePO4 battery, customers have been waiting for smaller variants of the series. With the appearance of the new Delta 2, EcoFlow will be able to raise a serious threat to its top competitor Bluetti and a lot of other small-time brands that recently forayed into the market with mid-size LFP power stations.

The current generation of the EcoFlow Delta power stations has got NCM lithium battery packs. The entry-level variant of the series – Delta 1000 – has got a 1008Wh lithium battery, and it features a 1600W inverter with a surge of 3100 watts.

Meanwhile, its elder sibling – Delta 1300, the original of the series, incorporates a 1260Wh battery pack and is equipped with a 1800W inverter that has a peak power of 3300 watts.

Both the variants have a solar charging input of 400 watts, while the former has a 1200W AC charging input and the latter a 1000W input with the X-boost charging technology. They both have six AC outlets to let you power many appliances at the same time.

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