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EcoFlow Refurbished Power Stations: Rigorously Tested EcoFlow Products with Hefty Price Cuts

Are you thinking about buying an EcoFlow power station and are short on a budget? Well, the EcoFlow refurbished program makes you find your favorite solar power stations at more affordable prices than their fresh models. EcoFlow features a collection of rigorously tested refurbished power stations with hefty price cuts and a two-year warranty.

Some of the top models on sale in the refurbished store of EcoFlow are Delta original, Delta Pro, Delta Pro Smart Battery, River, River Max, River Extra Battery, and 110W and 160W solar panels. The EcoFlow engineers have stringently tested each model to make sure that it can offer you a like-new experience.

EcoFlow Refurbished Warranty Update: EcoFlow updated the warranty terms of its refurbished units on Nov. 11, 2022. The refurbs will get the same warranty year as the brand’s brand-new products.

If you are an existing customer, who bought an EcoFlow refurb after Dec. 31, 2021, you can register for the new warranty until Dec. 1, 2022.

New buyers can register for the warranty within 30 days of buying.

EcoFlow Refurbished Models and Prices

Notice: These were the prices when I checked the EcoFlow Refurbished store in August 2022 and they may vary when you check back on a later date. 

As per the company, the EcoFlow refurbs undergo the same testing and reviews as the brand-new models in its lab. So you have nothing to worry about a refurbed model that features the original EcoFlow quality out of the box. The refurbished models get free shipping within the US and after-sale support is also available.

Both the variants of EcoFlow Delta original are available in the brand’s refurb store with Delta 1300 carrying a price of $899 and the entry-level Delta 1000 costing $749. That is, you get a cut of $100 and $50 respectively from their fresh models.

It is when EcoFlow Delta Pro refurbished comes with a cut of around $700 from its fresh model, the Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery refurbished costs just $1899, which marks a discount of $600 as of writing this.

You get the EcoFlow River refurbished at just $249 and the River Extra battery at $179. The River Max refurbished, in the meanwhile, gets a discount of $300. The EcoFlow 110W and EcoFlow 160W solar panels refurbished are also on sale with great discounts. Check out the links above to order your models of EcoFlow refurbs.


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