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Lithium Vs LifePO4 Vs Sodium-Ion Portable Solar Power Stations: The Best Solar Generators with All Battery Types

The drastic changes in battery technologies quickly reflect in the portable solar market. Bluetti unveiled the world’s first sodium solar power station, Bluetti NA300 at CES 2022. More brands will soon be unleashing power stations with the more-sustainable and fast-charging sodium-ion batteries.

Update in November 2022: Bluetti seems to have dropped its sodium-ion power station the NA300. The brand has not yet revealed anything after its much-touted release back in January 2022 at CES. 

For years, we could come across different battery types in portable power stations like lead-acid, lithium-ion, and LifePO4. Sodium-ion has been knocking around for a while and it has turned out to be the talk of the town with the arrival of Bluetti NA300.

Though low-dense battery packs, sodium-ion can better replace lithium and lead-acid batteries in solar-based power stations as they boast of increased charging speeds, longer life cycles, cheaper costs, and better sustainability.

Here, in our take on the Lithium, LifePO4, and Sodium portable solar power stations, we would like to check out some of the most popular solar power stations with different battery types.

Best Sodium-ion Solar Generators

  1. Bluetti NA300 @ N/A. 

Best LifePO4 Solar Generators

  1. Bluetti AC200P @ $1800. 
  2. Bluetti AC200 Max @ $2100. 
  3. Bluetti AC300+B300 @ $3700.
  4. Bluetti EP500 @ $4700.
  5. Bluetti EB70 @ $600.
  6. Bluetti EB55 @ $500
  7. EcoFlow Delta Pro @ $3600
  8. Zendure SuperBase Pro 1500 @ $1100. 

Best Lithium-Ion Solar Generators

  1. Bluetti EB240 @ $1600.
  2. Bluetti EB150 @ $1100.
  3. EcoFlow Delta Max @ $2100.
  4. EcoFlow River Pro @ $600.
  5. Zendure Superbase Pro 2000 @ $1400.
  6. Goal Zero Yeti 3000X @ N/A.
  7. Goal Zero Yeti 1500X @ N/A.

Lithium, LifePO4, and Sodium Power Stations

Throughout the years, the portable solar market has witnessed products with all types of batteries, starting with lead-acid. Goal Zero, the first recognized brand in the segment, had its first-gen Yeti power stations with lead-acid battery packs.

Later, most brands unveiled their premier power stations with advanced lithium batteries. Bluetti, Jackery, and EcoFlow are a few to name. In reply, Goal Zero introduced a line-up of lithium power stations under the branding Yeti Lithium to replace the first-gen lead-acid series.

By the way, Bluetti was one of the first companies to realize a LifePO4-based power station with its AC200P. That was an upgrade to its famous AC200 that carried an LG lithium battery.

EcoFlow and a few other brands like Zendure also followed the suit and came up with some models with LFP batteries. As you see, things are now slowly pitching towards the newest sodium-ion battery packs with the launch of Bluetti’s NA300 and its external battery packs.

Sodium-Ion Solar Generators

As stated above, Bluetti NA300 is the world’s first standard solar power station with a sodium-ion battery. The brand unveiled it in late 2021 and it expects to be put on display at CES 2022.

It is an amazing product with a 3000W inverter and a 3000Wh sodium-ion battery pack.

Thanks to its scalable design, you can take its capacity to a huge 12600Wh with two pieces of the brand’s 4800Wh B480 external sodium battery packs.


Looking like a Bluetti EP500 power station in design, NA300 enjoys a fast solar charging speed of 3000 watts and an AC input of 3000 watts. Though a low-dense battery under the hood, it is rather safe and long-lasting and so the power station will work ideally in low-temperature conditions.

NA300 also works with Bluetti’s famous Fusion Box so that you can convert it to a 240V system at 6000 watts. A full-fledged mobile app makes you have total control of the power station remotely.

More details of NA300 are expected at CES 2020.

LifePO4 Solar Generators

There are many incredible power stations with LifePO4 battery packs on the market. Brands like Bluetti, EcoFlow, and Zendure have integrated LifePO4 batteries in some of their recent models. Here, we would like to explore a handful of the best-selling LifePO4 solar generators.

Bluetti LifePO4 Solar Generators

Bluetti is the only vendor with LifePO4 solar power stations in multiple sizes and capacities. Its recent line of heavy and compact solar power stations sports good quality LifePO4 battery packs with better safety and fast charging capabilities.

To name a few, Bluetti AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, EP500, and EB70 are some of the coolest, and best-seller models with LFP batteries. Plus, the brand has got two expandable battery packs namely B230 and B300 with the same battery cell chemistry. Check out AC200 Max below. 



AC200P, an LFP upgrade to its original AC200, was actually the first power station from Bluetti with an ultra-safe battery unit. It is a 2000Wh/2000W power station with seventeen charging outlets. A combination of 700W solar and 500W AC inputs can charge it quickly.

AC200 Max is, in fact, an expandable power station. It features a 2048Wh built-in LFP battery that offers a life cycle of over 3500 times. You can expand the 2200W power station up to 6144Wh with two B230 and up to 8129Wh with two B300 extra batteries.

AC300 is another incredible product from Bluetti and it is a 100% modular device. With no battery pack inside, it is a 3000W power station, but you can add up to four pieces of B300 battery packs. Thus, you can achieve a total capacity of 12,288Wh. Check out AC300 below.  



AC300 highlights an unrivaled 2400W solar input and a 3000W AC input to have a total charging speed of 5400 watts. By pairing two units of it using the brand’s Fusion Box, you can also convert it to a 240V system at 6000 watts.

The 5100Wh EP500 is another model. It has an inverter of 2000 watts and a solar charging speed of up to 2400 watts. EB70 and EB55 are two compact Bluetti power stations with LFP batteries.

EcoFlow Delta Pro LifePO4 Solar Generator

Delta Pro is the first LifePO4 solar power station from EcoFlow. The company unveiled it in a highly successful crowdfunding campaign with thousands of takers. It is a colossal 3.6kWh power station that you can expand to up to 25kWh, using the brand’s external battery packs.

Delta Pro is, in fact, a massive portable home battery ecosystem with a 3600W inverter and 7200W surge. It can offer you seamless off-grid, backup, and emergency power, thanks to its amazingly expandable profile. Check out Delta Pro at the link below.



The battery inside Delta Pro is a 3600Wh LFP unit that offers a charging cycle of over 6500 times to 50% capacity and 3500 times to 80% capacity. Apart from extra batteries, the brand also offers the options like an upcoming gas generator and the Smart Home Panel for the expansion of Delta Pro.

By pairing two units of Delta Pros with the Double Voltage Hub or the Smart Home Panel, you can make it a 240V machine to smoothly run appliances up to 7200 watts. By the way, Delta Pro is one of the first portable power stations with an EV station charging facility.

Along with EV and 1600W solar charging, Delta Pro has an overall six charging options. Fine, you can also combine multiple options to achieve a total charging speed of 6500 watts.

The EcoFlow machine has a size of 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 in and it weighs 99 lbs.

Zendure SuperBase Pro 1500 LifePO4 Solar Generator

Zendure is another known brand with an impressive LifePO4 solar power station. Zendure has been in the portable power industry for some time. It launched a pair of SuperBase Pro power stations on Indiegogo in Oct. 2021. SuperBase Pro 1500 is the LifePO4 variant of the duo.

The 1456Wh Zendure LifePO4 power station keeps the same design as its 2096Wh Li-NMC sibling, SuperBase Pro 2000. Both the machines share several common features, including the built-in 4G IoT connectivity, the same 2000W (4000W) inverter, and 1800W AC and solar charging speeds.

The machine also touts an AmpUp technology to deliver you a higher output that is equivalent to a 3000W power station. Overall, you get one of the cool compact solar power stations from Zendure with two battery types, and the LifePO4 unit, though a small capacity one, is a much more reliable pick.



The Zendure comes up with as many as 14 charging sockets, including six AC outlets, and multiple DC and USB sockets. Four USB-C outlets – dual 100W and 20W ports each – a 13.6V/10A regulated carport, and three 12V DC barrel ports are other attractions.

Design-wise, the Zendure power station is made like a tank. It is such a heavy-duty machine that it can bear stacking up of weighty boxes on top of it on your travels and trips.

Rugged wheels and a durable collapsible handle are other key selling points of the Zendure power station. A 6.1-inch larger display can bring you real-time information on its performance, battery status, and more. SuperBase Pro 1500 has a size of 17.56 x 10.51 x 13.86 in and it weighs 48 lbs.

Lithium-Ion Solar Generators

There is indeed a wide variety of solar power stations with lithium battery packs. All leading brands like Bluetti, Jackery, EcoFlow, Goal Zero, and AllPowers have a big share of their power stations with li-ion battery packs.

As you know, Bluetti and EcoFlow have entered into the fray of LifePO4 power stations. But popular brands like Jackery and Goal Zero are yet to announce a product with LFP or sodium batteries. They all have their flagship models with lithium-ion cells.

As said above, Goal Zero has its last two generations of Yeti power stations with lithium batteries. Each series contains around half a dozen of power stations, ranging from a 187Wh Yeti 200X to a 6071Wh Yeti 6000X.


Bluetti features mainly two models with lithium battery packs. They are EB240 and EB150 models, respectively 2400Wh and 1500Wh power stations.

Meanwhile, Jackery has all its Explorer power stations with lithium-ion battery packs. They include models like Explorer 2000, Explorer 1500, Explorer 1000, and a couple of compact models.

EcoFlow also has all its models other than the flagship Delta Pro with the same battery. They are Delta Max, Delta original, Delta Mini, Delta River series, and more.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Lithium, LifePO4, and Sodium portable solar power stations. We have covered all the best-selling solar power stations with different battery types. As you know, battery technology is fast-growing with quick advances day-to-day.

In a few years, we will have more amazingly performing batteries in solar power stations. Better reliability, faster-charging speeds, and long life cycles are some of the much sought-after features of battery packs. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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