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10 Best Wireless Security Cameras with Solar Panels: Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring Solar Security Cameras

A solar wireless camera is a brilliant way to secure the premises of your households, worksites, gardens, and warehouses. It is simply because you need no electric connectivity to run an outdoor camera with a solar panel, and so you can install it just out of the box.

There are many incredible brands of solar cameras. Soliom, Reolink, Blink, Zumimall, and Ring are a few to name. We have curated a list of the best wireless security cameras with solar panels to help you find the best model at a glance. Stay tuned.

A solar camera obviously comes with a solar panel, either built into it or in a separate unit. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, it makes you monitor visuals in real time from anywhere, anytime.

Solar security cameras typically integrate powerful batteries for backup power, making them run for longer hours even if the sky is cloudy for a few days.


Blink Solar Camera

Blink Solar Powered Security Camera


  • Smart, Compact Wire-Free Solar Camera.
  • Two-Way Audio and IF Night Vision.
  • Detachable Solar Panel for Better Sunlight.
  • Blink Home Monitor Mobile App.

Reolink Argus Eco Solar Camera


  • Advanced Full 1080P HD Wire-Free Camera.
  • Powerful Battery for Long Runtime. 
  • Smart PIR Motion Detection and Alerts. 
  • Easy-to-Install, Weather-Resistant Cam.

Soliom S600 Solar Camera

SOLIOM S600 Solar Camera


  • Full 1080P HD and Color Night Vision.
  • Pan Tilt Broader and Flexible View.
  • Ideal PIR Motion Detection Sensor.
  • Two-Way Talk and Cloud Storage.

Best Wireless Security Cameras with Solar Panels

Solar security cameras are available in a variety of models with different features and specs. It will be fine to broadly classify solar cameras into two main types; the models with built-in solar panels and the ones with separate solar panels.

Our team of researchers has hand-picked the best models from all the leading brands, so it will be easy for you to stumble across a model that suits your budget and requirements, thus, letting you easily enhance the security of your remote properties, gardens, outhouses, and farms.

1. Blink Solar Powered Security Camera


  • High-Quality, Compact Solar-Powered Camera.
  • IF Night Vision and Two-Way Audio.
  • Blink Home Monitor App for Remote Access.
  • Detachable Solar Panel for Better Sunlight.
  • Available in Multiple Kits of Camera Units.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Surveillance. 

Blink Solar Powered Security Camera

The Blink product is one of the most popular models of solar cameras. With thousands of takers, you get a really smart wire-free solar camera from the brand. It comes with a number of advanced features such as IF night vision, two-way audio options, and motion detection technology.

With these features, you can remotely access the camera content on your phone via the vendor’s exclusive Blink Home Monitor app. It makes you simply listen to and talk to the visitors in front of your home from anywhere in the world.

Though a standalone camera basically, you can detach the solar panel from it and place it two feet away for better access to the sunlight. Its installation is very quick. After fixing it on a wall, you can connect it to your home Wi-Fi to start the camera running.

The Blink camera works with Alexa and you can store the content in the cloud using the brand’s 30-day free trial or in a local source using a Sync Module 2 and USB drive.

It packs up a pair of 1.5V AA lithium metal batteries and it has an overall size of 71 x 71 x 31 mm and a weight of 329 grams.

2. Fuvision Solar Powered PTZ IP Security Camera


  • Wireless 1080P Solar Powered Security Camera
  • High-Capacity 12000mAh  Rechargeable Battery.
  • Remote Access Camera Via Mobile Application.
  • Removable 6.5-Watt High-Efficiency Solar Panel.
  • Perfect Wireless Camera for Outdoor Surveillance.

The Fuvision solar surveillance camera has got a single-piece, detachable 6.5-watt high-efficiency solar panel. You can adjust the angles of the solar panel to make it collect as much solar energy as possible to run the camera for long hours.

Inside, the device packs up a 12000mAh big-capacity rechargeable battery. That is powerful enough to run the camera for longer hours uninterrupted. Specs-wise, it is a 1080p HD camera with a host of features for ideal surveillance.

It is a wide-angle camera. You can record high-quality 1080p video of your home surroundings at an angle of 120 degrees. Also, the camera is waterproof with an IP65 rating so that it can brave all climatic conditions outside.

Further, it sports an advanced motion detection sensor. That can offer accurate alerts on your phone to make surveillance trouble-free. To store the recorded videos, it has a slot for microSD with a maximum capacity of 64GB or you can also keep it in cloud storage.

It integrates four pieces of white LEDs and two infrared LEDs for the perfect capture of your movements. Thanks to its solid mounting stand, you can fix it strongly on a wall. You can simply screw the base to the surface by making sure you have the panel clearly exposed to the sun.

3. Freecam Solar Wireless Security Camera


  • 720P HD Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera.
  • Standalone Solar Camera with Built-In Solar Cell. 
  • Built-In 6400mAh Rechargeable Battery Inside.
  • Ultra-Low Power Camera with a Long Standby. 
  • Perfect for Gardens, Outhouses, and Remote Properties.

The next pick on our list of the best wireless security cameras with solar panels is from Freecam.

It is also a standalone product with a solar panel, camera, and battery built into a single case. You can easily fix it on your wall and have access to real-time footage on your phone from anywhere.

When it comes to specs, the Freecam camera is a cool security camera with increased night vision. It features a waterproof profile. You can easily fix it anywhere and record footage in good quality. Its battery, once fully charged, can run the camera for up to five days.

The battery inside is a decent 6400mAh unit that can offer a standby of 30 to 60 days without sun. It works with only a 2.4Ghz router. Thanks to the wireless connectivity, you can lively monitor the footage on your phone, tablet, and more.

It can send a photograph to your mobile or computer instantly after it detects a movement. That is, with access to sufficient sunlight and a Wi-Fi network, you can ensure ideal security for your home or work premises, gardens, outhouses, and distant properties.

4. ReoLink Argus 2 Wireless Security Camera


  • Advanced 1080p HD Solar Wireless Camera.
  • Stunning Night Vision and Clear Night Images.
  • Google Assistant Support and Reolink Cloud.
  • Remote Access via Free Reolink Software and Apps.
  • One of the Best-Selling Reolink Solar Cameras. 

The next one on our list is an incredible solar camera from ReoLink, a global leader in smart home security and camera systems.

It is a state-of-the-art, easy-to-install solar-based 1080p HD Night Vision security camera. You can quickly mount it by simply screwing it along with the included solar panel.

It can offer a 130° wide field of vision to get clear videos and in-depth pics. Thanks to its Starlight CMOS sensor and infrared LEDs, it can provide you with very clear night vision and colorful images.

The ReoLink solar camera is compatible with Google Assistant support and other smart features. It can store video to the cloud apart from the microSD card. For cloud storage, you can use Reolink Cloud, which avoids any risk of footage loss and privacy leaks.

Overall, it is a nice security camera that you can totally control wirelessly to watch your pets, kids, home, and properties from anywhere. Meanwhile, like all similar products, the Reolink cam comes with suitable apps and software for remote access to live watching.

The apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also track the footage via Mac and Windows computers. Fine, with these cool features, it is indeed one of the best wireless security cameras with solar panels out there.

5. Reolink Argus PT Solar Security Camera


  • Cutting-Edge 1080p Full HD PT Wi-Fi Camera.
  • High-Efficiency Adjustable Mono Solar Panel.
  • Built-in Tilt & Pan and Night Vision Sensor.
  • High-Quality 6500mAh Rechargeable Battery.
  • Quick and Easy Setup Solar Security Camera.

Here is another popular model of Reolink’s series of solar security cameras. It comes with the same adjustable solar panel paired with the brand’s other famous camera, Reolink Argus PT.

The Argus PT is actually a cutting-edge outdoor tilt security camera with 1080p FullHD quality and a Starlight Night Vision sensor.

Having a 6500mAh battery pack, it can store enough power to run for longer hours. So, with the solar panel, you can set it up anywhere outside for increased security. The camera runs on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to give you access to the footage from remote locations.

Thanks to the included tilt & pan and night vision sensor, Argus PT can record video 140° vertically and 355° horizontally in 1080p quality. Also, with its CMOS sensor, it can provide you with clear night vision up to 33 feet even under weak lighting.

Moreover, like all Reolink security cameras, it can record the video to a microSD card as well as the Reolink cloud. It also supports Google Assistant and other advanced features. Mounting the solar panel and camera is also a breeze as they have got solid mounting brackets and screw holes.

6. Maxsa Solar Security Camera with Floodlight


  • 640P Solar Wireless Camera with an LED Floodlight. 
  • Decently Powerful 4.4Ah Li-Ion Battery Inside.
  • LED Lighting with 878-Lumen Brightness.
  • Stylish Design and Good for All Outdoor Applications.

Maxsa Solar Security Camera with Floodlight

Maxsa’s solar security camera is quite special as it combines a floodlight. Apart from the camera and solar panel, it sports an LED floodlight, making it a more powerful choice to safeguard your home premises and garden. It will help you surveil the surroundings even directly with the light.

Coming to the camera, it is actually a 640P video surveillance camera with the capacity to record footage for up to four hours at a time.

Meanwhile, the built-in LED light offers you a brightness of 878 lumens. That is quite enough to light up a significant portion of your home and property premises during the night.

Being another key security feature, it is capable of capturing movements within a 110-degree range during the day and around 15 feet at night. You can back up the video with the included 16GB microSD card, which can store footage for up to four hours.

Inside the camera has a 4.4Ah Li-Ion battery that you can charge from sunlight during the day. As you see, it is up with a small solar panel and a 15ft cable. So it does a good job of harvesting solar energy and powering up the device for long days.

7. Reolink Argus Eco Wireless WiFi Camera


  • Advanced Full 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera.
  • Powerful Battery to Keep Charged for Multiple Days.
  • Reolink Solar Charger Included. 
  • Smart PIR Motion Detect and Perfect Alerting System.
  • One of the Very Popular Reolink Solar Cameras.

Reolink Argus Eco Wireless WiFi Camera

Argus Eco is yet another popular outdoor camera from ReoLink.

If you are looking at buying a highly weatherproof and durable outdoor camera, Argus Eco is a fine choice. The solar camera can provide you with 1080p Full HD visuals of your surroundings. Even during the night, it can offer you crystal clear video as it supports 33ft Night Vision.

You can run the camera continuously by recharging it either via its 5V/2A adapter (not included) or the included Reolink solar panel. And have a clear view of your pets, babies, and properties from anywhere, thanks to the stunning clear vision HD camera.

You can set up advanced motion sensitivity features with the camera.

Therefore, nothing like a flying twig or flies will invoke false alarms. The Smart PIR Motion Detect will alert you with accurate motion videos, voice alarms, emails, and push notifications only when some serious movements take place.

8. Soliom S600 Solar Camera


  • Full 1080P HD and Color Night Vision Camera.
  • 320° Horizontal and 90° Vertical Pan and Tilt.
  • Fast and Accurate PIR Motion Detection Sensor.
  • Perfect for Outdoors and Indoors Security Surveillance.
  • Advanced Remote Access and Motion Sensor Features.

It is another popular solar camera from Soliom. What makes it special is its capability of turning its head 90° vertically and 320° horizontally to tilt and pan. The Full 1080P HD cam offers 3X digital zoom and cool color night vision for increased security of your premises.

The Soliom camera integrates a motion-activated LED night vision spotlight for a clear view of the visuals in dark hours. The four pieces of white built-in LEDs make the camera cover a viewing angle of up to 32 feet and add to the camera’s night vision capability.

A big single-piece solar panel and a powerful 9000mAh battery are other attractions of the Soliom camera. You can easily install the camera on your wall or any outdoor surface in your home’s Wi-Fi range for advanced surveillance and connectivity.

The camera features a quick and accurate PIR motion sensor. It offers a perfect software pixel analysis so that you get reduced false alerts. Surely, it can help capture human movements clearly. There is a MicroSD slot for cards up to 64GB and a cloud storage option for storing videos and pictures.

9. Enster Solar Battery Powered Security Camera


  • Affordable 1080P HD Solar Wireless Camera.
  • Integrated LED Lighting for Enhanced Security.
  • PIR Motion Sensor with Live Notifications. 
  • Super Cool and Easy-to-Install Standalone Design.

Are you on a budget and looking to buy a solar security camera?

The Enster all-in-one solar camera is a nice pick, then. I would also like to recommend this cool self-sustained light and Wi-Fi camera combo if you want to enjoy the installation in a breeze. It is such a cool device that integrates solar cells, a Wi-Fi camera, and an outdoor floodlight.

Like all other leading solar wireless cameras, you get it with a quality 1080P full HD camera.

You can easily access the stream remotely via an app. A clear vision of your surroundings during the day and night would make things rather secure and safe for you. Meanwhile, what powers up the security camera and the 15-LED light is the built-in 2500mAh battery. A few hours of optimal sunlight is enough to top it up regularly.

Sitting back anywhere in the world, you can have ideal surveillance of your properties back at home. Any strange movement within 9.8-16.4ft will wake the PIR motion sensor, and the camera will duly notify you of it. At the same time, for your reference, it would record a short clip of it into the memory and the connected cloud.

Further, you can fix the camera anywhere irrespective of climate conditions. It is crafted adequately with the best weatherproof technologies.

10. Zumimall Solar Security Camera


  • 1080p HD Solar Wireless Security Camera. 
  • Outdoor 2.4GHz WiFi Camera with Reliable Signals. 
  • Smooth Night Vision and Wide Viewing Angle. 
  • Microphone, Noise Cancellation Speaker.
  • Perfect for Remote Surveillance of your Properties. 

Finally, we have a cool solar security camera from Zumimall, a key vendor of surveillance products. It is a 1080p HD camera with a lot of great features like Smooth Night Vision. Its advanced optics lens will help you capture footage of 1920 x 1080 megapixels at a wide viewing angle.

The Zumimall security camera offers a 4X digital zoom-in that will even make you recognize human faces. Its visible range is up to 65 feet and you will get bright and clear images even in the pitch dark, letting you ensure the increased security of your surroundings.

As you see in the image, it comes with a small mono solar panel and a 10-foot cable to connect it to the camera. Inside, the camera integrates reliable lithium rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 15000mAh, which can run the camera for a longer period once fully charged.

The Zumimall cam is able to deliver strong Wi-Fi signals. Thanks to its dual antennas and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, it can provide you with 50% more distance compared to its rivaling products. Meanwhile, the stylishly designed camera is indeed much more durable with its perfectly sealed design.

There are more awesome things with the camera. They include a real-time notification feature, PIR motion sensor, noise cancellation speaker, microphone, and more. Overall, once installed, you can catch up with everything that happens in the scene from anywhere.

Reolink, Soliom, and Ring Solar Cameras

Following our list of the best solar cameras, here is an effort to check out three leading vendors in the segment and their key products in our comparison of Reolink, Soliom, and Ring solar security cameras.

Soliom is the only brand that offers solar cameras with inbuilt solar panels, whereas both Reolink and Ring have their models with no built-in panels, but they feature the options for solar charging. Yes, both brands avail compatible solar panels separately or in bundles.

Whether having an integrated or separate solar panel, the key thing about a solar-based camera is that it works on solar power. You can fix it anywhere with enough sunlight. No power connection is required to make it run round the clock in surveillance of your valuables.

Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring Solar Cameras

If you have been looking for a solar camera, you might have come across any of the above brands. All three brands are very famous in the segment of solar security cameras.

That is why we would like to have a look at their products and make a comparison in our Reolink, Soliom, and Ring solar cameras.

We hope it might be quite helpful for someone who is looking to buy a solar camera. Your search might end up with any of the brands’ impressive collections of solar security systems. Stay tuned for our takes on the brands’ best-rated products on the market.

Reolink Solar Cameras

Reolink is a famous vendor of solar security solutions.

The brand has been in the business of security products since 2009 and its products have thousands of satisfied takers. Its product portfolio comprises wireless security cameras, indoor smart home cameras, solar cameras, and Wi-Fi PoE cameras.

Among its large collection of security cameras, the brand has more than half a dozen of solar-chargeable wireless cameras. Reolink Argus Eco, Argus 3, Argus 2, Argus PT, Go, and Argus Pro are to name a few. Coupled with the brand’s famous 3.2W mono solar charger, these cameras become perfect solar cameras.

Fine, the Reolink solar charger can deliver a maximum current of 530mA at a conversion rate of 19.50% under ideal lighting conditions.

The solar panel is indeed waterproof and weatherproof and it enjoys IP65 certification. Below are our takes on the best-seller Reolink solar cameras.

Reolink Argus 3 Solar Camera


Reolink Argus 3 is a fine 1080p Full HD wireless security camera. With a host of appealing features, it comes in a bundle with the brand’s solar panel. Hence, it is an ideal choice for mounting on your outdoor walls or home premises for security surveillance.

Argus 3 is actually a high-quality camera with accurate color night vision, two-way audio, and a built-in motion spotlight. So, what you get is a perfect security solution to surveil your home from a remote area and stop a possible crime or theft before it occurs.

The built-in spotlight is an ultra-bright LED unit and it integrates a warning siren.

The 2MP starlight CMOS sensor and two-way audio are indeed other key attributes that make it one of the best surveillance cameras out there. Meanwhile, having a waterproof design, you can mount the camera anywhere outdoors.

Reolink Go Solar Camera

Reolink Go is another nice solar camera from the brand. The wireless security camera is special with its 4G LTE connectivity along with the solar charging option. The solar panel can charge its built-in 7800mAh high-capacity battery in a few hours and run the camera.

Reolink Go is a perfect 1080p Full HD solar camera and it offers you a wide field vision of 110°. Of course, the camera features a wide-angle and starlight night vision and so you can get high-quality footage of your premises on your phone anywhere in the world.

You can record the footage to a microSD card or upload it to the cloud. The brand offers 7-day free cloud support along with the camera.

The Go enjoys a waterproof design and so is a fine choice for rough outdoors, for sure. The built-in PIR sensor further makes it a better security solution for your surroundings.

Reolink Go PT Solar Camera

Reolink Go PT with the solar panel is another awesome solar security camera from the brand. This 1080p Full HD camera works on 4G LTE and 3G networks and it can offer an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan and a tiltability of 140°.

Of course, Go PT comes with a battery pack that you can charge with the included solar panel to run the camera at night. The camera can cover a larger area of your home, woods, garden, warehouse, and more.

The two-way audio facility lets you talk with the guest in front of the cam from anywhere in the world. Also, with the Reolink App, you can easily manage and control the pan-tilt features of the camera to keep an eye on your properties.

The Starlight Night Vision and wide viewing angles make Reolink GO PT one of the finest solar cameras. The powerful battery is quite enough to run the camera for long hours. You can easily fix the camera on your wall outdoors and start surveilling.

Soliom Solar Cameras

Soliom is one of the unique brands that offer a collection of versatile, standalone solar cameras. Its solar cameras are arguably true solar cameras as they feature built-in solar panels.

The brand has been an innovator of green-powered solar security solutions since 2016. The team has started to design solar cameras in replacement to the traditional cameras that require complicated wiring for installation and frequent charging.

Sporting highly efficient integrated solar panels, Soliom solar cameras are very cost-effective and easy-to-install units. You can simply screw it to the wall. That is all.

Soliom S60 Solar Camera


Soliom S60, a.k.a Soliom Bird S60, is an elegant wireless solar security camera in the form of a bird. The 1080p Full HD camera can ensure a field of vision of 160° and record H.264 video at 15fps. Thus, you can surveil your properties and home premises in high clarity.

As you see, Soliom S60 has a pretty larger solar panel. The built-in battery is a decently powerful 4000mAh unit that gets neatly charged by the solar panel in direct sunlight. And you can ideally mount it in your Wi-Fi range so that you get better connectivity.

The camera is able to grab night vision in an area of up to 30ft, thanks to its five layers of glass lens and quality LEDs. Meanwhile, the included motion sensor lets you quickly track any movements around your home and watch them on your phone anywhere.

The two-way audio facility is another attraction. It helps you speak directly to anybody in the camera’s range. The Soliom camera has a quality build as it is made of anti-corrosion materials. Its IP66 waterproof design makes it nice for use in any outdoor condition.

Soliom S90 Pro Solar Security Camera

It is another solar camera from Soliom. As you see, it is a more powerful solar security camera. Integrating three layers of big solar panels and a 12000mAh battery pack, it can run the camera for longer hours to surveil your premises and properties.

The solar panels are able to produce 500 to 1000ma current per hour, which is enough to fully charge its batteries in three to four days of bright sunlight. Of course, the camera is a quality one with several advanced features.

The Soliom security camera can record video at 1080p full HD quality and its five layers of glass lenses ensure fine night vision at a distance of up to 35 ft. That is a good range to cover most parts of your home if you have got multiple units of the camera.

By the way, the S90 sports three antennas for better and more stable Wi-Fi connectivity. Along with the Soliom + mobile app, you are capable of keeping an eye on your home and premises round the clock from across the world.

The built-in PIR sensor, two-way audio, and other modern features let you have complete surveillance of your spaces with the camera. It is easy to install the Soliom camera as you can just screw it to the wall or other surfaces.

Ring Solar Security Cameras

When it comes to solar cameras, Ring is another top brand that is basically known for its series of video doorbells and security cameras.

Ring’s solar surveillance cams are not direct solar solutions, but as in the case of Reolink, you get a universal solar panel that is compatible with a number of its Wi-Fi cameras.

Ring Stick Up Cam, Stick Up Cam Elite, and Spotlight Cam are some of the models you can run with solar panels. You need to buy the camera and PV panel separately to set up a solar camera. The brand also offers the units in bundles so that you can get them in a box.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Security Camera


Ring’s Stick Up is a versatile solar security camera. If you are looking at setting up non-stop protection for your home, the Ring product is an incredible choice.

It comes with all the advanced features, including the basically required motion-activated notifications and two-way audio.

Like all its innovative products, Ring Stick Up Cam works with Alexa.

Thus, you can simply control and manage the camera through voice commands. The Ring Protect feature is a nice way you can surveil everything you might have missed.

Ring Stick Up is a waterproof camera. So, you can fix it right anywhere outdoors and get access to the live video footage on your phone from anywhere in the world via the included Ring App.

EyeCube Solar Camera

EyeCube is a typical example of an advanced Wi-Fi solar security camera. It is a compact, ultra-portable 1080HD solar camera that you can install in various scenarios quite comfortably. Because of its small size, you can also carry it in your backpack and set it up right anywhere for surveillance.

Its maker has envisaged EyeCube as a solution to all the problems of a regular solar camera. As per its maker, it offers high-performance surveilling for both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile, it comes out to be a perfect solution for problems like low battery life, bad image quality, complex installation, and more.

Solar Wireless Camera from IMag

EyeCube is a versatile solar camera with impressive features.

The main attraction of the product is evidently its small and compact size. Its makers have successfully managed to shrink down a solar camera from big size to small apple size. That said, with EyeCube, you get one of the compact and ultra-portable solar cameras.

With this portability, it is obviously a cool camera that you can carry in your backpack and install anywhere quickly.

However, it highlights several impressive features, including its capability to absorb sunlight at 270 degrees, thanks to its integrated solar panels on the three sides of its squarish design.

EyeCube solar camera packs a 3000mAh built-in battery. It can power the camera for over three months without cable charging. It also features a PIR low power consumption mode that enables it to consume only 30mAh to 40mAh of power a day as it turns on only when there is a movement.


  • Compact All-In-One Wireless Solar Security Camera.
  • Ideal for Security Surveillance with 1080P HD Vision.
  • 3000mAh Powerful Built-in Battery Inside.
  • 270-Degree Solar Power Absorption.
  • Motion Detection with PIR Low Consumption Mode.
  • Built-In USB Phone Charging Option in an Emergency.
  • Mobile App to Manage the Solar Camera Remotely.

What is a Solar Security Camera

A solar wireless security camera is exactly like any regular wireless security camera. It features the same camera setting, but where it differs is that it draws power for operation from the sun. In other words, the included solar panels and batteries work together to run the cameras always.

Via its built-in Wi-Fi chip, you can connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi network. So, there is no need to put any wire or cable to set up the camera and make it run.

The only thing to maintain is to ensure the access of the camera to the sunlight and Wi-Fi range. That is all; you will be getting live footage of your premises on your screen anywhere.

Why Should You Buy Solar Security Cameras

There are many reasons why you should prefer solar-powered security cameras. A regular camera works on the power of your grid connectivity. That needs direct cabling, but a solar camera is obviously different. That has got either a built-in or a separate solar panel to recharge its internal battery. Below let us have a look at some notable reasons why you should buy a solar security camera.

1. Easy-to-Install and Move

Of course, a solar camera is very easy to install and use. Since it needs no messy cabling, you can just fix it anywhere. The only thing to ensure is that the solar panel part of the device receives sunlight. You don’t need the help of a technician to set up a solar camera. You can just screw it and control it entirely on your phone.

Usually, on the move, you would have to find a technician to unmount all your regular security cameras and wire them in your new place. With solar cameras, moving is a breeze. You don’t need any hard work when it comes to moving the camera from one place to the other. Everything is superbly simple.

2. 100% Wireless Camera

To fix a regular security camera, you need to cable from the control system to each camera. In the case of a solar camera, you need no cable or wire to set up the things. That is indeed a great advantage. If you live in a place with enough sunlight, solar cameras, therefore, come out to be great options for ensuring security.

3. Eco-Friendly Camera Solutions

Powered by solar panels, these security cameras are perfect eco-friendly solutions. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, it is always nice to go with the best wireless security cameras with solar panels.

How to Set Up Solar Security Cameras

As mentioned, setting up a solar camera is very easy. After unboxing, you can just screw the camera and the solar panel (in case you have both in separate pieces) on a wall or any other surface. And connect the cam with the panel using the included cable. In most cases, you will not have to do this as they come connected.

In the case of a standalone solar camera, it is somewhat easier. You just have to fix the device to the surface. That is all. You have done with the setup.

Next, download the included app or the software on your PC. Most solar-powered security cameras offer apps for both Android and iPhone platforms, as well as Mac and Windows systems.

Also, you need a live Wi-Fi network to connect the camera to the phone or computer. Well, pairing the same is possible in a breeze, as you know. You can just connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network and then go with the particular app to control the whole camera from anywhere, anytime.


Are Solar Powered Security Cameras Any Good?

A solar camera is the best for those who want to set up a camera in a remote spot. It may not always be practical to put cable or wire to a remote farmhouse, an outhouse, or a treehouse to set up a conventional security camera.

It is where a solar camera is a perfect security solution. Since they run on solar power, you don’t need power connectivity. It will also end up reducing the power bill, but you can still keep an eye on your remote properties and valuables.



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