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Soliom S600 Vs S800: Two Cool Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Cameras at a Glance – Specs Comparison

Soliom is a top-rated maker of solar-powered security cameras. The brand has on sale a wide range of solar cameras and we have two of its popular models here for a quick comparison.

In our take on Soliom S600 Vs S800 solar cameras, we would like to have a short glance at the key specs and features of the models and let you find the best for your needs at a quick glance.

A solar camera is like any regular Wi-Fi camera, but with a solar charging option. You can set up a solar camera in remote locations as it doesn’t require grid connectivity for power.

Thanks to the included or added solar panel, a solar camera with a battery can harvest power for operation from the sunlight. So, you get an amazing way to secure up your spaces and premises without the need for some wiring.

Both Soliom S600 and S800 are solar-chargeable security cameras, but the key difference is that the former sports a 9000mAh battery, while its elder sibling equips a more powerful 14400mAh battery pack. Stay tuned for more details below.

Soliom S600 at a Glance

Soliom S600 Solar Security Camera
  • Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera.
  • 9000mAh High-Capacity Replaceable Battery.
  • Full 1080P HD and Color Night Vision
  • Easy-to-Mount and Dismount Solar Camera. 
  • Pan Tilt – 320° Horizontally and 90° Vertically.
  • PIR Motion Detection Sensor.
  • Flexible Storage in 128GB Card of Soliom Cloud.
  • Two-Way Talk With Clear and Loud Audio.

Soliom S800 at a Glance

Soliom S800 Solar Camera
  • Powerful Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera.
  • 14400mAh High-Capacity Replaceable Battery.
  • Full 1080P HD and Spotlight Color Night Vision.
  • Easy-to-Mount and Dismount with a Hand Lock Bolt.
  • Pan Tilt – 355° Horizontally and 90° Vertically.
  • PIR Motion Detection Sensor.
  • Flexible Storage in 128GB Card of Soliom Cloud.
  • Two-Way Talk With Clear and Loud Audio.

Soliom S600 Vs S800 Comparison

The S800 and S600 are two of Soliom’s top-seller solar-chargeable security cameras. The former is the higher-end model with a more powerful battery and better tilt and pan options.

Featuring the brand’s special solar panel, you can charge its 14400mAh from the sunlight and give better surveillance for your surroundings from all security threats.

As it integrates a PIR motion sensor, it can detect the movements in your premises and record with great clarity, and store them in the included SD card or cloud storage.

The S600 is almost the same camera as its elder sibling, but, as you see, it integrates a less powerful battery – a 9000mAh unit. The camera’s specs and features are almost identical.

The S600 comes with a solar panel, whereas for the S800, you need to buy the compatible solar panel separately.

Both the Soliom security cameras are 1080p HD units and they feature color night vision. With multiple units of various LEDs, they can capture the visuals in incredible clarity.

Soliom S600 Vs S800 Price

The S600 is indeed the cheapest of the duo. Including the solar panel, it costs around $90 only, while the S800 camera itself costs $100. Added with the solar panel, it comes at around $140.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Soliom S600 Vs S800 solar cameras.

As one of the top suppliers of solar-powered cameras, Soliom is indeed a much more reliable brand. Both of its products are good-quality cameras with amazing recording and other features to let you secure your spaces from all security challenges.


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