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10 Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers to Listen to Your Favorite Music Off the Grid

Are you looking at buying a solar Bluetooth speaker? A solar speaker is indeed a great way for audiophiles to enjoy their favorite music off-the-grid on a camping trip or an outdoor party. Here, we have a list of the best solar Bluetooth speakers to let you find the best one easily.

A solar speaker is a simple device that is made of Bluetooth speakers, a battery, and solar cells. You can place the device anywhere by turning its solar face to the sun for charging the battery. That is how the included speaker gets the power to play music from your handset or any other source via Bluetooth.

Besides the musical feature, some Bluetooth speakers also integrate power bank capabilities.

Those models come with a bit more powerful batteries inside and the required solar panels to recharge them. Ultimately, you can use the additional power to juice up your handsets, GPS, or other devices in an emergency via a built-in USB port.

Solar Bluetooth speakers are typically rugged, solid, and waterproof systems to let adventure-loving users carry them along in rough outdoor situations. Stay tuned for our list of the best Bluetooth solar speakers below.

Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers

There are a lot of things to consider while buying a solar Bluetooth speaker.

It should first of all be a strong, durable, and waterproof device. As it is meant for use in rough outdoor conditions, it should be able to survive the situations with no trouble.

The market doesn’t actually have a huge variety of solar speakers.

But our team of researchers has curated this list after analyzing all the available models out there. Hopefully, the list will help you find the best one.

1. Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth Speaker

We would like to start the list with Goal Zero’s famous Rock Out 2 solar speaker. As you see, it is a classical-radio-style Bluetooth speaker with dual big-sound powerful speakers as well as a DarkBass chamber for an enhanced musical experience.

Goal Zero, an award-winning player in the portable solar market, has this product in multiple colors, and it is known for its quality build and amazing clarity in the sound.

The solar speaker equips a built-in 0.7W mono solar cell to charge its battery. Plus, it has got the facility to add an additional solar charger like the brand’s Nomad 7 for fast charging time.


Under the hood, Rock Out 2 integrates an 800mAh Li-ion battery pack. Meanwhile, besides solar, you can also charge it up from a USB outlet at a rather faster pace, of course.

Well, to make the speaker ideal for rough outdoor applications, its maker has made its outer shell with highly durable and weatherproof materials.

Its built-in solar panel can recharge it fully in eight hours of bright sun. Once fully charged, it can offer you playback of up to 10 hours. By the way, for an enhanced musical experience in the wild, you can chain it together with the other Goal Zero speakers.

The speaker has a size of 7 x 3.75 x 2.5 in and it weighs 450 gm.

Notable Features

  • Powerful Dual-Speaker Bluetooth Solar Speaker.
  • Highly Durable and Weatherproof Solution.
  • Powerful 800mAh Lithium Battery Under the Hood.
  • In-Built 0.7W Mono Solar Panel for Outdoor Charging.
  • Facility for Charging with an Additional Solar Panel. 

2. Alpine Solar Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Here comes the next pick on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers.

As you see, it is unique with its special design. The rock-style solar speaker (available in brown and grey) can superbly blend with your landscape. It sports a small solar panel on the top and a replaceable battery inside for powering up the speaker.

The speakers included are four full-range, high-intensity units. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity offers a range of up to fifty feet for a decent performance in the wild. It has a size of 1 x 9 x 13 inches and it weighs 7.21 lbs. Check out the link below to order a unit of the special speaker.

The Alpine speaker is obviously made for outdoor use. Hence, along with having an impressive portable, and lightweight profile, it has a completely weather-proof design so that you can use it in rough outdoor conditions with no worry, at all.

As you see, the speaker is special for its rock-style design.

Meanwhile, coming to specs, the included speakers are capable of providing high-fidelity audio quality. Once fully charged, its internal battery can offer an overall playback of up to 12 hours, and an on/off button makes you easily manage its operation.

Notable Speakers

  • Special Rock-Style Bluetooth Solar Speaker.
  • Rechargeable Battery with a 12-Hour Playback. 
  • Multiple High-Fidelity, Quality Speakers Inside. 
  • Weather-Resistant and Durable for the Outdoors. 
  • Available in Grey and Brown Shades. 

3. Reveal Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is another outstanding solar Bluetooth speaker. It is the world’s first 24/7 solar-powered wireless speaker. That is, once fully charged in seven hours under the sun, it can run for around 15 hours continuously. That gives you a chance to listen to your favorite music almost round the clock in the wild.

Along with being a speaker, it also doubles as a power bank to recharge your handset. That is, you can keep your phone charged while listening to music, thanks to its combination of USB and AUX ports. 

Reveal Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It is actually a feature-rich solar speaker. It has got nine NASA-grade solar cells on one side of its squarish form. On the other side, it has got its fine-performing speaker that can deliver an impressive 90 dB. Overall, you get a cool outdoor speaker with better sound and solar power.

Moreover, you can pair two units of the Reveal solar speakers together to amplify the audio power, making it an awesome piece of portable speaker for parties and events.

Its Bluetooth allows you to connect it up to three music sources at a time. Meanwhile, its echo-canceling, noise-free speakerphone feature helps attend calls easily and activate the included voice assistant apps quickly.

Notable Features

  • Smart and Innovative Bluetooth Solar Speaker.
  • 24/7 Solar-Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker.
  • Lightweight, Waterproof and Shockproof Design.

4. ION Audio Sound Stone 2 Solar Rock Speakers

ION Audio Solar Stone wireless speaker is another impressive solar Bluetooth speaker. Similar to the Alpine speaker, it highlights a rock-shaped design. That is how it could perfectly blend into an outdoor landscape. Yes, you may hardly notice this rock speaker in the wild!!

Coming to specs, it has a 5-in full-range speaker and an inbuilt amplifier under the hood. The result is it can bring pumped audio quality from your handset. Well, you can simply connect your phone as a media source to it via Bluetooth and enjoy an enhanced musical experience.

Moreover, ION Solar Stone is ideal for outdoor use, thanks to its rugged and waterproof profile. When it comes to power, it sports a 48-hour rechargeable 2000mAh battery that you can also charge from an AC outlet other than the integrated solar panel on the top.

Further, you can wirelessly connect a unit of the ION speaker with another one in a range of 30 in. That is how you can ensure amplified audio of your favorite music on your patio, backyard, and garden. The Solar Stone speaker has a size of 10.75 x 9 x 9 in and it weighs just 9.2 lbs.

Notable Features 

  • Stylish, Rock-Shaped Solar Bluetooth Speaker. 
  • 5-in Full-Range Speaker with a Powerful Amplifier.
  • Daisy Chainable for Enhanced Audio Quality. 
  • Realistic Rock Design to Blend Perfectly with Nature.
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery for a Long Playtime.  

5. Eecoxgear Sol Jam Solar Speaker

The next leading solar Bluetooth speaker on the market is Eecoxgear Sol Jam.

It is a very smart solar Bluetooth speaker with an IPX7 waterproof profile and a sturdy design. Its stereo speaker is capable of delivering good quality music. The cute and sleek device sports a 1.5W HD solar cell and an LED meter to ideally optimize the angle of the sun.

Well, the included solar panel can charge its in-built battery in three hours under a bright sun at the rate of 325mAh per hour. Once fully charged, its 2,600mAh battery can run the speaker for up to 12 hours continuously. Check out the product on the link below.


Thanks to its small and compact size, you can clip the little speaker to your bike, backpack, or camping tent and listen to your favorite music all the time around. More interestingly, you get an optional 1/4″ camera-style mount to easily mount it on various surfaces.

As it is made for the outdoors, the Eecoxgear Sol Jam highlights a strong build and waterproof profile. It has a size of 6 x 7 x 4 in and it weighs just 1.5 lbs. The stylish orange and black shade is also another attraction.

Notable Features 

  • Ultra-Portable and Compact Bluetooth Solar Speaker.
  • Built-in Solar Panel and 2,600mAh Battery Pack. 
  • Total Playtime of Up to 12 Hours on a Single Charge.
  • IPX7-Certified Waterproof and Durable Solar Speaker.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over Your Bike or Backpack.
  • Available in Stylish Blend of Black and Orage Colors. 

6. Westinghouse Intelligent Solar Speaker Lantern

It is a different product of the kind. As you see in the title, this is actually a nice combination of a solar speaker and an LED lantern. Thus, the ultra-portable and sleek device is fine for all your outdoor activities, camping life, backyard gatherings, and more.

Specs-wise, the Westinghouse product packs up a flickering LED flame candle and a 5-watt Bluetooth speaker in one device. It has got an elegant old-style lamp design and is a durable build of plastic and stainless steel. A solid ring handle helps you carry it anywhere easily.  

The battery inside is a single piece of a 2000mAh @ 3.7V lithium-ion unit. That is capable of offering you a playtime of up to 7 hours and lighting of up to 48 hours. Together they will work up to six hours on a single recharge. For recharging, it touts a smart solar technology.

You can easily connect the device to any of your handsets, tablet, or other audio sources via Bluetooth and enjoy unlimited music and lighting at the same time.

The Westinghouse device has a size of 7.09 x 7.09 x 9.84 inches and it weighs nearly 3 lbs.

Notable Features 

  • Brilliant Combination of a Solar Speaker and Lantern. 
  • 5W Bluetooth Speaker for Quality Music Outdoors.
  • Flickering LED Lantern for Lighting Up Your Spaces. 
  • Smart Solar Charging Technology for Unlimited Power. 
  • Decent Backup to Run the Light and Speaker for 6 Hours Together. 

7. Eton Rukus Xtreme Solar Powered Speaker

Next, on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers, we have a great product from Eton.

Called Rukus Xtreme, it is a dual sub-woofer wireless speaker that is powered by its built-in solar panel. This device can offer you a crystal clear musical experience, and it is an ideally rugged, drop-proof, and water-resistant speaker, for sure.

Specs-wise, Rukus Xtreme features a pair of full-range speakers and passive radiators for bass extension. Meanwhile, it packs a powerful 5300mAh rechargeable battery to store the power collected by the built-in 2.6W solar panel. Check out the product on the link below.

The Eton speaker features a rugged, IPX-4 splash-proof profile with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Also, it sports a 5V, 2.4A USB outlet to charge your USB-enabled devices in an emergency. That is what makes the device both a speaker and an emergency portable power bank.

Besides the solar option, you can also recharge it from an AC adapter at a faster pace, of course. But when you are outside for an adventure trip or an outdoor party, you can top it up with solar power and keep enjoying an unlimited musical experience with portable power.

Notable Features

  • Compact, Dual Sub-Woofer Solar Wireless Speaker.
  • 5300mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack. 
  • In-Built High-Efficiency 2.6-Watt Solar Panel.
  • Dual Full-Range Speakers With Passive Radiators.
  • Portable Power Bank with a 2.4A USB Outlet. 

8. Cossoft Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Here comes another lovely solar Bluetooth speaker. It equips a 5000mAh battery and a brilliant mono solar panel. The compact solar speaker has got a rugged and solid design so you can use it in rough outdoor conditions and listen to your favorite music for up to 50 hours.

Meanwhile, like some of the above models, it also can double as a portable solar charger. With a 2.1A USB outlet, you can plug in your phone or other USB devices to it for emergency power. That is, along with offering you quality music, it can charge your handset like a power bank.

Well, the Cossoft solar speaker features Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to link your handset and other devices to it. For the non-Bluetooth devices, it offers a 3.5mm aux input. The built-in microphone feature helps handle the calls to your phone wirelessly.

Inside, it equips a quality speaker with an advanced APT-X chip for enhanced audio quality. Meanwhile, the device is a perfect choice for outdoor use, thanks to its waterproof and drop-proof profile.

Notable Features

  • Compact and Rugged Solar Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Rich Bass Stereo Sound for Perfect Outdoor Experience. 
  • Highly-Efficient Mono Solar Panel Integrated. 
  • 5000mAh Battery for Emergency Portable Power.
  • Waterproof, Drop-Proof, and Handy Profile. 

9. Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Sound System

The next one on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers is a unique product from Eton.

Well, it is a special portable dock-featuring music station for your iPhones and iPods. It equips a pretty large and powerful mono solar panel and a rather big rechargeable battery, which can power up the speaker and charge the docked iPhone and iPod via its 30-pin dock connector.

Specs-wise, it is a high-tech portable speaker with eight drivers. They include two tweeters and as many woofers and four passive radiators. It can deliver 22-watt output with a bass boost to make your outdoor life exciting with your favorite music.  Check it out on the link below.

The Eton integrates an anti-glare tinted chamber for iPhone and iPod.

That has the docking connector on a swivel hinge so that you can easily dock any iPhone and iPod with their cases. Meanwhile, it has got a detachable gel-cushioned strap and a carrying handle to make it an ultra-portable system for outdoor use.

Eton Soulra XL takes five hours for a full charge under optimal lighting conditions. And it can offer as many hours of playback along with powering up the docked iPhone or iPod. Overall, it is a brilliant portable speaker to amplify the music from your iPhone or iPod.

Notable Features

  • Bluetooth Solar Speaker with Portable Dock Station. 
  • Portable Dock Music Station for iPhone and iPod.
  • Large Solar Panel and Powerful Battery Inside.
  • Eight Speaker Drivers and 22W Output with the Bass Boost.
  • Highly Portable and Perfect for Outdoor Use.

10. Zerolemon Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Here is the final pick on our list of the best solar Bluetooth speakers.

The Zerolemon is a big-sized speaker and it has also got a big battery. As a result, it is known as the solar speaker with the longest playtime on the market. It sports a 10000mAh li-polymer battery, which can offer you a whopping 72-hour or 1500-song playtime on a single recharge.

The Zerolemon also doubles as a power bank, thanks to its big battery. It carries dual USB ports so that you can use it to recharge two devices at a time in an emergency. Check out the stylish solar speaker on the link below.

The speaker incorporates a 10-watt speaker inside with stereo sound quality, thanks to its two high-performance drivers. With the superior bass sound and great performance, you can listen to your favorite music in a crystal clear audio quality with the device.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. So, you can ensure a stable connection of your phone or tablet to it. The red-and-grey toned speaker is made with quality materials and its solid and rugged design makes it a perfect choice for use in outdoor situations.

Notable Features

  • Portable Solar Speaker with the Longest Playtime.
  • 10000mAh Battery to Offer a Long 72-Hour Playtime.
  • Superior Bass Sound and High Performing Audio. 
  • Dual High-Performance Drivers with 10W Stereo Output. 


1. What Is a Solar Speaker?

A solar-powered speaker is like any regular Bluetooth speaker. The only difference is that it has got a solar panel to charge its internal battery.

Most solar speakers have their solar panels integrated into their cases. And so, you can easily manage them in the wild to enjoy unlimited music off-the-grid.

2. How Does a Solar Powered Speaker Work?

There is no rocket science behind the functioning of a solar speaker.

It collects solar power through the included solar panel and charges up the battery. The speakers run on the power to bring you quality music in the wild.

What to Consider While Buying a Solar Bluetooth Speaker?

There are, of course, a lot of things to consider while buying a solar Bluetooth speaker.

The compact and rugged profile is one important thing to have a look at. As they are meant for use in outdoor applications, they should beyond everything be strong, durable, and waterproof.

The other things include audio quality, build quality, and more.

Audio Quality

As a speaker, it should offer high-quality music. Some brands may compromise on quality to incorporate a seamless design and form factor. So, make sure to review the specs and customer feedback of the model you plan to buy to see if it meets the desired audio quality standards.

Build Quality

The next great thing is the build quality. Make sure you get a solar Bluetooth speaker with a waterproof and rugged profile. Mostly meant for outdoor applications, you may be using it to listen to music by the side of a water body or in the rain.

Also, you have to carry it along in your backpack or attaching it to your bike. So, only a speaker with a better build quality can withstand the possible rough outdoor applications, for sure.

Additional Features

It will be rather nice to get a Bluetooth speaker with some extra features like a USB charging option. As it will be your close companion on your trips and travels, it can help charge your handsets in an emergency.

A torchlight or lantern can be another additional stuff. Yes, if you get a solar speaker with a torch or light, you will no longer need to carry an extra light to light up your tent and trail.

Powerful Battery and Charging Options

An outdoor speaker, especially the one with a light or power bank, must come with a powerful battery. Moreover, it should have reliable charging options, as well. A high-capacity solar panel is a thing. Likewise, it should have other charging options like AC and USB ports.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of solar Bluetooth speakers. We have compiled the best of the best here so that you can identify your favorite model easily. Well, most of the solar Bluetooth speakers on the market are designed as ideal outdoor solutions.

They are all waterproof, rugged, and durable systems to work well in rough outdoor conditions.

Moreover, they are lightweight and handy systems, as well. You can easily attach some of the models to your bike or backpack to enjoy unlimited music on the go.

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