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Bluetti EP900+B500: The 9.9kWh/9kW Highly Modular Whole-House Battery Pack for Complete Home Power

Disclaimer: This article has been refreshed in May 2023 with the latest information.

Bluetti has teased its next big battery pack called the EP900+B500. It is a massive 9.9kWh-19.8kWh whole-house home battery, which the brand first unveiled at CES 2023.

Along with being a highly flexible storage system, the EP900 features a 9kW inverter that can deliver either 120V or 240V of output, which makes it perfect for high-wattage household appliances. You don’t need to tie two units together for a dual phase.

However, you can pair two units of the EP900 to get a power output as high as 18kW and simply max out the storage capacity with multiple units of the B500 extra batteries. So, you get a supercharged home battery from Bluetti for heavy-duty applications.

Order the Bluetti EP900+B500 Here

Teamed up with a pair of the B500 expansion batteries, the EP900 can offer you 9.9kWh of power at 9000 watts of output. Added with two more extra battery packs, it can be taken to 19.8kWh with the same inverter power.

Meanwhile, as you pair two EP900 power stations together, you can attach up to eight units of the B500s to the system and take the capacity up to a colossal 39.6kWh at 18000 watts of output.

Bluetti EP900+B500 Price and Release Date Update: Bluetti has unveiled the early bird price of the EP900 home battery pack. A bundle of EP900 with two B500 extra battery packs costs $9999, which, as per the brand, is a discounted ($2000 off) price for the first 100 bundles. The product will be available for sale on its website starting May 25, 2023.

Bluetti EP900+B500 at a Glance

  • 9.9kWh/19.8kWh Modular Home Battery Pack.
  • 9kW/18kW Max. Continuous Power Output.
  • 120V and 240V Power Output Options.
  • Ultra-Safe LFP Battery with a Smart BMS.
  • Smart Bluetti App for Easy Control.
  • IP65-Rated Rugged Aluminium Build.
  • High Solar Input with Dual MPPT Channels.
  • A Comprehensive 10-Year Warranty.

Order the Bluetti EP900+B500 Here

Bluetti EP900 Specs

Bluetti EP900 Price and Release Date

Price Update May 2023: One day ahead of its official release on its website, Bluetti has announced the price of the EP900+B500 home battery pack. The original price of the machine (a bundle of an EP900 and two B500s) is $11999. But for the first 100 buyers, it will be available at a discount of $2000 starting May 25, 2023.

Bluetti hasn’t said anything about how much its huge home battery pack will cost or when it will be available. The brand has just officially announced the product on its website and shared the basic specs and photos.

We are looking ahead to see the price and the release date of the EP900 home battery pack. Stay tuned with us for fresh updates.

The EP900 Alternatives and Other Models

In this part of the article, I would like to compare the new EP900 against its top alternatives and other models from Bluetti. We are already familiar with some other EP-series power stations from Bluetti.

See, for example, that we have the Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro, apart from its whole-house power station, the EP600, for the EU regions.

Here, let us see how the new EP900 is different from other models from Bluetti. Stay tuned.

Buetti EP900 Vs. Bluetti EP500 Series

The EP500 is a series of home-friendly, portable power stations from Bluetti. It is available in two variants: the EP500 and the EP500 Pro.

Both are 5100Wh power stations, with the former having a 2000W inverter and the latter having a 3000W inverter. Besides the difference in power output, the devices have different solar and AC charging capacities.

The EP500 is a basic model with a 600W AC and 1200W Max solar or a T500 input, whereas the pro version offers massive charging performance at 3000 watts on AC and 2400 watts on solar (12-150VDC,12Ax2) or a T500 input.

The EP500 Pro

The EP500

Bluetti EP500 Pro Solar Power Station


Bluetti EP500 Solar Power Station


  • 5100Wh Large LFP Battery Pack.
  • Portable and Home-Friendly. Design.
  • 3000W Inverter (6000W Surge) 
  • 3000W AC and 2400W Solar Inputs.
  • 5100Wh Large LFP Battery Pack.
  • Portable and Home-Friendly. Design.
  • 2000W Inverter (4000W Surge) 
  • 600W AC and 1200W Solar Inputs.

The new EP900, in the meantime, is a full-fledged home backup system. When the EP500 has a portable design with moving wheels and carrying handles, the EP500 is only made for home or stationary applications.

It is also a highly modular battery pack, which you can take to new levels of storage capacity using the brand’s B500 extra battery packs. Notably, you can’t easily move an EP900, while moving the EP500 is a breeze, even if it is a heavy-weight power pack.

Bluetti EP900 Vs. EP600

The EP600 is the brand’s whole-house home backup system for the EU and Australia. It is exactly the same as the EP900 but has a different inverter power, i.e., 6000 watts.

Moreover, you can expand the EP500 up to a huge 79.3kWh using the B500 expandable batteries.

With the EP600, you can set up a highly reliable home backup system in your home with a whopping capacity for up to 6000 watts of 3-phase devices.

Check out our detailed take on the EP600 here

Bluetti EP600+B500 At a Glance

Bluetti EP600+B500 Home Power Station


Buy it In Germany Buy It in Italy Buy It In France
  • 9.9kWh to 79.3kWh Modular Home Battery Pack.
  • 6000W Inverter Output. 
  • 6000W Solar Input.
  • Reliable 24/7 UPS for Quick Switchover.
  • Warranty for 10 Years.

Bluetti EP900 Vs. Zendure Vs. EcoFlow

When it comes to alternatives, the Bluetti EP900 has the most competition from two products: the Zendure SuperBase V series and the EcoFlow Power Kits.

Though not as powerful and heavy as the EP900, the Zendure Superbase is a 6.4kWh, huge, home-friendly, portable power pack with an expandability of up to 64kWh, and it comes with an inverter of 3800 watts and a surge of 7000 watts.

The system offers you a lot of flexibility in setting up different power systems for your off-grid and home power needs. It offers a solar input of up to 3000 watts and an AC input of 3600 watts.

The EcoFlow Power Kits is a series of home- and RV-friendly off-grid power kits.

The series is available in multiple customized bundles that start with 2kWh and a total output of 4600 watts (3600W AC and 1000W DC). It can be expanded up to 15kWh using the brand’s special LFP battery packs. This looks more like an off-grid power kit than a huge home backup system different from the EP900.

Bluetti EP900 vs. Bluetti AC500

Bluetti EP900 Vs AC500

The EP900, as you can see, is a complete, whole-house power pack, while the AC500 is a portable but 100% modular power station from Bluetti.

The former can deliver an output of up to 9000 watts maximum, whereas the latter is a 5000W power station that can be cranked up to a massive storage capacity of up to 18,432Wh using multiple units of the B300S extra battery packs.

When it comes to charging options, the EP900 has a clear advantage over the AC500, with a huge solar input of 9000 watts and an AC input of 9000 watts. It occurs when the AC500 has an AC input of 5000 watts and a solar input of 3000 watts.

Moreover, the whole-house Bluetti battery has a warranty of 10 years, while the AC500 has only four years.

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