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EcoFlow Power Kits Vs Zendure SuperBase V Vs Bluetti EP500: Modular Solar Off-Grid and Home Backup Systems

EcoFlow Power Kits are a lineup of highly modular solar off-grid power systems. Starting with a 2kWh base variant, the Power Kits are available in many variants with a maximum capacity of 15kWh. EcoFlow has packed up all the required components in the kits, which you can quickly set up in your RV and off-grid builds for unlimited off-grid power.

The Zendure SuperBase V 6400 is a plug-and-play home energy system that you can connect to your existing solar arrays and store power of up to a colossal 64kWh. The minimum capacity of the system is 6.4kWh as it integrates the battery inside. It is ideal for home backups, while EcoFlow Power Kits are ideal for off-grid builds and RVs.

Bluetti EP500 is the next big solar-based home backup system. It is more of a competitor to Zendure SuperBase V with a total storage capacity of up to 79kWh. Though the base unit has no built-in battery, the smallest bundle will have a storage capacity of 9kWh. This product is only meant for 220-240V regions, such as the UK, Europe, and Australia, though.

Here, in our article on EcoFlow Power Kits Vs Zendure SuperBase V Vs Bluetti EP500, we would like to have a detailed look at these heavy-duty machines for home and off-grid backups. Stay tuned for all the latest updates, prices, availability, and release date details of the massive power backup systems.

Zendure SuperBase V Release Update: Zendure unveiled its massive solar home battery solution on Kickstarter. The semi-solid-state battery pack is available with a lighter LiFePO4 variant. It is currently available on the brand’s website at the link below.  


EcoFlow Power Kits at a Glance

EcoFlow Power Kits on Sale

Buy in the UK Buy in EU Buy in Canada  Buy in Germany Buy in France 
  • 2kWh/15kWh Power Kits for Off-Grid Builds and RVs. 
  • 4600W Power Output – 3600W AC and 1000W DC Output.
  • All-in-One Power Hub with Multiple Input and Output Ports.
  • Chargeable with Solar Output of Up to 4800 Watts.
  • DC-DC Charger for an Alternator or EcoFlow Smart Generator.
  • Stackable LiFePO4 Batteries to Save Space – Horizontally or Vertically. 
  • Smart Distribution Panel for RV and Off-Grid Cabin.
  • Power Kit Console Control Center with a 7-in Display.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity with Power Hub.
  • 100W and 400W Rigid and Flexible Solar Panels. 

Zendure SuperBase V 6400 at a Glance



  • Massive Plug-and-Play Home Backup System. 
  • 6.4kWh to 64kWh Huge Storage Capacity.
  • 3800W to 7600W AC Power – 120V/240V.
  • Industry-First Semi-Solid State Battery Packs. 
  • Six AC Sockets, USB-C, 2 USB-A, and Car Sockets.
  • Maximum 6.6kWh Recharging in One Hour.
  • One Unit 120V/240V Dual Voltage Output.
  • Online UPS with No More Downtime.
  • Fastest 6600W Dual Charging Power Station.
  • Huge 3000W Solar MPPT Input. 
  • Motorized Wheels for Easy Moving. 

Bluetti EP500+B500 at a Glance

Bluetti EP600+B500 Home Power Station
  • 9.92kWh to 79.36Wh Modular Home Backup System. 
  • 6000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • 6000W Highly Efficient MPPT Solar Input.
  • Reliable 24/7 UPS for Smooth Switchover.
  • Unique BMS for Better Safety and Long Lifespan.
  • Bluetti App for Full and Easy Control.



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