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EcoFlow River Pro 2 Release Date and Price: EcoFlow Starts Selling the Flagship Variant of the River 2 Series

Months after the official unveiling of its River 2 series, EcoFlow started selling the River Pro 2 top-end variant of the series on April 3, 2023. The retail price of the device is $599, and we are looking for the best release-day deals to update here.

As you may know, River Pro 2 is the higher-end variant of the new series of the LiFePO4-based River compact power stations and it comes with a 768Wh battery pack and an 800W AC socket that can surge at 1600 watts.

The EcoFlow River 2 Pro is already listed on the brand’s website but is marked as out of stock. As of now, it seems that the brand is looking to launch the much-awaited big-size River Pro 2 power station in early 2023, but an official confirmation is yet to emerge.

Update April 3, 2023: The EcoFlow River 2 Pro is now on sale at a price of $599. The much-awaited flagship variant of the River 2 series was officially released late last year. Order the product here. 

Update February 15, 2023: EcoFlow unveiled the much-awaited River 2 Pro in the UK and Europe and it is available alone and in bundles with its 220W solar panel.

Buy River 2 Pro in the EU and River 2 Pro in the UK here.

There is still no official update on the arrival of the EcoFlow River 2 Pro in the USA.

Contrary to the prevailing rumors, the device didn’t hit the market for Valentine’s Day 2023. Maybe, EcoFlow will be looking to launch it sometime in May or June 2023.

EcoFlow started to sell the entry-level variants of the new River 2 series – River 2 and River 2 Max – in early November 2022, and they were both on the list of the brand’s Black Friday and Holiday deals with impressive prices.

EcoFlow River 2 Pro at a Glance

EcoFlow River 2 Pro BUY IT HERE
  • 768Wh LiFePO4 Power Station.
  • 800W/1600W X-Boost AC Inverter. 
  • 940W AC Input for Charging in 60 Minutes.
  • 220W Solar Input Fast Charging.

In this article on EcoFlow River 2 Pro, I would like to update you with all the latest details about its release date. The specs and price of the machines are already public as the product is listed on its website. Stay tuned for the latest River Pro details here.

EcoFlow River 2 Pro. Vs River 2 Vs. River 2 Max

Simply said, the River 2 Pro is the top ender of the River 2 series.

It has got a high-capacity battery pack and a bigger inverter. However, unlike the first-gen lithium River Pro, you can’t expand the battery capacity of River Pro 2 or any River 2 models.

Though it is very disappointing, the River 2 Pro is a high-capacity compact power station with a 768Wh LFP battery pack and an 800W inverter that can offer a peak power of 1600 watts.

Therefore, you will be able to run most of the essential outdoor appliances and gadgets with the new River 2 Pro, which has a compact size of 270 x 260 x 226mm and a weight of around 18 lbs.

Check out the specs of River 2 Pro in detail below along with the specs of its siblings.

EcoFlow River 2

EcoFlow River 2 BUY IT HERE
  • 256Wh LiFePO4 Power Station.
  • 300W/600W X-Boost AC Output.
  • 360W AC Input for Charging in 60 Minutes.
  • 110W Solar Input Fast Charging.

EcoFlow River 2 Max

EcoFlow River 2 Max BUY IT HERE
  • 512Wh LiFePO4 Power Station.
  • 500W/1000W X-Boost AC Output.
  • 660W AC Input for Charging in 60 Minutes.
  • 220W Solar Input Fast Charging.

EcoFlow River 2 Pro Vs. EcoFlow River Pro

Are you excited to see how the new River 2 Pro is different from its predecessor?

The most important factor, as you know already, is that the new model has a LiFePO4 battery pack, unlike the former’s lithium battery.

When it comes to detailed specs, the River 2 Pro is a 768Wh battery with an 800W inverter, while its original model is a 720Wh lithium power station with a 600W inverter that can surge at 1200 watts.

So, in a nutshell, you get a compact battery pack with a slightly higher capacity and a bigger inverter, apart from the fact that it has a long-lasting and extremely safe LFP battery under the hood.

There are more cool upgrades in terms of charging speeds from both solar and AC sources, as the new River Pro 2 comes with 940W AC and 220W solar charging inputs, replacing its predecessor’s 660W AC and 200W solar charging inputs.

But on the flip side, the new River 2 Pro doesn’t have an option for expansion. Unlike its predecessor, you can’t max out its capacity with add-on battery packs.

If you are looking to buy a River Pro original, check it out here @ River Pro Original

EcoFlow River 2 Pro Vs. Bluetti EB70S

The River 2 Pro’s closest competitor in the Bluetti product portfolio is the EB70S.

The EB70S, as you may know, is a 716Wh LFP power station with an inverter of 800 watts. That is how it becomes a great buy for a person who is looking for an alternative to the River 2 Pro.

Though similar in battery capacity and output, the River 2 Pro has a clear edge over the Bluetti model with its faster charging speeds – both solar and AC sources.

The Bluetti has an AC input of 200 watts and a solar input of the same wattage, whereas the River 2 Pro outperforms it with 940W AC and 220W solar inputs.

Both the battery packs have four units of AC outlets, with the EcoFlow having a surge capacity of 1600 watts compared to the Bluetti’s 1400 watts.

The devices are also competitive in terms of other charging options, size, weight, and so on.

Finally, when it comes to the price, the River 2 Pro is priced $30 higher than the Bluetti’s without any discounts. As long as the new EcoFlow has just been released, you can surely find a cool deal.

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