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EVSolarKits Portable EV Solar Charging Kit to Charge Your EVs Anywhere

There is a piece of happy news for the range anxious EV owners. A start-up called EVSolarKits is to launch a portable EV solar charging kit to put an end to range anxiety. The product can offer 150 miles of additional range over a couple of days.

The portable EV kit is a combination of an extendable solar panel system, a rooftop solar array, and a top-notch battery pack. You can store the extendable solar array in the trunk when not in use.

The product is in the engineering phase and the start-up is to launch it on Indiegogo. It has already shown up in the section of upcoming projects on the crowdfunding platform.

As per the brand, the solar charging kit can provide you with up to 60 miles of extra range a day.

As per studies, an average American travels 30 miles a day. That said, with the EVSolarKits portable solar charging kit, you will be able to travel for a full day with one day’s sunlight.

EVSolarKits Portable EV Solar Charging Kit

Coming to the specs, it is a 2000W solar array and the included battery pack is a 6kW unit. These specs are quite enough to make your EVs better cars for travels from the sunlight.

You can install the EVSolarKits portable EV solar charging kit in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars without violating the carmaker’s warranty.

The co-founder of the start-up Steele Wasik says that it is an ideal solution for the pain points like “range anxiety or lifestyle aversion.”

The solar kit is to carry a price tag of around $5,000 and the brand has not yet revealed when it will be available for pre-order. It has requested users to subscribe to their feed for updates.

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