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Mango Power E Solar Generator: A Powerful and Reliable Companion for Your RV, Camping, and Outdoor Life

Having a reliable solution for power on your camping, RVing or outing trips can significantly enhance your experience outdoors. There are indeed many ways to ensure portable power on your trips, but a solar-based battery pack is one of the coolest and most sustainable options.

Getting a gas-powered generator can be easier and cheaper, but it is not widely recommended as a great buy for many reasons. Most importantly, it is a noisy and smoky setup, and that can completely ruin the tranquil and serene outdoor ambiance you are in for your recreational trip.

Next, as you can know, a gasoline generator affects nature very badly as long as it emits greenhouse gases. It is here that a solar-based backup system can stylishly replace a gas generator, even though its operation is largely dependent on the availability of sunlight in your locality.

When it comes to finding a solar generator, there are many options for you to choose from. Here, I would like to recommend to you one interesting model from the brand Mango Power. Called the Mango Power E, it is a big-size 3.5 kWh battery pack with a portable and modular profile.

An Overview of the Mango Power E Solar Generator

The Mango Power E is actually a two-in-one solar generator. That is, along with being an outstanding portable battery pack, it also acts like a perfect home backup system thanks to its modular profile.

The base model of the machine is a 3.5 kWh LiFePO4 battery pack with a 3000W inverter, and you can expand it up to a massive size of 14 kWh to convert it into a home battery with a 6000W inverter for power during blackouts.

The Mango Power E becomes an ideal power backup system for your RV or outing events as it touts a cart-like design with sturdy wheels and a heavy-duty collapsible handle.

That means you can easily move the large battery pack on your travels, RV trips, and outing events. Moving it along on the road or rough terrain in the wild won’t be a tough job for a user.

Added to its portability and compactness, it has a solar charging port of 2000 watts.

Hence, if you can connect it to a solar output of up to 2000 watts, you will be able to recharge it fully from the green energy source.

Mango Power E for Home Backup Power

  • 3.53kWh/3000W Portable Battery.
  • Expandable Up to 14kWh/6000W.
  • Ultra-Safe LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
  • Fast AC Charging Up to 80% in an Hour.
  • Fast Solar Charging at 2000 Watts. 
  • 240V Split-Phase Facility for Home Use. 
  • Four AC Sockets and an AC TT-30P Socket.
  • Multiple AC, USB, and DC Sockets.
  • 200W Four-Fold Mono Solar Panels.
  • Mango Power App for Remote Control.
Buy Mango Power E on the Mango Power Website (paid link)

The Main Features of Mango Power E

3.5kWh Capacity and 3kW Output: A standalone unit of the Mango Power E is a 3.5 kWh battery, and it packs a 3000-watt inverter.

It is enough to smoothly run most of your outdoor appliances like ovens, coolers, fans, portable air conditioners, electric stoves, hair dryers, coffee makers, power tools, TVs, and more.

7kWh Capacity 3kW Output: Coupled with a unit of the brand’s 3.5 kWh extra battery pack, it is a 7 kWh power station with the same inverter power. This will help you take the capacity of the battery to the next level so that you can run bigger appliances for a longer period of time.

14kWh Capacity 6kW Output: This is the ultimate power and storage that the device can offer you. By linking two sets of the Mango Power E power stations with an mSocket Pro accessory, you get a massive home backup station. That has a storage capacity of 14 kWh and a 6000W inverter.

240V Split-Phase for Bigger Appliances: As you pair two units of the Mango Power E, you get a high-powered split-phase generator that can deliver an output of 240 volts to make you smoothly run heavy-duty home appliances like heaters, pumps, dryers, and more.

Multiple Charging Outlets: Of course, the huge power station comes with a large number of charging outlets, which notably include four AC sockets and one RV port. Moreover, the machine integrates multiple USA-A, USB-C, and DC sockets, including a carport.

Multiple Ways for Charging: The Mango Power battery can be charged via multiple options.

For charging from solar panels, as you already know, it has a 2000-watt input, while for grid charging, it features a 3300-watt input. You can also charge it from a gas generator at 3000 watts and an EV station at 3300 watts. Carport charging is also possible.

The Benefits of Using Mango Power E

With a fully charged Mango Power E on your outing trip, you will be really lucky to have quite enough power to run all your essential appliances and devices. The 3000W inverter can smoothly run most of your outdoor appliances, as said above. The included battery pack inside the base unit is so large that it can power up your life outdoors for a few days.

Added to that, you can carry some solar panels to top up the battery pack on the go. The brand’s 200-watt folding solar charger is highly travel-friendly with its lightweight and compact design.

Overall, you can make it into the wild on an exploration trip with no worry, as you are lucky to have a huge amount of power ready for use.

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