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The Mango Power E Solar Generator: The Perfect Portable Energy Solution for Outdoor and Household Power Needs

The solar power station market is growing fast globally. Many brands have joined the bandwagon with a good collection of power stations that are good for home as well as outdoor applications. Well, the main advantage of the new-generation power stations is that you can recharge them with solar panels.

As per studies, one out of every seven US households will have solar panels on their rooftops as of 2030. So, coupled with a decent-capacity solar power station, you can make the most of the sunlight to meet your power needs both indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking to buy a solar power station, Mango Power is one of the coolest brands to go with. Being a top provider of sustainable energy systems, Mango Power offers some outstanding power stations. In this article, I would like to take a look at its much-touted Mango Power E power station, which is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mango Power E Solar Generator – Key Features

The Mango Power E is one of the cutting-edge solar power stations that Mango Power has designed.

The best part is that the 3533 Wh LiFePO4 modular battery can be charged with a solar input of up to 2000 watts, and you can use the huge battery to smoothly run your essential household and outdoor appliances and devices.

Even if it is a massive battery pack, you can carry it on your trips and enjoy seamless portable power outdoors, apart from its possibility of being deployed as a reliable home backup system thanks to its expandability with additional battery packs.

Mango Power E for Home Backup Power

  • 3.53kWh/3000W Solar Power Station. 
  • Scalable Up to 14kWh/6000W.
  • Ultra-Safe LiFePO4 Battery Cells.
  • Quick AC Charging Up to 80% in an Hour.
  • Fast Solar Charging at 2000 Watts. 
  • 240V Split-Phase Generator for Home Use. 
  • Four AC Sockets and an AC TT-30P Socket.
  • Multiple USB and DC Sockets.
  • 200W Four-Fold Mono Solar Panels.
  • Mango Power App for Remote Control.
Buy Mango Power E on the Mango Power Website (paid link)

By pairing with the brand’s 200-watt solar panels, the Mango Power E can be charged fully from the sunlight in the wild. It gives you clean and green energy to power your life outdoors.

The Mango Power solar panel is made with high-quality ETFE solar cell lamination to ensure better output compared to conventional panels.

By the way, thanks to its 3.5 kWh capacity and scalability of up to 14k Wh using the brand’s additional battery packs, you can ideally use it as a home power backup system, and connect it to your home’s existing solar panels to ensure unlimited green power.

Why Mango Power E Is Special?

Modular and Easily Customizable Power Station

First of all, the Mango Power E is a modular power station that you can customize for various uses.

With the base unit alone, you can use it as an ideal portable power station.

For that, it comes with a collapsible handle and dragging wheels, and beyond that, its stylish boxy design makes it rather cool for moving on the go.

At the same time, you can expand the 3.5 kWh (3000W) machine with additional battery packs, as you already know. With a single unit of the brand’s extra battery, it can be cranked up to 7.06 kWh at 3000 watts.

Meanwhile, by pairing two of the base units together, you can achieve 6000 watts of output and 7 kWh of storage capacity. By adding one extra battery pack to each, you get a massive output of 6000 watts with a capacity of 14 kWh.

Mango Power E Options

240V Split-Phase for Bigger Appliances

The Mango Power E supports 240V split-phase to let you run heavy-duty machines at home.

You can achieve that by connecting it to the mSocket Pro accessory to make it a high-capacity split-phase generator for home or other large-scale power use. Thus, you can easily run power-hungry appliances like dryers, heaters, air conditioners, and more.

Long-Life and Ultra-Safe Battery Cells

You get the Mango Power battery with high-quality LFP cells from the famous battery maker CATL.

This is exactly the same battery architecture that you can see in new-generation electric vehicles.

The key attraction of the battery, compared to the old-generation architectures, is that it can ensure longer life and ultra-safety for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Faster Charging from Multiple Sources

Like all similar power stations, you can charge the Mango Power E from an array of sources, with the AC socket and solar sources offering faster charging rates.

Well, you can charge it at a rate of 2000 watts from solar panels. As already said above, the brand has its own 200-watt folding solar panels for the power station.

Charging it from a wall socket is also quite fast. You can fill it up to 80% in just one hour and to 100% in 1.5 hours. It can also be charged from other sources, like an EV charging station and even a regular gas generator.

How to Connect 200W Solar Panels with Mango Power E?

Though Mango Power E can take up to 2000 watts of power from solar panels, you need to buy at least two 200-watt panels to optimally enjoy the experience of solar charging.

The brand’s 200-watt folding solar panels come neatly folded in an easy-to-use bag, and you can set up the panels on their kickstands while using them.

You can use the included solar panel cable to connect Mango Power E to the panels.

It can be easily connected to the power station’s built-in solar charging ports to get started with solar charging. Make sure you place the panels at an angle where you get enough sunlight to make them produce sufficient power to charge the battery pack.

Mango Power E – Applications and Reviews

I think the main attraction of the Mango Power E is its usability as both a portable and household power backup system. With as many as 16 different charging ports, inclusive of four AC sockets and an RV port, it can fully power and enhance your outdoor life, including RV and camping experiences.

At the same time, with its expandability of up to 14 kWh of storage and 6000W of output, you can set up the machine at home as an emergency backup. Thanks to a solar charging input of up to 2000 watts, you can keep it fully charged from the green power source.

A lot of users have shared their experiences with the Mango Power E. Most of its customers are really excited about its ability to be used as an ultimate power source for both indoor and outdoor life.

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