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Mango Power E: A 3.5kWh/14kWh Expandable Solar Home Backup System Vs Bluetti AC500 and EcoFlow Delta Pro

Mango Power, the innovator of the world’s first integrated home and portable battery pack Mango Power Union, has launched a highly expandable power backup system exclusively for home use. Called Mango Power E, the 3.5kWh/14kWh power station will be taking on Bluetti AC500 and EcoFlow Delta Pro in the portable home solar power market.

The Mango Power E is primarily a 3.5kWh portable power station with a 3kW power inverter. Though a modular home backup system, a standalone of the Mango Power is highly portable, thanks to its cart-like design and sturdy wheels for dragging on various turfs on your camping or road trips.

You can take Mango Power E to the next level with the use of its extra battery. By attaching it to a single unit of the supplementary battery, you can lift its capacity to 7kWh with the same inverter power.

In the next step, you can pair two expanded units of Mango Power Es to achieve a maximum of 14kWh with 6kW inverter power at 240V. This is a full-fledged home backup bundle that you can connect to your home circuit and is obviously a cool alternative to Bluetti EP500 and EcoFlow Delta Pro.

Update: Mango Power E Black Friday Deals: $600 on Mango Power E (from 24th to 30th) @ $3099 buy on Amazon and Mango Power website here. Check out the Mango Power 200W Solar Panel here.

Mango Power E at a Glance

Mango Power E Features at a Glance


  • 14kWh/6000W Modular Home Solar Backup System.
  • Ultra-Safe LiFePO4 Battery Cells by CATL.
  • Super Fast Charging Up to 80% in an Hour.
  • 240V Split-Phase for Heavy-Duty Appliances.
  • 3300W Solar and AC Charging Options.
  • 3300W Gas Generator and EV Station Charging.
  • Four AC Sockets and One AC TT-30P Socket.
  • Six USB-A 27W and Dual USB-C 65W/100W Ports.
  • Dedicated Mango Power App for Monitoring.

Mango Power E Home Backup System

Mango Power E Home Solar Application

Mango Power E Outlets and Inputs

Mango Power E Charging Outlets

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