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Runhood Rallye 1200 Modular Power Station: 1200W Modular Solar Generator with 648Wh+Expandable (Swappable) Capacity

The market is indeed rich with different types of modular solar power stations. The Rallye 1200 from Runhood is a brilliant product of its kind. Taking advantage of its famous EB324 (324Wh) modular energy bars, Runhood has designed a brand new power station – the Runhood Rallye 1200.

As its name suggests, it is a 1200W power station that you can expand seamlessly using the brand’s well-known energy bars, which you can obviously recharge independently from solar panels or other sources, giving you the option to keep some spare units for virtually unlimited power on the go.

The swappable power station features as many as nine charging ports, and it definitely highlights an extremely portable and compact design for users to easily carry along on their trips and travels.

In short, with its attributes of portability, expandability, and durability, you get one of the coolest mid-size modular power stations.

Pre-Order Runhood Rallye 1200 Here

Runhood has launched it on Kickstarter, where it starts at $499 without the battery bars. With a pair of battery bars, the Rallye 1200 is on sale for around $900, and this package also includes a 100W solar panel and a game-changer SC200 solar adapter for independently charging the battery bars.

The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in August 2023.

Runhood Rallye 1200 at a Glance

Runhood Rallye 1200 Specs

  • Reinvented Swappable Modular Power Station.
  • 648Wh+ Expandable with Swappable Battery Bars.
  • Independently Chargeable Battery Bars.
  • 1200W/2400W Power Output with Three AC Sockets.
  • Up to Nine Charging Ports for Your Devices.
  • Two 100W PD and QC 3.0 28W Ports.
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Pre-Order Runhood Rallye 1200 Here

Runhood Rallye 1200 Overview

The main attraction of the Runhood power station is indeed its flexible modular design.

With a pair of swappable battery bars, you get a total capacity of 648Wh, which you can double if you have another pair of battery bars as spare units.

As long as independent charging of the battery bars is possible, you can enjoy having a go-to volume of additional battery capacity to power up your life off the grid or on a camping or outing trip.

The swapping of battery bars is very simple.

You can just replace the battery packs in no time as the loaded ones in the ‘host engine’ start to run out of power and charge the removed ones from either a solar source or a car charger.

The brand’s SC200 solar charger adapter is required to charge the battery bars from solar panels.

By the way, you can charge the Runhood Rallye 1200 from AC, solar, and carport inputs. AC charging is possible at a rate of 400 watts, while solar charging is at 200 watts. It is when a 12V or 24V 10A DC port can be used for charging it in your vehicle.

The Rallye 1200 is a highly compact and lightweight power station. The host engine weighs just around 5kg and it has a very handy design with a strong carrying handle, while a single unit of the battery bar weighs only 1.7kg. Altogether, you can easily carry the power station with the two battery bars.

Runhood Rallye 1200 Price and Release Date

Runhood is currently seeking crowdfunding support for the product on Kickstarter, and the brand plans to start shipping the device to users in August 2023.

When it comes to price, you get the Rallye alone for around $500, and inclusive of a pair of battery bars, it costs around $900. The brand also offers the solar adapter and a 100W solar panel in the bundles with the Rallye power station.

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