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SunPower Vs Sunrun: Two Incredible Options for Reliable Residential Solar Power Systems

Are you looking to get your home or worksite powered with solar? It is indeed high time everybody should go solar as the solar industry has grown to be much more practical and reliable for green energy. Here, we have two top residential installers of solar power systems in the USA; SunPower and Sunrun.

In our take on SunPower Vs Sunrun, we would like to have a detailed look at their services, solar panels, batteries, warranty terms, packages, cost, and much more, and, therefore, you can have a clear insight into their services before throwing in your hard-earned money.

Of course, SunPower and Sunrun two are two outstanding brands with unrivaled experience in installing and maintaining residential solar systems. Stay tuned for our take on everything to know about the great players in the market to let you go green with better services and quality components.

SunPower Vs Sunrun

There are so many companies in the segment of solar installation services for homes, apartments, and other residential spaces. We have two of the biggest players for a detailed comparison here.

SunPower, since its establishment in 1985, has been a top manufacturer of solar panels. As of now, the production part of the business is handled by Maxeon Solar Technologies, and SunPower focuses on installation services across the world, most prominently in the USA.

SunPower at a Glance Sunrun at a Glance
SunPower Home Solar Power System


Sunrun home solar power system



  • Manufacturer of High-Efficiency PV Panels.
  • Much-Touted Solar Efficiency Advantage.
  • 415W @ 22.3% Solar Efficiency.
  • 25-Years Output Warranty.
  • MySunPower Mobile App.
  • $0 Down and Flexible Financing.


  • SunPower Products Only. 
  • Expensive Solar Panels.


  • Leasing and Renting Home Solar Brand.
  • Third-Party Solar Panels. 
  • No Clear Efficiency and Cost Advantage.
  • 0% Down, 100% Peace of Mind. 
  • Custom Designs and Personalized Service.
  • Bumper-to-Bumper Solar Warranty. 


  • Solar Panels and Batteries Vary by State.
  • No Much Product Detailing Online.

Next, we have Sunrun, another big player in the USA home solar market, but the brand runs the business differently as it offers Solar-As-a-Service with more focus on the home solar leasing market. Yes, unlike SunPower, Sunrun doesn’t mostly sell solar panels but rents out them to homeowners for a monthly fee.

As per Sunrun’s 2021 presentation data to the investors, almost 90% of its customers are renters of solar systems. The brand was basically a solar financier, and it made its foray into the installation segment after acquiring installers such as REC Solar and Vivint over the years.

Installation Plans and Services

Both SunPower and Sunrun offer cool solutions for home solar power. SunPower features exciting home solar plans for different types of customers like homeowners, builders, and dealers with its best-in-class digital solutions that make homeowners design their own solar systems.

The brand’s SunPower Equinox + SunVault Storage is a cutting-edge, all-in-one home solar system. The full components of the complete home solar system are made by SunPower, unlike other brands that mostly rely on third-party OEMs for components.

SunPower Features

SunPower guarantees 55% more energy production for ideal power bill savings, a highly durable system for peace of mind, and an industry-leading 25-year complete warranty on the system.

It is when Sunrun, as said above, features multiple plans for leasing as well as complete buying.

The brand’s solar power and smart battery backup systems can help you save power bills significantly. As per the customer’s needs, the brand will help you customize a home solar system.

Sunrun has four home solar plans for homeowners; Monthly Solar Lease, Full Amount Solar Lease, Monthly Solar Lease, and Full Purcashe, which give you the features of low-upfront cost, full payment, an outright purchase, and financed purchase. The finance options need only zero to little down payment.

Sunrun Home Solar Power

SunPower Vs Sunrun – Warranty

When it comes to the warranty, SunPower is indeed the winner. It offers a comprehensive 25-year warranty that covers the entire system, not just solar panels.

Under its Complete Confidence Warranty, 100% of repair and replacement expenses are covered, including removal of defective parts, shipping and installation of new parts, and labor charges. Moreover, SunPower guarantees that its PV panels won’t lose over 8% of the DC power output in 25 years.

Sunrun also offers an attractive and worry-free warranty for its solar systems, covering free maintenance, repairs, labor cost, spares, and regular system monitoring.

SunPower Warranty  Sunrun Warranty 
  • Complete System Warranty for 25 Years.
  • Removal of Defective Parts.
  • Shipping and Installation of New Parts.
  • 90% Peak System AC Power.
  • 8% DC Power Decline in 25 Years.
  • Bumper-to-Bumper System Warranty.
  • Daily System Monitoring.
  • Free Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Comprehensive insurance.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the SunPower Vs Sunrun home solar power systems. As we have discussed in detail above, these are two reliable options for homeowners to choose from for a home solar system.

However, they are some special features with each brand and so you can make the buying decision after analyzing their features, specs, and price in detail. Contact the brands for the best quotes to meet your needs for solar power. Share your thoughts about the home solar systems in the comments below.

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