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UIBI SoundPower Energy Storage Speaker: A 1200-Watt Portable Power Station with a Harman Kardon Music System

What about a solar-chargeable power station with a Harman Kardon sound system for your next outing or musical event?

Yes, that is what the UIBI SoundPower energy storage speaker packs up. The new product with a 1200W inverter and 1120Wh LifePO4 battery pack is about to be launched on Indiegogo.

The appeal of new portable power stations being unveiled on crowdfunding platforms is falling. Some of the recent releases, like the Oupes Mega 5 and Gendome Home 3000, have failed to attract enough contributors because, in my view, the portable power station market is almost saturated with a wide range of incredible products from the big players like EcoFlow, Bluetti, and Jackery.

It is here that some fresh models are showing up with some unique and fresh features. Earlier, we had a look at the Nikota Meta 2000, which came up with 4G and 5G network connectivity late in 2022, though it also failed to draw in a lot of takers.

Thanks to the integration of custom-made Harman Kardon speakers, the new UIBI SoundPower will surely be another notable product of that style. In this article, I would like to have a quick pre-release look at the UIBI SoundPower energy storage speaker.

Release Date Update: The UIBI SoundPower is to be launched on Indiegogo on 27th April 2023.

UIBI SoundPower at a Glance

UIBI SoundPower Portable Power Station with Speakers

  • Solar Power Station with Harman Kardon Speakers.
  • 1200W/1120Wh Mid-Size Solar Power Backup System.
  • Grade-A LiFePO4 Cells with 6000 Cycles Up to 80%.
  • Nine Charging Outlets with Multiple AC Sockets.
  • Zero to 100% Faster Charging in 1.5 Hours.
  • Handy and Compact Design with a Strong Handle. 

UIBI SoundPower Energy Storage Speaker

It is actually a 1120Wh mid-size solar power station made up of LFP cells.

With a powerful 1200W inverter, it can smoothly run most of your camping electronics as well as emergency household appliances.

The biggest attraction is that the power station integrates custom-designed Harmon Kardon speakers. That said, you can simply connect your microphone or guitar to the device and stay immersed in music while you camp in the wild.

As per the brand, the integrated speaker system is capable of creating an amazing playback sound experience anywhere you are. With its compact size, you can easily keep it in your vehicle’s trunk and use it for all your outdoor explorations.

The charging speed of the device is very fast. You will be able to fully charge it in just 1.5 hours. The specs of the AC and solar charging inputs are not yet known.

To draw in the power from the backup system, it has as many as nine charging outlets that work simultaneously.

We will update you more about the UIBI SoundPower Energy Storage Speaker once it is launched on Indiegogo, stay tuned with us for the updates.

Learn more about UIBI SoundPower here
Image Credit: UIBI SoundPower

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