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Hykoont Solar Streetlights: The Best-Rated Solar Streetlights from Hykoont

Lighting up an outdoor space with solar lights is indeed a cool idea. It makes you simply eliminate the need for putting UG cable into the light poles. There are a lot of brands that offer impressive solar streetlights. Here, we have a collection of Hykoont solar streetlights to have a look at.

Hykoont has on sale a small line-up of reliable solar streetlights. They range from a 100W model to a 500W one with the brightness falling between 10000 lumens to 25000 lumens.

These lights come with all advanced features. They include dependable light and motion sensors, quality battery packs, remote controllers, and waterproof builds.

Hykoont Solar Streetlights 

Solar streetlights are fine choices for streets, gardens, pathways, and backyards.

You can install them either on a wall or a pole to make sure the nearby areas are lit up adequately. Once installed, you have nothing more to do with the solar lights, which will work continually for long years requiring no serious maintenance, at all.

Hykoont is one of the top vendors of solar streetlights. Available in four options, you get lights with different outputs and wattages. So, it is up to you to decide on buying a unit as per your needs. We have our takes on the top-selling models of the Hykoont solar streetlights below.

Hykoont 200W Solar Streetlight

This is the entry-level variant of the Hykoont solar streetlights. The 200-watt light is made of 364 pieces of quality LED beads and a battery pack of 28Ah @ 3.2V, which has a life of up to 50,000 hours. The 10000-lumen light can deliver 6500k daylight white to illuminate your streets.

The solar light features an IP66-waterproof profile and so you can use it in any outdoor condition with no worry. Made with a die-cast aluminum frame, it can quickly dissipate heat and offer you a longer lifespan. Check out the product at Amazon on the link below.



It comes with all intelligent and smart control options, including a remote controller. The included light and motion sensors will help you manage the light smartly. Well, the ideal management of the light will make you secure your home and garden premises at night.

The battery pack integrates advanced long-life cells to ensure extra safety and a longer lifespan. Once charged for six to eight hours under the sun, it can run the light for 12 to 14 hours in regular mode and nearly 36 hours in dim mode. The light has a size of 18.7 x 7.7 x 3.3 in.

Notable Features 

  • 200-Watt Solar Street Light.
  • High-Efficiency, Adjustable Solar Panel.
  • 28Ah @ 3.2V Ultra-Safe Battery Pack.
  • 10000-Lumen Brightness.
  • Motion Sensor and Remote Controller.

Hykoont 400W Solar Streetlight

Here is the 400W solar streetlight from Hykoont. It is a more powerful variant of its streetlights with 6500K daylight white for better safety of your home or garden premises. The 20000-lumen light is a fine choice for different spaces like gardens, parking lots, pathways, and more.

Osram’s high-quality LED beads are other attractions of the light.

This is a fully waterproof, IP66-rated solar light. Therefore, you can use it in all outdoor locations irrespective of climatic conditions. The battery pack is a powerful 42Ah @ 3.2V unit and the solar panel included is a 50W unit. Check out the product on the link below.


Its battery is an ultra-safe and long-life one. Getting it charged for six to eight hours under the sun can make it light up for up to 15 hours with full light and 36 hours with dim light.

The remote controller, motion, and light sensors are other key things that make the Hykoont light a reliable solution for outdoor use. You can manage its lighting from a distance if required, thanks to the remote controller unit.

By the way, the motion sensors make it stay dim during dormant hours and wake it up when some motion is detected for extra safety. It offers six-level brightness for you to choose the best lighting for your needs. The light has a size of 21.9 x 9.3 x 3.5 in.

Notable Features 

  • 400-Watt Solar Street Light.
  • High-Efficiency, 50W Adjustable Solar Panel.
  • 42Ah @ 3.2V Long-Lasting Battery Pack.
  • 20000-Lumen Brightness.
  • Smart Motion Sensor and Remote Controller.

Hykoont 500W Solar Streetlight

It is the top-end variant of the Hykoont solar streetlights. The 25000-lumen light is an ideal choice for lighting up your outdoor spaces like gardens, stadiums, parking lots, and pathways. Thanks to its IP66 profile, it can last longer outdoors despite climatic conditions.

The solar streetlight comes with a 48Ah @ 3.2V battery pack, and an ultra-safe and long-lasting unit. That can run the light for nearly 15 hours in full brightness and 36 hours in dim mode with charging of six to eight hours under the sunlight. Check out the product on the link below.


The light highlights all the intelligent and smart controls, including a remote control unit, a light sensor, and an intuitive motion sensor. It can detect the motion at a sensing distance of around 30 feet and manage the light brightness as required for additional safety.

It is quite easy to set up the light. As it comes up with no wire and cable, you can simply mount it either on a wall or a pole. As it runs on solar power, it requires less maintenance. The light has an overall size of 21.9 x 9.3 x 3.5 in.

Notable Features 

  • 500-Watt Solar Street Light.
  • High-Efficiency, Adjustable Solar Panel.
  • 48Ah @ 3.2V Long-Lasting Battery Pack.
  • 25000-Lumen Brightness.
  • Intelligent Motion Sensor and Remote Controller.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Hykoont solar streetlights. We have covered all the popular variants of the brand’s solar lights for various outdoor applications. Packing up all the advanced features, you really get some cool lights to increase the safety of your home premises. You can easily install these solar lights and their less-maintenance design makes them perfect for outdoor uses.

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