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Solar Milk Solar Light and Power Bank: Handy Little Light with Portable Power for Gadgets

Wouldn’t it be CRAZY that your buying of a solar light can brighten up the life of a child? The Solar Cow project is a way for that. It is a social project to empower the lives of kids in Africa in a stylish and ‘solar’ way, for sure. The much-acclaimed project is from YOLK, the famous innovator of Solar Paper solar chargers and Solar Cow.

Well, what happens in the Solar Cow project is that as buy a Solar Milk Solar Light you can choose another one for a kid in Africa if you wish to take part in the project. Resultantly, the child gets not only a physical light but a life also as he/she will need to go to school daily to recharge the same.

To put it another way, as you can charge your light from a USB-C port at your home or a portable power station, the kids in Africa will be able to recharge theirs only from YOLK’s award-winning Solar Cow charging stations installed in their schools. It will certainly end up increasing the attendance of kids in schools in Africa.

Solar Cow Project: When You Go For a Portable USB-C Flashlight for Your Camping Tent, A Kid in Africa Gets it to Schooling.

What’s more, you can enjoy the pleasure of its result individually as a buyer. The project has the option to let you roll in a Give+ data option. It will help you watch the impact of your support in a way that whenever the kid uses his/her Solar Milk you can see that. It is realized through the integration of a unique code in its battery.

Solar Milk Solar Light and Solar Power Bank

Solar Milk Solar Light and Power Bank

Technically, Solar Milk is just a flashlight. The compact and lightweight device has two parts; a battery unit and a light. The battery included is a 2900mA lithium unit made of LG’s quality solar cells. The fully-charged battery can run the light for six hours and it can juice up your phone multiple times.

You can long-press its button to turn the light on. Meanwhile, you can switch the lighting modes between dim and bright options with short clicks. For the backers of the project, there will be an option to recharge it from a USB-C port, while the kids in Africa can get it charged from the Solar Cow stations in their schools.

Solar Milk Solar Light

Solar Milk can be a great piece of portable flashlight for you. You can use it as a little handy flashlight in your outings. At home, you can hang it as an ornamental light or a Christmas tree light.

For adventurers, it can be a hanging light in their tents. Recharging it from a solar power station is easier. Overall, along with the pleasure of supporting a kid in Africa, you really get a worthy flashlight for a variety of needs.

Solar Milk and Solar Cow Project

Final Thoughts

Like its Solar Cow project, the Solar Milk has also been largely acclaimed. It is a superb move from YOLK for both lighting up the African villages and promoting the education of the little ones. The project is presently seeking your support on Kickstarter. So far, it has attracted a huge response by collecting over $65,000 from nearly 300 backers.

You have different packages of the product for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting from $28. At $55, you get a unit of the light and one gets delivered to a kid. By the way, the company would like to start shipping it to the backers by early 2021. Share your thoughts about the amazing project in the comments below.

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