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11 Best Solar-Powered Street Lights to Light Up Your Pathways, Backyards and Gardens

Are you looking to light up your backyards and garden pathways? Outdoor lighting is an easy task if you prefer to go solar. The best solar-powered street lights can make your footpaths, pathways, and backyards light up without the need for grid electricity or regular maintenance.

It is a hard job to set up grid-based electric lights in the outdoor locations around your home and garden. In the first place, you need to put the expensive UG cable in and around your outdoor spaces. It is here solar street lights with built-in battery packs and solar panels can be fine choices for homeowners.

Once installed, solar street lights operate fully automatically. You hardly have anything to do with their maintenance and daily management.

They will collect solar power during the daytime, store it in the built-in batteries, and light up the LEDs at night. Most solar lights come with the auto-turn off and on function, sparing you even from the task of pressing the switches.


Lovus 120W Solar Street Light


  • 120W LED Solar Street Light
  • 6000-Lumen Brightness.
  • Built-In 3.2V 20Ah Lithium Battery.

Tenkoo 300W Solar Street Light


  • Powerful 300-Watt Solar Street Light.
  • 432 Pieces of LED Beads and 10000 Lumens.
  • 30,000mAh Big-Capacity Lithium Battery.

Wagan Solar Street Light


  • Super Bright Solar Light with 12000mAh Battery.
  • Built-In Night Sensor + PIR Motion Sensor.
  • Remote Controller to Manage Lighting. 

Best Solar-Powered Street Lights

The idea of solar lighting is very exciting. Other than the initial investment, you actually have less to do in the regular management of solar lights. You may however have to clean the solar panel and the light occasionally and replace the battery if required.

Solar light is, in fact, like any regular LED light, but with a solar panel and battery. Some solar lights have solar panels built-in, while some have them in separate units.

Meanwhile, some models integrate advanced motion sensors to make the light identify movements in front and automatically respond to them by turning on, off, or dimming up to increase the safety side.

There is indeed a wide variety of the best solar-powered street lights on the market today. We would like to introduce you to some of the best and most-selling models that are suitable for your gardens, pathways, courtyards, and more.

1. Tenkoo T-Series 300W Solar Street Light

We would like to start the list with a solar street light from Tenkoo, a leading vendor of the same.

It is, in fact, a big-capacity solar street light with enhanced brightness. Having a 42000mAh lithium battery pack inside, the light can offer brightness for around five nights once fully charged. The light included is a 192-LED 20000-lumen unit.

Well, the included solar panel can juice up its big battery in around 6 to 10 hours to offer unlimited lighting at the night. Use the link below to buy a unit of the reliable Tenkoo solar light.

You can mount the Tenkoo solar light on a wall or a pole easily. It is an automatic system that turns on at the dusk and off at the dawn thanks to the included night sensor. You just need to turn on the sliver switch before installing it to get the automatic function active.

Moreover, the solar street light enjoys all the safety features, including an IP6 waterproof design, an aluminum shell to deter rust, and etc. Indeed, that makes it one of the best solar-powered street lights for all your outdoor spaces, including streets, garden crossways, walk paths, and more.

Notable Features

  • High-Capacity Solar street light with a Big Battery.
  • 192-LED, 20000-Lumen Solar street light.
  • Fast Charging Time and Longer Battery Life.
  • Easy-to-Set-Up Design – Mountable on Both a Wall and Pole.
  • IP65 Waterproof Design and Aluminum Shell. 
  • Available in Multiple Power Options. 

2. Wagan 1000-Lumen Solar Street Lamp

What about a solar street light that you can manage with a remote controller? It will help you stay back at home and manage the whole light remotely. Well, you can adjust brightness, turn off and on the light easily. Thus, this Wagan solar LED light turns out to be a brilliant product on our list of the best solar-powered street lights today.

At an affordable price, what you get is a solar light with 1000-lumen brightness and a 12000mAh battery. When a motion is detected, its integrated PIR motion sensor brightens it up to full capacity from the layover of 500-lm in seconds.

You can easily mount it on a pole or wall. The pole diameter should be 1.8 to 2.3 inches.

Amazingly, you can angle the light at 0/15/30 degrees to ensure better lighting in the area. At the same time, decent angling also lets the light grab good sunlight. Simply get this solar street light to ensure bright lighting and enhance the security of your premises.

The light can be working nicely in all locations like streets, gardens, pathways, parks, and courtyards. Of course, it is quite easy to install this solar light in order to light up your premises. The brand also avails it in a 2000-lumen variant for increased brightness.

Notable Features

  • Super Bright Solar Lighting with 12000mAh Battery.
  • Built-In Night Sensor + PIR Motion Sensor.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes to Save Energy Consumption.
  • Remote Controller to Manage the Lighting. 

3. RuggedGrade 24W LED Solar Street Light

The next is an amazing two-piece solar light from a brand called, RuggedGrade. That is, you get a solar light in two parts; a solar panel and the main body. Yes, what you get is a split solar light for perfect outdoor use. The battery comes inside the light, and the PV panel is a separate unit.

However, it is easy to install and you don’t need to hire an electrician to mount the RuggedGrade solar light. You can instantly set it up on a 3-in diameter pole to simply light up your driveways, street, park, garden, or courtyard with unlimited solar energy.

By the way, like the above models, it features a motion sensor. That can quickly boost up the light from 30% – 50% to the full brightness if there is a movement in the front. It can certainly help increase the security of your premises. Also, the light turns on at dusk and moves to the charging mode in the daytime automatically.

Are you looking to turn your garden or pathway day like at night? Get a unit of this 15W LED lamp that can emit 1600 lumens of natural white light. Use the link above to buy a unit of the product.

This ensures bright lighting in your outdoor spaces and its industrial-strength build guarantees a longer life. Enjoy unlimited outdoor lighting from solar power by saving a significant amount on your power bill. Really, you can trust its built-in LiFePO4 9600mAh battery for bright lighting for years.

Notable Features

  • Rugged and Durable Solar Street Light.
  • 15W LED Light with 1600-Lumen Full Brightness.
  • Motion Sensor and Light Sensor for Enhanced Security.
  • Premium Lifepo4 9000mah Battery Inside.
  • 20W 17V Polycrystalline Solar Panel.

4. Tenkoo BD-Series 300W Solar Flood Street Light

It is yet another superior quality solar street light from Tenkoo. The BD Series comes in multiple variants, ranging from 200W to 500W. This 300W model is a super-bright light with 432 units of LEDs to deliver a brightness of 10000 lumens.

The battery inside the street light is a powerful 30,000mAh lithium unit that can provide a life of up to 50,000 hours. It comes up with a remote controller so that you can manage the lighting from a long distance with no worries.

The solar panel included is a 30W highly efficient unit. It can charge your battery packs during the day and guarantee you super bright lighting in your home, garden, and backyard premises.

It is easy to install the Tenkoo solar light. You can just mount the waterproof light on a pole or fix it on a wall in any part of your home premises, pathways, gardens, backyards, farmlands, and more.

The included super sensitive PIR motion sensor can help it detect movements in a range of up to 32.8-feet. In case of a motion, it will brighten up to 100% and return to a 20% dimmer light in a few seconds after the motion disappears.

Notable Features

  • Powerful 300-Watt Solar Street Light. 
  • 30W Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • 432 Pieces of LED Beads and 10000 Lumens.
  • 30,000mAh Big-Capacity Lithium Battery.
  • Available in Multiple Power Options.

5. Tenkoo T-Series 100W Solar Street Light

Next, we have another impressive solar street light from Tenkoo. This model, as its title suggests, is a 100W solar street light. it is certainly another good choice for homeowners and gardeners, thanks to its advanced features, including a motion/light sensor and an automatic turn on/off function.

Coming to specs, this Tenkoo solar street light features a good-quality mono solar panel on the top. It has a better conversion rate of up to 18% so that it can quickly charge the built-in 12000mAh lithium battery inside. A fully charged battery can support the light for four to eight rainy days.

The included light is an ultra-bright 56-LED unit. So, it can offer you a better brightness of 6000 lumens to light up an outdoor space of 538 sq. ft. Also, the solar street light features an external light lens protection chip.

By the way, it is an easy-to-install solar lighting solution. You can easily mount it on a wall or a pole with a diameter of around three inches. The company offers five years of warranty for the product and it can work ideally at a temperature of 32℉-140℉.

Notable Features

  • All-In-One 1000W Wireless Solar Street Light.
  • 6000-Lumen Light with 56 LED Lamp Beads.
  • Built-in 12000mAh Lithium Battery Pack.
  • Automatic Turn On and Off Feature.
  • Integrated Motion and Light Sensor. 

6. Tenkoo T-Series 300W Solar Street Light

Here is another piece of 300W Tenkoo T-Series solar street light. The big light can offer you a 6000k daylight white light as it comes with 144-units of LED beads. The battery inside is a 12.6V-26.4Ah battery that can ensure you a life of up to 50,000 hours.

Of course, it also highlights all modern-day features like motion sensors and automatic turn on/off function. Well, the all-in-one solar street light requires no wires and cables. You can just mount it on a wall or fix it to a pole to light up a street, garden crossways, or anywhere else.

Thanks to its built-in motion sensor, it will go dim during dormant hours in the nighttime. When a motion is detected, it will go brighter. Likewise, it is made to work automatically at dusk and dawn. Thus, you don’t need to do anything to manage the light after the installation.

Meanwhile, its installation is super simple. You can just fix it to a 1.98 to 3.15 pole or mount it over a wall. Well, the illumination from the light can cover adjacent areas of 538 square feet. You can use multiple units of the street light to cover a longer street or a pathway, by the way.

Notable Features

  • All-in-One 300W Wireless Solar Street Light.
  • 6000-Lumen LED Light to Cover 538 Sq. Ft. 
  • High-Efficiency Mono Solar Panel.
  • Built-In 12.6V-26.4Ah Lithium Battery Pack.
  • Automatic Turn On/Off Feature.
  • Integrated Motion and Light Sensor. 

7. Lovus 6000-Lumen Solar Street Light

Here you have another typical LED solar street light from Lovus. It is a 60W solar light with ultra-bright LED chips to offer illumination of 6000 lumens. As you see, it is also a standalone unit with all the components integrated into a single case. You can just fix it to a pole or mount it on a wall to light up a street.

Of course, the Lovus solar light has all the advanced sensors. They include a PIR (passive infrared sensor) and a light sensor to ensure the automatic function of the light. So, it will turn on at the dusk and go off at dawn automatically. Likewise, it will brighten up when a motion is detected.

It is a good quality LED lighting. This is made with patented technology to ensure a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. Further, its case is designed with PVC and aluminum for quicker heat dissipation. Also, this is an IP65-certified waterproof device so that you can fix it anywhere with no worry.

Finally, like all similar products, it is cordless and easy to install LED street lights. You can attach it to a pole or mount it on a wall quickly and light up a street perfectly. The recommended height for its installation is 26 to 30-feet. Check out the link above to see its latest price and buy a unit.

Notable Features

  • Standalone 60W Solar Street Light.
  • 6000-Lumen Brightness. 
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • Built-In 3.2V 20Ah Lithium Battery.
  • Automatic Turn On/Off Function.
  • Integrated PIR and Light Sensor.

8. Lovus 15000LM Commercial Solar Street Light

Next, we have commercial-grade solar light from Lovus on our list of the best solar street lights. It is a stylishly designed large solar outdoor light with high-power LED chips and a massive battery. The split solar light comes with a high-capacity LiFePO4 3.2V 35Ah battery and a powerful mono solar panel.

Of course, the Lovus solar street light has all the advanced features built-in.

It comes up with a radar sensor and a light control option to let you manage it easily. With a luminous flux of 15000 lumens, it can perfectly light up an expansive area in your street, garden, or backyard. Check out its current price on the link below.

The Lovus solar light is built with anticorrosive die-cast aluminum and other high good quality materials. Well, the aluminum body makes it dissipate heat in its best way. Further, you have the light with an IC waterproof drive, and it is also dust and lightning-proof so that the brand offers it a life of over 50,000 hours.

As said above, the Lovus solar light has a split design, You get the light with a cable of 14.8-feet so that you can fix the solar panel at the right angle to grab as much solar power as possible. Thanks to the included remote controller with a distance of up to 30-feet, you can manage the light quite easily.

Notable Features

  • 150W Sprint Commercial-Grade Solar Light.
  • Bright 15000-Lumen LED Lighting.
  • High-Capacity LiFePO4 3.2V 35Ah Battery.
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel with Cable.
  • Automatic Turn On/Off Function and Sensors.
  • Made of Anticorrosive Die-Cast Aluminum Materials.

9. Aponuo Solar Street Lights

Next, we have a powerful 100W street light. This is a superior quality light for illuminating a large street, park, walkway, pathway, and more. With an output of 7000 lumens, it can light up a wider area pretty well. Fine, along with saving up to 80% on electricity, it can offer amazing brightness on your premises.

Like all similar products, it has the option for automatic turn on/off. It can light up automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn. Likewise, the included motion sensor will help the light deliver its full brightness when some motion is detected. Check out the link below to buy the model.

Inside, it packs up a powerful 10000mAh LiFePO4 battery pack to ensure lighting at dark hours.

You get the easy to install 98-LED solar street light with an adjustable metal bracket. That lets you mount the light on a wall, ground, or any other surface. At the same time, you can easily mount it on a pole to be fixed on a street or a garden pathway.

The solar light comes with a remote controller. Hence, you can easily control the light from a distance. You can set multiple lighting modes and manage its overall function with the remote controller.

Notable Features

  • High Capacity 100W Solar Street Light.
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • Built-in 10000mAh LiFePO4 Battery.
  • Automatic Turn On/Off Function.
  • Integrated Motion and Light Sensors.
  • Remote Controller Included.

10. Solar Light Mart Alpha 1080X Street Light

This is another brilliant solar street light. Called Alpha 1080X, the device is a wonderful 20-watt all-in-one LED street light at an affordable price. Well, it is a 1300-lumen light with three mode settings. Inside, it packs up a durable lithium battery to store the solar power to run the light.

Well, it is rich with all advanced features, including a PIR sensor and light sensor. So, during the dormant hours, the light will go to a dim mode of 165 lumen and can quickly turn full bright once a motion is detected. Check out the link below to order a unit of the solar street light.

The included battery is a good-quality and safe one. It has strong thermal stability and a life of 1500 charging cycles. Meanwhile, the light comes up with an adjustable tilt mount bracket so that you can perfectly fix the panel in a way it can grab as much power. Overall, it is one of the best solar street lights out there.

Notable Features

  • 20-Watt Budget Solar street Light.
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • Good Quality Lithium Battery.
  • Automatic Turn On/Off Function.
  • Integrated Motion and Light Sensors.

11. Eco-Worthy 50W Solar Street Light

Here, we have another great solar street light. The Eco-Worthy product, a 50W lighting, is capable of offering super bright 5500 lumens. It has also got a high-end 100W higher-end variant. So, you get a line of cool solar LED lights from the brand, letting you find a suitable one for your budget.

Inside, the LED light sports a high-capacity battery. On a full charge, it can offer you bright lighting for 8 to 10 hours and dim light for around 35 hours. Well, the solar light is made with an advanced motion sensor to manage the mode of lighting – dim or bright – as per movements around.

It is also quick-to-install solar LED light. You can quickly mount it on a wall pole of diameter 1.5 to 3 in. It charges under direct sunlight only. And so, make sure you place the light in a location with enough sunlight exposure. The bundle includes only the lighting. You need to buy the pole separately.

Notable Features

  • 5500-Lumen LED Solar Outdoor Light.
  • High-Capacity and Long-Lasting Battery.
  • Perfect for Streets, Pathways, and Gardens.
  • Motion and Night Sensors Integrated.
  • Easy-To-Install Solar Outdoor Light.
  • Remote Controller Included in the Kit.


1. What Are Solar Street Lights?

Solar lights are like any regular lights, but they get the power for running from the sun, which seems to be the simple definition of solar lights. Instead of the grid power, solar lights have solar cells integrated along with the required battery packs for operation.

As you know, solar light has less maintenance. Once installed, you only have to clean it regularly and change the battery if needed. You further don’t need wiring to your light poles to take the power into the lights.

Moreover, solar lights are non-pollutive. As they work on the power from the natural source, they are sustainable energy products. You can also install solar lights easily. As it requires no wiring, you can simply mount it somewhere on a pole or a wall.

2. What is the Best Solar Street Light?

A solar light with bright LEDs, a powerful battery pack, and a reliable solar panel is the best one. It should be able to light up streets, pathways, and backyards with enough brightness and a long runtime. There are a lot of brands on the market with amazing solar street lights. Some of the top brands include Tenkoo, Lovuz, Eco-Worthy, and more.

3. Are Solar Street Lights Any Good?

Of course, they are. Working on solar power, you get a chance to light up your streets with sustainable, pollution-free energy. The solar lights integrate solar panels and the required battery packs under the hood.

During the day, these panels charge the battery packs and you get the integrated lights illuminated at night. Fine, most of the solar street lights feature sensors to automatically turn on and off the lighting at night and dawn.

Solar street lights are, of course, the best example of harnessing solar power. As they are outdoor lights, you get enough sunlight, and also you don’t need to wire your outdoor light poles with the expensive UG cables for running the lights from grid power.

4. Do Solar Lights Stay on All Night?

Most solar lights are designed to stay on all night. But it depends on many factors. The availability of the sun during the day to charge its battery with enough juice is the key factor. No way for the solar light to stay on if it gets its battery drained out at midnight.

5. Do Solar Lights Get Brighter with More Sun?

Obviously, they will do if you have lights directly connected to the solar panels. But who wants outdoor lighting on a sunny day? Solar street lights don’t work directly on solar power. They have battery packs inside for charging from the sunlight.

That means, if you have a bright sun, your battery will be charged rather faster. And you will get quite enough juice to run the light for longer days or hours, depending on the capacity of the battery and lumens of the light, however.

6. How Can I Make My Solar Lights Last Longer?

Though solar street lights need less maintenance once installed, you should keep them clean for better exposure to the sun. To make your lights perform better, you need to regularly clean the panels. You can wipe the surface of the panels with a cloth every now and then, and make sure your light gets enough sun juice for power.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar-powered street lights. It is certainly an awesome idea to go solar in lighting up your outdoor spaces. You can find one of the above models to decorate your garden, pathways, courtyard, streets, and parks with unlimited solar energy.

Thanks to the advanced sensors and other built-in technologies, you no longer need to manage the LED lights every day. They will light up automatically and provide better illumination and style for your outdoor spaces with no addition to your power bills.

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