Looking to convert your garden fountain from electric to solar? Maybe, you have your garden fountain farther from home making wiring from grid a bit tricky. Or you just love to see fountain water pumps running by solar power. Whatever the situation, it is a cool idea to go solar for your water pumps. Here we introduce you to 10 incredible solar fountain pump kits that will let you easily convert your outdoor fountains to solar.

Solar Fountain Pump Kits

Key advantage of a solar fountain pump is you can install it quickly. You don’t need to do any complex wiring. Well, you have a wide range of plug-n-play solar fountain pump kits out there. They are fit for applications in different spaces like fish tanks, bird bath fountains, small ponds, or garden decoration. Just connect the pump to the solar panel and it starts to pump through the included water heads powered by sun energy.

Solar Fountain Pump Kits – 10 Cool Solar Water Pumps

Typically, a solar fountain pump kit packs up a solar panel, immersible water pump, water heads for spraying, tubes, and wires. However, some models come with battery as well. That said you can store some power to keep running the pumps even after the sun sets or on cloudy days. But mostly solar fountain pump kits are plug-n-play systems, which don’t come with batteries. They just work when the sun shines in the sky.

You have several solar-powered fountain pumps on market. Based on aspects like solar power, pump capacity and fountain size, you can see different models. We have compiled this list after detailed research on various retail websites. Indeed, we have picked all 10 items based on popularity of the models. And we have covered models from various price ranges to make sure you get the best solar fountain pump.

1. Weanas 5W Solar Pump with Spotlight

We begin with a solar fountain pump cum spotlight kit from Weanas. Yes, as you see in the pic, it comes with a solar water pump and a waterproof spotlight to decorate your garden fountain. The included solar panel is a 5W unit that can power the 0.8W brushless water pump and spotlight continually under sun. And charge the included 1500mAh battery to store little power to run the pump and spotlight in the night or on a cloudy day.

Interestingly, the Weanas fountain pump kit packs four water heads for different spraying and three adapters. Its installation is simple. You can just put the pump in the water with the nozzle over water. After just connect the panel and put it in sunlight. It instantly starts to produce energy and run the pump. Weanas also sells 2.5W variant of the kit without a spotlight, by the way.

2. Smart Solar SunJet 150 Pump

STI Group’s SunJet 150 is another cool solar fountain pump kit. It is a basic, low voltage pump with filter. Under full sunlight, it operates continuously and pumps 40 gallons water an hour. The kit includes a small solar panel and four water heads for different spray patterns. Interestingly, you can set it up in three ways; submerging, floating, or attaching to a smooth surface thanks to the suction cups.

Well, SunJet 150 is ideal for fixing up in bird bath and small fish tanks. By the way, it is indeed one of the best selling fountain pump kits on market. It is a budget model with a price below $50. And it has grabbed good customer feedback with over 150 reviews on Amazon as of writing this. Its rating goes at 3.4 out of 5 stars.

3. ASC 2.5W Solar Water Pump Kit

This 2.5W solar fountain pump kit is, of course, yet another cool garden solution. It is a perfect replacement for your electric water pump with solar panel and power backup. You can create beautiful water spray patterns in your outdoor fountain with no count to power bill. Fine, it comes with three different water heads and you can set up water heights in multiple stages as well.

Packing four 1500mAh AA rechargeable batteries, you can store little juice for the pump to continue working when there would be no sun. Well, its maker claims the backup power could run the pump for around 3 hours. This kit is also available in as many as five other variants with different power, ranging from 1.3W to 8W.

4. Garden Sunlight 3W Solar Water Pump

The 4th item in our list of solar fountain pump kits comes from Garden Sunlight. It is a 3W solar water pump with battery backup and LED illumination. Yes, thanks to the LED, it gives an extra shine to the water sprays in nighttime. You can adjust water flow rate with a variable speed valve. Further, it features a time pre-set button to pre-set operation time. The included solar panel is a small mono-crystalline silicon cells and the pump is a DC brushless unit. Of course, it also features multiple water heads and height levels for waterfall.

5. Solariver 20W Solar Water Pump Kit

This kit from Solariver is a big plug-n-play fountain water pump kit with a rather powerful submersible pump. Well, it touts a 20W polycrystalline solar panel and it can pump 400+ gallon per hour. Thus, it looks good for your big ponds, fountains, and aquariums. And it packs three water heads to create different spray patterns.

No battery is included in the pack. However, if you want to store power to run the pump after sunset you can connect the panel with a 12V battery. Good thing with the kit is a brushless magnetic pump, which has a life of 20,000 hours. It works with no noise in salt and fresh water. And emits no toxic that endangers your fish lives.

6. Weanas 3W Solar Pump Kit

Well, it is the second Weanas model in our list of solar fountain pump kits today. As you see, it is up with a less powerful solar panel and is without spotlight like the former one. However, it is a brilliant pick to decorate your garden water features with cool water sprays. It packs an efficient solar unit as well as brush-less water pump.

Good thing is the kit packs a battery. Of course, you can store energy from sun in the battery to run the water pump on days without sun or some hours in the night. In short, the Weanas solar water pump is another cool solution to give your gardens a relaxing look. However, it lacks customer score on Amazon with 2.4 rating.

7. SunnyDaze Decor 20W Solar Water Pump

This SunnyDaze Decor product is yet another big solar fountain pump for your outdoor gardens. Fine, like the above Solariver kit, it touts 20W solar output (containing a pair of 10W panels). The included solar water pump can flow 422-gallon water an hour. More interestingly, it packs an LED light that has automatic on/off switch.

The SunnyDaze kit packs a battery. That said you can store little energy to run the water pump on cloudy days or in night. According to SunnyDaze, fully charged battery can run the water pump for around 4 hours. Being a big fountain pump kit, it is a bit pricier though, but it has good customer reviews with a rating nearly 4 stars.

8. SunnyDaze Decor 5W Solar Water Pump

Here is the second model from SunnyDaze in our list of solar fountain pump kits. Fine, it is a less powerful variant with no battery to store power for later use. Well, as you can see in the title, it is equipped with a 5W solar cell. Plus, you have it with 15V DC brushless water pump. Further, in the kit includes a 16-inch cable so that you can place the panel in a comfortable distance. By the way, it flows water at 132-gallon per hour.

9.  SunnyDaze Decor 2W Solar Water Pump

Yes, it is a low-end SunnyDaze Decor fountain pump kit. Priced at below $100, it comes with a 2W solar panel and a 6V-9V DC brushless pump that can spray water at 65-gallon per hour. Of course, it also packs a battery unit so that you can store some energy for late hour or cloudy day operation of the pump. Well, a fully charged battery, according to SunnyDaze, can run the water pump for around 4 hours. It is indeed a cool pick for your small ponds, fish tanks, bird bath tanks etc.

10. Lewisia 1.5W Outdoor Fountain Pump Kit

Here comes the last pick in our list of solar fountain pump kits. Interestingly, it is the cheapest of the list as it is the least powerful one. Well, it includes a 1.5W solar panel and 4.5-10V pump that can flow water at 175L per hour. Of course, priced at below $30, it is a small, basic solar water pump solution that you can mount in your small water features. It is up with four different nozzle heads with different spray patterns. By the way, it is the most popular model on Amazon.com with customer reviews over 300 and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.