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EcoFlow Whole-Home Backup Power Solution: Simple Home Backup System with an Output of Up to 7200W and a Storage Capacity of 21.6kWh

Along with its three new products EcoFlow Blade, EcoFlow Glacier, and Wave 2, EcoFlow at CES 2023 has exhibited how its whole-home backup power solution could perfectly power your home through blackouts. With a pair of Delta Pros, you can set up an incredible home backup power station with a total storage capacity of up to 21.6kWh.

EcoFlow looks to be highlighting the existing home backup-friendly feature of its Delta Pros in competition with the alternative systems from the brands like Bluetti and Zendure.

Bluetti, after the successful crowdfunded launch of its much-hyped AC500+B300S home-friendly power system, has showcased a new EP900+B500 9kW/79kWh home backup system at CES 2023. Zendure, by the way, has its impressive SuperBase V series on display for the next year.

As per EcoFlow, its whole-home backup solution with the Delta Pros is a much easier and better solution. You can simply set up the system to power your home through blackouts in the simple three steps.

  1. Connect a Pair of Delta Pros to the Double Voltage Hub
  2. Connect the Generator Cord to the Power Inlet Box.
  3. Turn on the Double Voltage Hub.

That is all, you are done. Your home is back with power. As per your needs, you can customize and expand the system with extra batteries, smart gas generators, and solar panels.

Buy EcoFlow Delta Pros Here
Buy the EcoFlow Double Voltage Hub Here

EcoFlow Whole-Home Backup Solution – The Main Attractions

  • Simple and Easy to Install Home Backup System.
  • Expandable Capacity up to 21.6kWh and 7200Kw.
  • Compatible with the EcoFlow Dual Fuel Generators.
  • Fastest Charging from AC and Solar Sources.
  • Capable of Powering Pretty Much Anything.

EcoFlow Whole-Home Backup Solution – Bundles

EcoFlow Whole-Home Backup Solution Bundles

EcoFlow’s whole-home backup power system is available in multiple bundles.

Starter Kit: 1x EcoFlow Delta Pro – 3600W and 3.6kWh Power @ 120V.
Advanced Kit: Dual Delta Pros + Double Voltage Hub – 7200W and 7.2kWh @ 240V
Smart Control Kit: Delta Pro + Smart Home Panel 3600W and 3.6kWh Power @ 120V and 240V.



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