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EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner: Everything to Know About the Wave Portable AC for RVers

EcoFlow, the famous vendor of solar-based power stations has launched an incredible portable air conditioner for RVs and camping tents. The EcoFlow Wave air conditioner for RVs will take on Zero Breeze portable AC and other water-based cooling systems.

The Wave is a 4000 BTU air cooling system with the brand’s battery tech in the D.N.A. The runtime of the air conditioner is up to 8 hours, which means it will be able to keep your outdoor spaces under 86 ft² (8 m²) chill throughout the night.

When it comes to charging, the Wave will have the same idealogy as its solar power stations. It will feature a 1008Wh add-on battery and you can charge it from multiple sources, including solar. Even when it is on, you can charge it from solar panels, a wall socket, a carport, and power stations.

Apart from the add-on battery, you can also run it from EcoFlow Delta Max and Delta Pro via the XT150 port. If you are already an owner of the EcoFlow power stations, you can just buy the AC. The brand, by the way, offers Wave in several options and bundles with and without the power stations and add-on battery.

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  • 4000 BTU Cooling Capacity with 86°F to 75°F in 8 Minutes. 
  • Powerful 330W Inverter Compressor. 
  • 1008Wh Add-On Battery With 8-Hour Runtime.
  • Pairable with Delta Max and Pro via XT150 for Extra Runtime. 
  • Built-in Evaporation System to Drain the Condensed Water. 
  • Dual-Hose System to Vent the Hot Air and Take Fresh Air in. 
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-Enabled Air Conditioner. 
  • 200W Solar Charging Input and 700W AC Input.
  • 20.39 x 12.2 x 16.38 in Size and 38.58 Lbs Weight.
Pricing Update: EcoFlow has finally unveiled the pricing details of its much-awaited Wave AC. The Wave alone has got an MSRP of $1499, and it comes at $2299 with the add-on battery.

However, both the Wave and bundles have got limited quantities of Super Early Bird, Early Bird, and Pre-Order units for early comers at a discount of up to 40%. Thus, Wave has a price of $999 for the first 100 units, and Wave with the add-on battery comes at $1399 for the 100 units.

The Wave also appears in bundles with Delta Max and Delta Pro with attractive early-bird discounts.


Go Here for Detailed EcoFlow Wave Prices and Early-Bird Offers

EcoFlow Wave Vs Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable ACs

EcoFlow Wave Vs Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioners for RVs

EcoFlow Wave and Delta Power Stations

As said above, the included battery pack is an attachable unit. You can easily snap on the main body to the battery pack to realize easy transportation of the overall system.

Moreover, you can also run the Wave air conditioner on EcoFlow’s Delta Max and Delta Pro power stations via the XT150 port. It will give you an additional runtime of eight to 16 hours.

EcoFlow Wave Cooling Time on Various Batteries

Though initially touting an eight-hour runtime, they are not all cooling hours. The add-on 1008Wh battery can offer only around three hours of cooling time and the rest is in fan mode. Similarly, the Wave AC has different cooling and fan mode hours from the other compatible batteries.


EcoFlow Wave Mobile App

You can have total control of the EcoFlow portable AC on your mobile. Like the brand’s power stations, you can use the EcoFlow app to have full control of the air conditioner.

You can adjust the essential settings like temperature, and runtime on your phone to ensure a comfortable sleep at night.

Moreover, the portable AC comes with a smart battery algorithm that can help regulate the temperature automatically throughout the night.

EcoFlow wave Mobile app


EcoFlow Wave Specs

EcoFlow has uncovered the specs sheet of the portable air conditioner two days before its official launch as offered earlier. It is indeed a super cool product with a size of 20.39 x 12.2 x 16.38 in and a weight of 38.58 lbs. The AC has got Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and the add-on battery is a 600W Max unit.

You can charge the add-on battery via multiple options, including solar. The solar charging input of the battery is a 200W Max unit and the AC charging is 700W Max. Check out more specs in the table below.

EcoFlow Wave Specs

EcoFlow Wave Price and Release Date

EcoFlow Wave Price Details


EcoFlow has unveiled the pricing details of its much-awaited Wave AC air conditioner. The Wave without the add-on battery has a reselling price of $1499, and with the battery, it carries a price of $2299.

However, for early buyers, the brand has announced some attractive deals with Super Early Bird, Early Bird, and Pre-Order units. But only a limited number of units are available in all the early-bird options, with the pricing starting at just $899. Check out the table above for detailed takes on the EcoFlow Wave prices.

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